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First steps to get started SPEAKING to attract new leads and clients

Get Started Speaking
Many of you have been asking how to GET STARTED SPEAKING,
crafting your talk, or revamping one you’ve already got.

In this quick video I share with you four things you’ll find helpful.

P.S.In the 1st comment below the video
I put a link to my TALK TEMPLATE– you can swipe if you like!

Find the video here:

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Hey Coaches with Big Hearts:

It’s super common for smart, sharp people to feel held
back by fear.  You might have some FEAR around GIVING your 1st
(or next) TALK… webinar… or workshop!

Don’t let fear hold you back though. Heck, even I get nervous!
Fear doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to serve people.

Here are a few ideas that will help you move through the fear
so you can serve more people, and step into your highest self!

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talk soon!
Breakthrough Fear of Speaking



THOSE who are crazy enough to RISE UP can CHANGE THE WORLD.

You can make a bigger difference & attract happy, amazing clients into your business, with 1 high impact TALK. When you REALLY CARE about HELPING people, you’ll be willing to step into the spotlight with your message…and it will be WORTH IT! 🙂 Fulfillment & abundance can be yours. <3 If you’d like my help you can go here to get started:


When you show your true colors you will breakthrough & get visible

That’s right, it’s time to show your “True Colors”
I want you to let them shine in their full glory!

Now, let’s be real, it IS easier to say than do.

Sometimes we hide our greatest gifts,
because we’ve been mocked for them in the past.
Or we’ve been told by people we love
to shush that gift.

Ya know just “tone it down a little”.
(I don’t think so)

Maybe you’ve been told…
you’re a little too weird…
or too intellectual….
too funky, too geeky, or too chic…
or whatever the case may be.

Watch the quick FB Live on my page
and take action on my challenge to you!

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to get alerts on future broadcasts)

Scroll down on my fb page and you’ll see the post from today.
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True Colors

True Colors


Six Simple “Speaking” Questions to Get Your Booty Back into Biz Building Action

Its easy to feel stuck sometimes…wondering how you’ll be able to grow your biz to the next level. Or how you’ll be able to fill your new (or next) product, program, or workshop. The reality is that the RIGHT ACTIONS can turn your biz around fast.

…But you’ve got to get your booty back into biz building action.

Quick Assessment: Get Your Booty Back Into Biz Building Action

Remember that SPEAKING is one of the fastest ways to get highly visible, and generate a big wave of leads and clients.

These quick six simple questions will set you back on the path to profits:

In the past 30 days have you_(1)

A few tips to really make this work for you:

1. Rock ONE Talk
Online and offline… for interviews, webinars, and teleclasses.

One message will help you stay on point, help you hone your message & get great at sharing it, and get known for the one thing you do better than anyone.

2. Always Have an Offer
FREE OFFER: When you are in situations where its not appropriate to make a paid offer, like most interviews and podcasts, a FREE offer works great.

PAID OFFER: When you can make an offer, like when you’re speaking live, or leading a teleclass or webinar, then make a great entry-level offer.

HINT: We always have both offers (one free and one paid) on our order form.
One talk. One order form.  We’re all about keeping it simple over here. 🙂

3. Serve people in a big way and you’ll always be invited back.
When you seek to serve and give your audience a great experience… then you’ll never be a loss for great opportunities.

New leads, clients, referrals to other speaking gigs, & partnership opportunities will be flowing towards you consistently when you give great content and create a great connection in your talk.

Ready for the next step?
Try downloading the Start Up with Speaking guide & take the Start Me Up with Speaking training with Kristin here.

The only way to become a speaker is…

The only way to become a speaker is to SPEAK. 🙂 <3


You do not need a website.
You do not need a fancy “brand”.
You don’t need good graphics.

You don’t need anything other than a message
that will help people solve a problem,
and some people who probably have that problem.

And a place to stand is great too.

Okay and maybe a glass of water.

But that’s about it.


Amazing things will happen…
but only if you go out and give it a try!

Would you like my help?
There is a free class this coming THURSDAY…
Just click here to sign up & check out what I’ll be teaching.

Give Your Offer Some Sizzle (a.k.a. How to Comfortably Close the Room)

BONUSES_ Give Your Offer Some Sizzle
Part of being confident and comfortable when you make an offer….
is knowing you’ve put together one helluva package for people to say yes to!

Because when you’re excited to offer your program and all its sizzle to people…
they will be excited to say “yes!”.

