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Multiple Six Figure Workshops: The One Where I Couldn’t Eat Solid Food

7 offers you can make at your workshop or live event to add six figures

I was so scared I couldn’t eat solid food.
Not figuratively.

There just wasn’t any saliva in my mouth….at all.

And, well, I don’t really know how all that works on a physical level.

I just know the eating food wasn’t an option.
I could drink juice. Greeeeat.

This was NOT what I was expecting.

I thought the scariest part of hosting my first live event would
be just making sure a few people ATTENDED.

But now here we were AT the event, and people
had come from near and far…
from California, and New York, and Canada, and Argentina!

And I found myself in a pickle I had not prepared for…
NERVES delivering the workshop.
What if no one wanted to work with me in the end?

Oh for the love of Pete!!!!
This really threw me for a loop.

Nerves are my blessing and my nemesis.
Maybe you can relate?

BTW if you’re ready to rock a workshop AND be able to eat solid food I can TOTALLY show you how. 

Now up to this point, I knew a few things about my nerves.

1. Nerves help me prepare because I don’t want to let myself or other people down. I want to do a good job.

2. They help me stay energized, because I have lots of adrenaline pumping through my veins.

3. They always go away. Once I get into the flow, it’s all going to be okay.

So I was pretty perplexed when this time,
these nerves did NOT calm.

Not after the first five minutes on stage,
not after the first hour session.
Not at all.

They just stuck with me like my new best friend.

So I had a choice… give up and go home,
or surrender to it. So I surrendered.

I was beyond calming my nerves at this point.
I had to move forward with them.

Now in a moment I’ll share with you how this NEVER happened again.

And therefore why I know it won’t happen to YOU.

But before I do let me share with you
three keys to hosting your own big event or small workshop that generates an annual income in a weekend.

First, if I haven’t scared you away
and you’re thinking you’ll host a workshop or live event this year
let’s map out a rockin roadmap to fill your workshop, craft your content, and make a great offer.

Just click here for Thursday’s live Rock Your Workshop training deets.

Second, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll ever feel the level of nerves I did,
because I really, truly have a magical way with nerves.
I’m prolific. 😉 and because I learned what to do instead.

Third, should you ever have intense nerves,
this is when you’ll be SO GRATEFUL (as I was) that you’ve
strategically created the your workshop to create impact & sales.

I always say, “A good strategy can save you from your imperfections.”.

And thankfully, this is super true at an event or workshop!

My first little strategy shift ever– at a small local workshop —
was just to make an offer of ANY kind at my workshop —
which I’d never done before.

Yes, of course my knees were knockin, but still it
took my little $3K workshop to $18,000.00.


The next workshop I lead was actually a multi-day event
and it generated around $250,000.00.

And that event my friends, is “the one where I couldn’t eat”.

So all is well that ends with $250,000 and a steak dinner!

The next workshop after that? $355,000.00.

This is starting to sound like a good idea right?

Of course, I want to help you generate several months’ or
even a year’s income from your workshop too (without all the stress)

And, in order to get great results, we DO need a solid strategy for your content + a great offer.

Click here to join me Thursday and we’ll talk about it.

Most people don’t have a content strategy at all.
They just teach everything they know at their workshop
and then say goodbye.

Maybe that sounds familiar?

I did that for a couple of YEARS.
Just flat out leaving money on the table.

So rule #1 when you want to Rock Your Workshop is ALWAYS HAVE AN OFFER.

Consider what people will need NEXT on their journey,
and know that it’s your responsibility to at least make it available to them!

That’s our job if we really want to help people, right?!

Okay so let’s talk about two key shifts I made after my
nerve-bending $250K event— “one where I couldn’t eat”.

In intense situations, actively create a plan AHEAD OF TIME

to stay calm & get centered.

For me this means no one in and out my hotel room, except my inner circle.

Enjoy a few minutes to meditate or sit in silence on breaks.

My hotel room is my QUIET & PEACEFUL sanctuary.
No intense vibes. No bad vibes.
No weird juju allowed.

We want to create an calm anchor that balances the
pumped up energy your event will naturally give you.

Ahhhhh. So much better.

Decide that NO event & no results are worth that level of stress.

It would be better to sell ZERO and be happy, and alive.

So remember that you are not your results.

You are not your results.

And lastly, you are not your results!

🙂 HA! Sounds easy, but I really want you to sit with that. Let it sink in.

Sometimes you’re going to stumble,
sometimes you’re going to win, win win!

Either way, you’re an all-star amazing person!

You are your joy.
You are your spirit of service.
You are your compassion.
You are love.

