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9 Gifts Speaking Will Give Your Business This Year!

It’s a new year, and I don’t just want to wish you a Happy New Year…  I want to help GIVE you a Happy New Year filled with joy, purpose, and happy new clients!

I’d love to see you speaking. And I won’t leave you hanging.

If you’d like some help getting more speaking gigs, and crafting your talk, I can totally help you with that. (Because that’s what I love to do.)

1. Let Speaking Help You Get Known Quickly and Become a Leader in Your Industry Faster 

2. Let Speaking Help You Make a Bigger Impact on More Lives in Less Time (one to many)

3. Let Speaking Help You Book More Consultations with Potential Clients

4. Let Speaking Help You Book Even More Speaking Gigs (even one talk can result in MANY more speaking gigs)

5. Let Speaking Help You Get Booked for More Paid Keynotes 

6. Let Speaking Help You Sell More Tickets to Your Workshop or Live Event

7. Let Speaking Help You Sell In House Corporate Training and Workshops

8. Let Speaking Help You Sell Your Entry Level Product, Training, or Coaching 

9. Let Speaking Help You Grow Your Email List with Warm Leads and People Who Know & Like You Already

Ready to hop in? Join the Craft Your Talk Challenge Here. (It’s totally free)

When you love what you do, you’re helping people & you’re generating $30,000.00 hours
(and more) It is truly mind-blowing!

The Rock Your Talk program (which is the course that ALL my clients go through now) walks you through the five keys I finally uncovered that skyrocketed my business from $30k a year to $30,000.00 hours— without skyrocketing my work schedule.

In fact, I’ve led one-hour talks and webinars that generated $10,000.00, $30,000.00, $50,000.00 even $100.000.00. I’ve led workshops and online programs that generated multiple six figures. These are numbers that once boggled my mind. Crazy, right!?

The “secret” is in combining your personality & your expertise into a system (a message really) that will become the engine of your business. We’re going to use your message to get you highly visible AND it will be structured properly to convert clients (in a leveraged way) all at the same time!

Let’s Get You Rockin!

If you’re giving talks, leading webinars, being interviewed on podcasts and radio shows, you’ll be in a great position to attract a steady stream of leads, clients, and business-building opportunities.

Right now you have the greatest level of access there has ever been to high-visibility, business-building opportunities: And here’s the great news, you only need one message or talk that we will repurpose for different purposes and platforms.

We want you out there having fun, teaching people, and inspiring them too. A little teach. A little preach. But you also want to attract paying clients.

So when you speak in a talk, an interview, a webinar— we want your message to feel like a mini-workshop. It informs and entertains everyone, and at the end, it’s important that you give people the opportunity to step into deeper training. I want you leaving your talk not just with compliments, but with leads, and clients, and cash in hand.

Here’s how this looks in action for a few of my clients…

  • Jen walked away with $16,000.00 in recurring monthly income, from her first talk ever.
  • Mary booked lots of local free talks and generated over $70,000.00 in 30 days.
  • Sandi’s first live talk generated $18,000 ($15k + 3 more in follow up) and her most recent webinar generated $8,000.00 in new sales.
  • Rob has kept his client roster full & filled all three of his programs for 3 years straight.
  • Monique just gave a talk to the American Marketing Association & just got booked for a brand new TV Show.
  • New client, Christy, just booked 14 new speaking gigs in just ONE WEEK!

So here’s how I’d love to help you get started…
Simply click here to join me in the Craft Your Talk Challenge.

I’ll lead you through the key steps to get started. So hop in and I’ll see you on the other side! 

When You Want to Up Level Your Income, 1st Upgrade Your Brand Personality

When you’re ready to up level your income to mid six-figures,
FIRST, you want to Upgrade Your Brand Personality!

But please don’t worry, to turn your message into a multi-six-figure business,
you do NOT need to spend $30,000 on a major re-brand.

However we do want to take a moment to think about how you want to represent yourself to ideal clients.
And we want to consider if you’re materials are showing people who you’ve been…
or where you’re going next!

There are 7 Keys to Stand Out Brand
SIMPLE: It’s easy to understand who you are and what you do
UNIQUE: There’s a unique twist to the way you do it that allows you stand out & add value.
POLARIZING: You are not trying to appeal to everyone. You know exactly who you’re for, and who you’re NOT for as well.
REPEATABLE: Your content has “take-aways” that are easy to remember and repeat. Catch phrases are sticky and help create community.
CONSISTENT: Your message, look, and feel stay consistent online and off which helps you stand out and be memorable in the mind’s of ideal clients!
MAKES A STMT ON POSITION: Your brand makes a clear statement on your position in the marketplace.
ATTRACTS THE RIGHT CLIENTS: And of course we want to do all this to attract the right clients for you and your Program/Product/Service.

Especially when you want to up level your income
it’s important to ask yourself if your brand and marketing
are speaking to the right level client.

Dig in deeper on this and the other key steps to take when you’re ready to move past your 1st $10K month into a mid-six-figure sensation!

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Have fun. Make mistakes. Grow your biz. :)

Have fun. Make Mistakes


Your next step? I’d love to help you inside the Start Me Up with Speaking Club here:
(only $97/month for a limited time)

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$30k with a big Flippin failure

$30K with a big Flippin failure

Your next step? I’d love to help you inside the Start Me Up with Speaking Club here:
(only $97/month for a limited time)

Click here to watch:

Small Workshops Big Profit (part 2)

Small Workshops part 2 4.18.17


Small Workshop Big Profits (part 2)
Here’s the last nuggets of Monetizing your Workshop!

Join me in the Start Me Up with Speaking Club here:

Click here to watch this FB Live:

Small Workshops Big Profit: Live Training

Small Workshops 4.18

Tune in to the Small Workshop Big Profits class (part 1)
(Comcast went out for all of Portland so I got bounced off midway thru the monetization piece…
But the I popped back on for another FB LIVE (marked part 2) when it came back to share those last nuggets with you! woohoo! We’ll always find a way to get er done. 😉

Your next step? I’d love to help you inside the Start Me Up with Speaking Club here:
(only $97/month for a limited time)

Click this link to watch:

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How to Turn Strangers Into Happy Coaching or Consulting Clients

How to Turn Strangers Into Happy Coaching or Consulting Clients

How to Turn Strangers Into Happy Coaching or Consulting Clients: In the beginning of my biz, I went from a $3k workshop to generating $18K from a small, 1-day workshop w/ one small change– adding new clients into my business & creating consistent, monthly revenue. (And yes, I’m so excited I’m wearing a color other black or grey today!)

Additional resources I mention in this video are here:
Let’s help you be more strategic so that, yes, you are getting compliments on your tips and ideas…
and serving people in a big way, but you’re also attracting happy, paying clients you’ll enjoy working with too!

I am going to do a deeper dive into this Tuesday night 5pm PST / 8pm EST & I’ll show you how you can attract coaching & consulting clients with simple local workshops, that can lead to surprisingly big profits (even if you’re new)

Click this link to watch:

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How to Add a Steady Flow of Clients & Revenue to your Biz

How to Add a Steady Flow of Clients & Revenue to your Biz
I’d Love to Help You Get Started! 🙂

How to Add a Steady Flow of Clients & Revenue to your Biz (even if you only want to work part-time like me)
Listen in, as I share a few LIVE tips on how to set yourself up for great SUCCESS speaking & leading workshops. Here’s where I can help you get started for just 97/mth:
I’ve even added in the ENTIRE ROCK YOUR TALK training series ($997.00)
& LIVE monthly group COACHING CALLS with me ($6,000.00)
so I can keep you on track, answer your questions, and streamline your results.
Watch the video here:

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