Here’s the thing… the truth is 
(and this is about to get real so take a breath) 
some people don’t want you to shine. 

Your success disrupts their world. 

They’d like you to be the underdog. 

The sidekick. 
The person who looks up to them. 

(And they’d like it to stay that way, thank you very much.) 

Rise up! 
Do it anyway. 
Shake em off. 

Start running like hell, 
and lose ’em at the turn! 

Let NO ONE stop you from unleashing YOU, 
100% remarkable, distinctive you. 

You deserve to let yourself have a moment. 
And frankly it is your responsibility 
to show the world what you’re really made of, 
what you’ve really got brewing inside of you! 

I know you can do it. 
I will help you do it. 
And I’m cheering you on all the way! 

Here are 4 fast ways to stop playing small and start rocking your talk and your biz: 

1. Call someone you admire! 
Step out on a limb a little, call someone 
you admire…. someone that you don’t know yet. Set up a 30 minute “partnership and support chat”. That’s a 30 minute (or less) chat about how you can help them either directly or indirectly. 

See if you can connect them to resources, other partners and friends, events, or directly by promoting their next launch. Just offer to help. That’s the first step.

*** by the way almost no one actually does this so you will STAND OUT*** 

2. Put a workshop on your calendar! 
Seek to serve your followers and fans in a bigger, brighter way. No more playing small. Time to step up, stand out, and make a big difference, and you can’t do that hiding in your office. 

You’ve got to be willing to put yourself out there, and in return you’ll feel more inspired, and you’ll be stepping into your talents and gifts.

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3. Step your speaking up a level. 
Not yet speaking to groups? Time to start so you can gain more visibility and create more leads, clients and cash! 
Speaking locally? Time to spread your wings and fly out of state! 
Speaking on other people’s stages? Maybe its time you stepped on to your own! 

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4. Add one big list-building event to your marketing calendar. 
Go for the best partners you can and you’ll not only add to your list, you’ll align yourself with other top leaders in your market. 

  • Host a telesummit
  • Live stream a roundtable of experts
  • 30-day challenge
  • Awards “ceremony” 
  • Contest
  • Live Stream a free training webinar or intensive 

Now when you coach with me, you know that beyond the strategies and the tips, we talk about stepping up and into your full power. Because that is what the world needs most from you. 

You don’t need to be perfect. 
You just need to show the world the unbridled, 
full-tilt, 100%
 perfectly imperfectly YOU.