So we can create an amazing plan for you to profit big from your event.
And we can support your energy and spirit too, that you can feel
confident and comfortable (with a totally normal & manageable level of nerves)!

And all of it will be great.

(And it still won’t define you as a human being.)




P.S. Here’s where to go to get the link for the Rock Your Workshop class.

You Are Not Your Workshop Sales

Rock Out Your Event Profits with Sponsorships

Event Sponsorships are big money. The question is… who’ll walk away with the cash?
YOU?   Or the HOST?

The best case scenario is that everyone wins!
At, we’ve sponsored events that have generated $10K, $20K, $50K+ or more just within 30 days of the event. That doesn’t even count the long tail of profit.

So what could you do? This video shares:

(:44)     The big reason WHY you might want to sponsor an event.

(2:00)    Selling within your sponsorship

(2:29)    CAUTION: what to watch out for with sponsorships

(3:13)    Distractions and how they can bungle your sales

(3:20)    Mo money or No money?

(4:58)     Can you make an offer?

If you’re thinking about hosting your own event or speaking and sponsoring someone else’s event, I give you lots more details on it all here.

If you’re interested in sponsorship of The Rise Live Event just give me a shout at, and we can chat about how you can get in front of our audience.

Thanks and An Invitation

Oh manzo do I owe you thank you…so, YOU’RE INVITED!

Listen I know there’s was a lot of marketing for The Rise Live Event and so I say to you…“I appreciate YOU!”

To show my appreciation, I’d love for you to be my guest as I pull back the curtain and give you the BEST tips & strategies straight from The Rise Live Event.

The Rise Live Event AFTER PARTY
By Invitation Only on Dec 4th & 5th
Special 2-part  LIVE webinar training series.

You’ll learn how to package & promote your…
>>>  Unique personality into an image and biz that STANDS OUT.
>>>  Expertise into a rockin talk that gets compliments AND CASH.
>>>  Programs and offers so that they add six figures or MULTIPLES.

(More specific details about each training are below)

What I’m giving you is straight from the Rise Live Event workbooks so its likely you’ve never before heard this content taught at this depth.

I’ve taken my business from sputtering (just just 3 years ago) to an over $300,000 this year.

That’s why Adam Urbanski calls me the “$300K 3 Days a Week Girl!”

Now I want to show you exactly how a regular person get rockin’ results.

The Rise Live Event AFTER PARTY
By Invitation Only on Dec 4th & 5th

Click to RSVP to this event.

There’s something you need to know about this after party.

It’s a real training. Not smoke mirrors and hype.

Meaning even if you don’t decide to jump in deeper, you’re going to come away with some new ideas you can implement right away

Training #1 –  Secrets to Rock Your Image & Talk into Six Figures+

  • How the same qualities that make you an awesome friend, can actually sabotage your visibility, & hold you back from “catching fire” .
  • The most important thing you can discover that can turn your business from blah to STANDOUT.
  • A big mistake when creating products & programs and the one simple tweak that will finally give you leveraged income.
  • How we can reduce your stress, and ramp up your money making power at the same time.
  • The big lesson I learned from going broke and trying to build a workshop-based business the wrong way

Training #2 – Fast Cash & Simple Ways to Add Six Figures+

  • How one rockin talk can help you make a bigger impact and attract more clients fast (even if you don’t have a list)
  • How the often “underestimated and overlooked” entry level offer can help catapult your business into six figures and beyond
  • How you can generate over six figures- even if you don’t have a fancy website
  • 3 best ways to quickly generate more high quality leads and how to powerfully present your offers so you never appear desperate!
  • How to deliver a signature talk that people will thank you for— even if they don’t buy
  • The simple mindset shift that will allow you to comfortably close any room, big or small (teleclass, webinar or one-on-one conversation)

Click to RSVP to this event now!

Can’t wait to see you on the call!

Kristin “Rock Your Talk” Thompson

P.S. Remember that building a business around teaching and sharing your message is one of the most fun and most lucrative ways to build your business faster than your colleagues. So click here to register for free.


Here are some super simple truths, critical DO’s and DON’Ts in order to catapult your results to the next level.

1. You can’t fake REAL.

Please don’t put on a personality. People are super perceptive– even more than they know. So while they won’t know why they aren’t moved to buy from you– a lack of sincerity will bungle sales.

2. You can’t sell what you don’t buy.

If you have a mindset challenge around sales and offering your services, you will find it hard to close business comfortably.

Or if you try to sell coaching or consulting but you won’t invest in it yourself…. ruh roh! My friend you’re in trouble. Be sure you’re in alignment in order to profit big.

