The Only Thing Worse Than Having No Sales…
is LOSING a SALES YOU actually MADE! Ugh!

Don't leave your new client in the lurch(1)


Its likely you’ve had this experience…
Because I’m quite sure everyone has has at LEAST once.
(I’ll share what happened to me in a min)

Its Friday afternoon and you’re on a phone call with a potential client.

After explaining how you can help them…
They say “yes”! You’re so excited! You’ve got a new client!
You go out to dinner and celebrate.

You return to work Monday morning
to find an email from that person saying that
after some additional thinking, the timing just isn’t right.

(or whatever the reason may be)

Making a new sale is all gooooood, until it isn’t.
Because making the sale REALLY is the FIRST step.
Next you need to know how to KEEP IT.

KEEPING THE SALE isn’t just about YOU.
Its about treating new clients well, and
helping the client stay on track so that
they can actually accomplish their goals….
with your help.

Let’s take a time machine back to 2011….
I was growing my business,
and had JUST crossed over into $8K and $10K months.

And as you can imagine I was pretty excited.

But you might have heard the term,
“New Level, New Devil” and I was
about to experience that little saying in real life.

So I went to speak at Suzanne Evan’s Be the Change.
And it was my first time speaking outside of Portland.

I had lots of experience speaking & selling locally
and now I was excited to try my hand using
my speak-to sell strategy at this event.

(By the way, if you have a big opportunity coming up… and you’d like help creating your own plan to ROCK YOUR TALK & PROFIT BIG, please email and let my team know you’re interested in a VIP strategy session with me, to see if we’re a good fit.)

Okay so back to the story…

It all worked as planned.
We got a rush of visibility and leads and new clients who said, “Yes”!

By the time I left the event I had closed $20,000.00 in new business.
(and that number would more-than-double quickly after the event)

I returned home to find sales slipping away.

In fact, as soon as I sat down at my desk Monday morning,
I got the email that a new $5,000.00 client was gone.

I was ready to throw up.
I felt like a failure.
In fact, it felt worse, than never having the sale in the first place!

But I learned a VERY important lesson that day.
And now I share it with you.

KEEPING THE SALE is part of how you serve.
Its how you serve the client.
Its how you serve yourself.
Its how you serve your business.

So…. Here are my 7 Quick Tips to HOLD THAT SALE.
7 Tips to Help You Hold the Sales You Make
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1. Run all sales within 24 hrs.
This helps new clients feel well cared for, and respected.
It shows that you take their business seriously, and you
and your team are on top on things.

2. Have a “Welcome” Email Sequence Ready
Be prepared for the “yes”. Take a moment to consider
how you can automate follow up messages so that new clients,
don’t JUST get charged, but that they also get a warm
welcome message and a way to get them started right away.

3. Begin with a “Congratulations!” message
Remember that saying yes to working with coach, consultant
or expert is a big decision, that cn feel quite scary. Respect this
leap by being there on the other side to say, “Hey rock star!
You made a great choice!”.

4. Send a video message to calm buyer’s remorse
The next best thing to being with your client in-person is video!
A great to to stay connected and calm nerves is to create a
welcome or “here’s what’s coming in your program” video…
even a casual iphone video would work well.

5. Send Email with Case Studies or Social Proof
Just when your new client starts to worry if they will be
successful, you can send them an email (or video) with hot
case studies or testimonials. Show them they can do it!

6. Use “Pre-Training” or “Orientation Calls” to Fill

in Gaps between the purchase date & program
start time.
Sometimes there’s a bit of a gap between when someone says, “YES!”
and when the program actually starts. Whatever you do,
don’t leave people in a void of radio silence. Stay in touch,
and bridge the gap with pre-content, prep work they can do,
or a simple orientation call.

7. At Live Events & Speaking Gigs Give Away Hard
Products or Physical Programs as a bonus.
Lastly remember that we all love physical things we can touch!
So even if people are buying a digital program or virtual
training or coaching package, think of something you can hand them
when they say yes! This will help ease nerves, and make the decision feel more solid.

These are a few simple ideas that can help you SAVE thousands and thousands of dollars from slipping through your fingers.

The can also help you serve more people.

Remember that saving the sale isn’t just about you and your bottom line,
its about you support clients at a high level from the moment they make
the big decision to change their life and biz.

Click Here & I’ll Send You the PDF Version of the 7 Ways to Hold the Sale.

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