I’m heading to Utah! Are you coming with me?

Join me at Angela Johnson’s IGNITE 2012, where I’m speaking along side David Neagle, Suzanne Evans, Andres Hess and more!

It’s a 2-day transformational women’s conference that has already created big-time change for thousands of women. It’s the place where REAL people with REAL tools and solutions create personal transformation and THAT is how we create global change.

I’m coming to Utah specifically to help you Rock Your Talk and Profit!

You will get the secrets to have more money, better health, unstoppable confidence, the career or business of your dreams and richer relationships.

I’ll be sharing with you:
o The importance of knowing how to drop your notes and command any room.

o The top 3 mistakes that will cause you to lose the room and the sale.

o Plus, the 4 BIG ways you can cash in at every single talk you give (big or small).

As a speaker & sponsor, I am automatically made an affiliate, so if you purchase a ticket to this event, I will be paid a referral fee.

Click here to register and attend this amazing event!