Be sure your BONUS PACKAGE meets these three very simple (but critical) guidelines.

1. All bonuses must have value (don’t lump in a bunch of dusty, old “free sh*t”)


2. Ease a concern or objection the person might have about your program/product/service


3. Help Remove Obstacles and/or Accelerate Results

Here are some simple bonus ideas anyone can use. Plus, I’ve added some real-world examples and action steps below.

* Live Event or Workshop Ticket (yours or someone else’s)

* Private Session with You

* Virtual Training

* Live Training or Call

* A Review or Critique

* A Critical Checklist

* Easy to Use Template

* Spreadsheet

* Screenshare “How-To” Video Tutorials

* Time-saving Sample Scripts or Forms

What does this look like in action?

Here’s a simple example. When people join the Start Me Up with Speaking Club we give away a ton of cool bonuses that make it easier to get started faster.

A few “quickstart” bonuses from inside the Start Me Up with Speaking Club:
> “Get More Gigs” Booking Script & Psychology

> Speaking Referral Form Sample
> Speaking Gig Workflow
> Order Form Samples

Order Form& Bonus Pic

These types of bonuses speed up progress, because we’ve already done the testing, and we know these scripts, forms, and templates are proven to work. So a client can simply swipe em, customize em, and go.

ACTION STEP 1: What forms, samples, or templates have you’ve already created for your own business, that could help save your students time & energy?

We also add in SECRET BONUSES into our program (which add a nice BOOST to your client’s experience) & bonuses that help people progress through what might otherwise become a sticking point or reason to not move ahead.

For example, when clients come into our Start Me Up Club, sometimes they worry about how they will craft their talk. Crafting a new signature speech or talk, is a place where we see people get stuck in “thinking” mode. So I created a 3-hour virtual Talk Creation Workshop, where I lead you through the Command Any Room talk structure…step-by-step, so that by the time we’re done, you have your talk mapped out. (This is an example of a BIG BONUS that is NOT advertised on our sales page for the program.)

How to Craft Your Talk Bonus Workshop with Kristin Thompson

ACTION STEP 2: Where might your students get stuck? What additional training or support can you offer, so help them feel more free to say yes?

ACTION STEP 3: Review your bonus package and ask yourself if it meets the the 3 key criteria.

Do your bonuses ADD VALUE, ADDRESS A CONCERN OR OBJECTION, or SPEED UP PROGRESS. These types of bonuses are what people will value and appreciate most!

Let us know what you might shift in your bonus package in the comments below. 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about how you can use speaking to grow your business, you can click here to download the Start Me Up with Speaking Guide & sign up for free class too: Http://

Want to check out the Start Me Up Club?
Click here to take a peek at Start Me Up Club now.

How Imperfect Talks Can Still Convert Like Crazy

How Imperfect Talks Can Still Convert Like Crazy
In today’s fast-paced, Twitter, reality TV world, giving a “perfectly polished speech” just won’t do.

You’ll want to rock your talk, and move the room…if you plan on leaving with new clients.

Keep it snappy. Keep it interesting. And keep it interactive!

Here’s what you might not realize yet. Closing the room, isn’t something you suddenly “do” at the end of your talk. And its not about being perfectly polished and scripted either.

If you want to leave your talk with new leads and clients in your hands, you have to start that process from the moment you step to the front of the room.

Its all about connection, and creating the beginning of a relationship when you’re speaking to a group. Seek to serve the room. And they will feel it.

Then even if you’re talk is imperfect…guess what… its all good!

Your audience needs you to CARE, more than they need you to be perfect.

Here’s a few quick ideas on how you can add more interaction into your Rockin Talk, so you can create connection, and create a great experience for audience members.

Call & Response:
You Set It Up. The Audience Carries It Home
Call: Shave a Hair Cut.
Response: Shampoo.

Writer Downers:
You say it. They jot it down.
You: Here’s what you’ll want to jot down “Speaking is the Path to Profits”

Repeat After Me:
You: Repeat after me, “I will always have an offer when I speak”
Audience: I will always have an offer when I speak.

Verbal Fill in the Blank:
You: Making money with your talk is about strategy. Making money is about….
Audience: Strategy.

You: Now you’ll want to pair up with a partner because we’re going to do a quick exercise.

Remember that the more interactive your talk is, the more fun they will have, the more fun you’ll have, and the more money you’ll make too.

Download the Start Me Up with Speaking book & sign up for the class:

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