3. To be a good speaker, first be a good audience member.Bo Urbanski

Fom the stage at The Rise, it was easy to see Million-Dollar Leaders & Rock Star clients alike….like Adam and Bo Urbanski, Scott Robley & Infusionsoft, Rob Schultz, and Elizabeth Anderson…all sitting up, actively listening, taking notes, hitting the mic.

The cream rises to the top in EVERY situation.

Know this, energetically its hard to ask people to pay attention to you and be respectful, if you’re not willing to give that courtesy to others.

4. The close REALLY starts in your open

 One of the top mistakes that happens when people go to close the room, is that its complete shift in energy that happens all of of a sudden at the end of their talk.

Its jarring for the audience and its uncomfortable.

HOT TIP ON CLOSING: get interaction at the beginning of your talk so that when you ask people to take action at the end…. its something that’s been happening all along.

Want more? I’ve got a f.ree. 2-PART Training Series for you. CLICK HERE

5. Keep on teaching through your close 

When you make your offer, keep your pace, tone, and energy the same as its been throughout your talk or workshop. And remember that you are still teaching, still inspiring, and still serving.

Remember you’re not selling swamp land in Florida! You’re encouraging people to change their lives, or have a better financial future, or great health– you’re giving them the amazing OPPORTUNITY to step into something they have always wanted.

That kind of energy, inspiration, and spirit of service will close a room.

6. Don’t get weird.

You can be weird like have purple in your hair and tell goofy stories about what happened when you walked into a WHITE OUT of a steam room and almost blindly walked right into a stranger’s lap.

but don’t GET WEIRD about making your offer.

Because if you’re uncomfortable, we’re uncomfortable.

So while feeling nervous is normal, you do want to be sure you KNOW that making your offer is a way of helping people. 

You’re giving people a unique opportunity to change… and that is a gift!  

Want to power up your results with speaking & making offers? 
That’s just one topic we’re covering in this brand new training series based on The Rise Live Event.

My Sneaky Little Money Maker: One Talk. One Program. Massive Momentum.

Massive Momentum(1)

Here’s The Deal:

Math isn’t my strongest suit, but in business you’ve got to look at the numbers.
But one day I looked at a few numbers revealed a story… a story I knew I had to share with you.

Download the Teach & Preach Pathway to Profits Guide if you want to see how it works right away.

The Case Study: How a can one little program (which only generated $6k the first time I offered it) end up creating Multiple Six-Figures?Let me share the story with you…

My first program was Command Any Room. CommandAnyRoomFinalBOX
I sold 20 people into the program at $300 a person,
and it generated just $6,000.00.

Woopee! You might be thinking. (it’s not the biggest number in the world, I get it.  😉

But at the time, I was actually thrilled!
My goal was to enroll 10 people, so 20 was pretty durn exciting to me!

But I’d have been MORE pleased if I knew what I had REALLY done.

Here’s why….I delivered my talk in person at a few events, and online in a few webinars during the year. So I had one talk and one program to focus on. (This is a strategy many of my clients use too to maximize your time, while generating massive sales.)So essentially, Command Any Room in its first year was the MAGNET that
drew in $160,000.00 to the business through direct sales,
and the residual sales from people who purchased it and decided to keep working with me at a higher level.
We’re going to IGNORE new people coming in to the program,
new people doing VIP Days and Coaching,
we’re ignoring all new sales for a moment.

Without adding in anyone new, just the initial people that went
through the program the first year

the $160,000.00 number turns into $235,000.00 a year later.

So that initial $6,000.00 might not seem like a mind-bending number.
But its the year long plan to profit, and the way your program funnels people into your business that’s so exciting!



Your first product doesn’t have to be a big production in order to be a long-term money-making success. Often times, the more you complicate it, the longer it takes to get to market. So ask yourself what is the best version I can create that WILL get done.


I waited longer than I needed to, to create my own signature training series. And you will likely want to do the same too!. So please don’t wait to launch your first (or next) product or you’re missing a big lead-generator & profit center for your business.


I want you to create an achievable success, and profitable one too! (even if the first numbers aren’t huge at first) If you want to lead a workshop in person, you can host it in your house, or in a conference room in an office space. If you want to lead online classes, do it in the way that works for you. Use a platform you like & will use. I started with Instant Teleseminar. Zoom is also good when you’re just starting out.

The point is that you don’t want to keep everything simple enough that you can keep moving forward. And you don’t need to throw a bunch of money at this project either. Hop on your computer. Hit record. Teach for an hour. There’s module one! 🙂


Once you’ve created your core, entry-level, signature product, learn how to leverage it into multiple six figures for your business… DON’T toss it to the side and create a new one. (many people do this and it’s a mistake) Maximize the one program you’ve already got. I recommend my clients work with me for a least a year, before trying to add a new (entry level) product or program into their offers.

