places to find speaking gigs that will grow your business


And today I hope to expand your idea on what qualifies as “speaking”.

Because it doesn’t have to be a “speech” on a stage to grow your business. It can be. But today we have LOTS of options and platforms that we can leverage! So let’s put to em to use for you!

Speaking, at least as I see it, is any time you share your talk across platforms and places that work well for you, supporting your strengths, and reaching your ideal target. 

Here are places & platforms where you can deliver your client attracting talk, “speech”:
At a networking group
At a Chamber of Commerce
At an Association (consider industries that serve your clients)
At a live event or conference
At a meeting for a sales or management team
At a retreat or mastermind
At a workshop
On a webinar
On a podcast
In a video shared on You Tube or Social Media
During a Facebook Live
In a magazine or blog

That’s right, because once you design your talk so that it serves your audience in a big way, and attracts clients– you can share it in a leveraged way across multiple platforms.

If on a regular basis you’re sharing your love for your topic the right way (we’ll talk more about that later)…

If you’re giving talks, leading webinars, being interviewed on podcasts and radio shows, you’ll be in a great position to attract a steady stream of leads, clients, and business-building opportunities.

Right now, you have the greatest level of access there has ever been to high-visibility, business-building opportunities:

And again, here’s the great news, you only need one message or talk that we will repurpose for different purposes and platforms.

We want you out there having fun, teaching people, and inspiring them too. A little teach. A little preach. But you also want to attract paying clients.

So when you speak in a talk, an interview, a webinar— we want your message to feel like a mini-workshop.

It informs and entertains everyone, and at the end, it’s important that you give people the opportunity to step into deeper training. I want you leaving your talk not just with compliments, but with leads, and clients, and cash in hand.

  • Jen walked away with $16,000.00 in recurring monthly income, from her first talk ever.
  • Katherine built her business on the side (of her extremely successful wealth management business) and generated $8,000 in new private Wealth Creation Mentorship clients from a recent talk.

    And she’s also attracting more high end wealth management clients too! Ba-Ba-BONUS!

  • Christina attracted 4 new private clients from a recent talk and was invited to give several new talk and a paid keynote!
  • Marcia just had a super rockin $30,000 sales month!
  • Mary booked lots of local free talks and generated over $70,000.00 in 30 days.

  • Sandi’s first live talk generated $18,000 ($15k + 3 more in follow up) and her most recent webinar generated $8,000.00 in new sales.

  • Rob has kept his client roster full & filled all three of his programs for 3 years straight.

Now I can’t guarantee you results. I don’t know what training you’ve had. I don’t know how your talk is structured. In fact, its likely we haven’t even met yet! (Though I sure hope we do!) 🙂

So I can’t say these results are to be expected for everyone who steps to the stage. I’m just letting you its IS happening. And those are just a few examples. 

In a moment, I’ll share a resource to help you see how you can use speaking to take your business to the next level too.

But the first thing you want to know, is that any talk ***when delivered properly *** gives you and your business several gifts:

When you rock your talk right, you will generate C.L.A.S.S:

  • CONNECTION: The connection formed between you and the audience is more deep & loyal than any online connection you could ever create.
  • LEVERAGE: The beauty of speaking is that you can give one talk, and walk out with 10, 20 40,50, 100 new clients! Its possible. Imagine this… work once. Get paid MANY times.
  • AUTHORITY STATUS: You instantly go from a nobody to gaining expert & authority status. People see you as being bold for speaking, and that’s naturally attractive and magnetic.
  • SOCIAL PROOF: Your ability to move people into action is magnified by the power and proof that a live group-setting  provides. Tables of people deciding to buy together…everyone around can see the room responding to you, it is proof of your awesomeness! And suddenly the room is moving & buying as one.
  • SALES: Oh and let’s not forget the selling power of speaking. One rockin talk done the way I suggest will give you a
    rush of visibility, leads, and clients (even without any follow up).

    Ready to give it a try?

    Go ahead and pop into my Craft Your Talk Challenge and I’ll walk through 5 key steps to stand out (while being you), share your message, serve more people, and grow your business all at the same time!

How to Use Speaking to Grow Your Business

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