It’s a lot easier to point your marketing efforts towards one entry place, and you’ll find your results will show it!



You’re likely sensing a theme here. 😉 I’m a big fan of keeping things as simple and streamlined as possible. We want to build one program, and one talk that moves people up into that program!

Delivering my talk online and off has always been my #1 strategy for business building (while making a difference) and it can be for you too!

Ready to get started leveraging your expertise into a hot talk & product that rocks your biz?
Start with the Teach Preach & Profit Guide by clicking here.
Copy of TPP Guide Download(2)













Attending events? This one generated over $55K for me in 30 days

So many events throughout the year. Should you attend? Which ones and why? Here’s the breakdown.

Last year, I was a speaker and sponsor at Suzanne Evans’ BE THE CHANGE.

The exposure I got from speaking at that event (and the strategy I implemented around it) helped me generate over $55,000 just in the 30 days that followed.

BE THE CHANGE was THE EVENT that catapulted my business from $10,000 months to $30,000 months and here are a few tips to help you do the same:

If you want to get on that big stage, sometimes its free, sometimes you get paid, and sometimes you’ve got to pay to play! In this case this opportunity paid for itself and then some!

(That being said, I had a friend who didn’t speak and generated $15,000 creating new clients over meals.)

So many people leave big events like this empty handed, but it doesn’t have to be that way! If you want to attend Be the Change or speak at it, and PROFIT from your trip, play with the numbers! How many clients & partners  would make it worth it to you?

>>> Want to join me at Be the Change this year? <<<

Click here and you can attend BE THE CHANGE as my special guest. Its not an affiliate link either. I get a small number of people that can come with me for FREE, when its normally $500.00.

Purty durn good deal!  So click through and click around the site, and you learn all about the event!


Now I don’t spend my year on the road like some experts and speakers do, because I have a family, and I like to see them! But choosing a few great events to attend is a good idea. Visibility is worth something to you, its a way to stay top of mind, to stand out, and its important to remember….



Attending a few big events each year, will put you elbow to elbow with some of the biggest players in the game. Last year, I was having a blast connecting with rock stars like Angella Johnson, Monica Shah, Mara Glazer, Max Simon, and more!

No one gets big by staying sheltered. Its all about connecting, supporting one another, and working together to grow your business. Rock stars stick together and grow faster together! Woot woot!

Click here  and you can click around, check it out, and reserve your seat at  BE THE CHANGE  as my special guest. (heads up! there are just 9 tickets left at the time I am writing this, so hop to it before they are gone!)

Kristin’s Gonna Rock Your Talk at Ignite 2012

I’m heading to Utah! Are you coming with me?

Join me at Angela Johnson’s IGNITE 2012, where I’m speaking along side David Neagle, Suzanne Evans, Andres Hess and more!

It’s a 2-day transformational women’s conference that has already created big-time change for thousands of women. It’s the place where REAL people with REAL tools and solutions create personal transformation and THAT is how we create global change.

I’m coming to Utah specifically to help you Rock Your Talk and Profit!

You will get the secrets to have more money, better health, unstoppable confidence, the career or business of your dreams and richer relationships.

I’ll be sharing with you:
o The importance of knowing how to drop your notes and command any room.

o The top 3 mistakes that will cause you to lose the room and the sale.

o Plus, the 4 BIG ways you can cash in at every single talk you give (big or small).

As a speaker & sponsor, I am automatically made an affiliate, so if you purchase a ticket to this event, I will be paid a referral fee.

Click here to register and attend this amazing event!

Tomorrow Morning! Facebook for Busy People

If you’re like many small business owners you might be feeling overwhelmed or confused by how to use social media to market your business.

If you know me at all you know I love Facebook! I use my business page to connect with clients, give free tips and advice, have conversations, share resources. (you’ll find any easy FB link on the RIGHT SIDE of this page so you connect with me easily.)

I JUST changed my business page recently, so I am sure Matt can shine some light on what I can do to help more people connect with me there- so that they can get the tips and training I offer on FB, and so that i can get more feedback on my Facebook Page from YOU about what matters to you and your business right now!

So how can you use Facebook to help you connect with more clients, more easily? When in doubt ask an expert like Matt Payne.

I’m going to be hanging in doing just that! thought you might want to join me and start getting more clear on how you can use Facebook to help you grow your business, connect to people, and serve your clients!

Grab a cup of coffee and fire up your FB Page! I’ll see you there!

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