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Three Easy-To-Make Mistakes That Will Stop You From Attracting Clients with Your Talk

Craft a Talk that Attracts Clients. Beware of these common mistakes.

Your talk structure has a lot to do with your results.

So before you deliver your next talk, be sure to watch for these three common missteps when it comes to crafting a talk that will convert into happy leads and paying clients.

They are easy to make, and the good news, pretty easy to fix too!

There’s The Winger, The Teacher, and The Polisher.

You’re a Winger if…

You’re confident and comfortable on stage…which is great. The downside is that confidence sometimes tells you that you don’t need to plan. So you’re up there winging it.

Problem #1 for Wingers

Your content and the order that you say things in… its all inconsistent. So you’re closing ratio, the number of clients you attract, will also be inconsistent… and accordingly so will your audiences experience. And we most def don’t want your talk to damage your reputation.

Problem #2 for Wingers

Hard to Follow… without any structure to your talk it much more likely to confuse or overwhelm your audience. and the bad news here is that we know a confused mind says NO.

Problem #3 for Wingers

You tend to go OVER your TIME.

It has been tested and proven that a talk that goes over its allotted time will generate less business. So the less organized your are with your content, the more apt you are to tell long and winding stories… go over time… and BLAM-O you’re losing sales.

You’re a Teacher if…

Meaning… You love to teach and serve and you want everyone to learn a lot at your talk. And that’s great.

Problem #1 for Teachers is

You want to GIVE so much that you overwhelm yourself just while trying to craft the talk, and you overwhelm your audience when delivering it.

Because you teach and you teach, and then… you guessed it you teach a little more.

Problem #2 for Teachers is

Another challenge with teaching too much content is that you can accidentally leave people with the impression that you just taught them everything they needed to know. Whoopsie!

If you are often getting a lot of polite compliments “nice talk” but  no new clients to speak of, then this is likely something we’d want to look at.

The big problem here is that you and I both know there is much more to your topic & to your clients’ success than you could ever teach in an hour talk.

So your job is NOT just to fill them with content, but show them what’s possible and activate people in taking the next step.

Lest you think I have always given high converting talks…

Over-teaching was def the way I gave talks in the beginning.

I’d leave with compliments at the end of my talk… but no clients or cash to speak of.

And I realized over time, that I wasn’t really helping people.

Giving free talks is a nice gesture but I want to have a GREATER IMPACT than entertaining people for an hour.

Once I realized this I made the proper mental shift that allowed me to follow a better strategy.

I learned that I could serve the audience AND also allowed them to see the path ahead, and where they might want to go next in working with me.

It was THEN that my talks generated real clients, and real paydays.

And then I had the chance to help people craft their rockin talks, and then THEY got clients that they got to serve. And thats when it all clicked. Attracting 10, 20 30, or 40 new clients from each talk… this means more impact & more income at the same time.

And I want THAT transformation for people, much more than I want compliments. And I’m guessing that’s really what you want too.

And last, but not least.

You’re a Polisher if…

This is you, you’ll be tempted to keep putting off giving your talk….because you will want your talk to be perfect.

If you’ve been “working on your talk” for longer than 30-60 days, you’re not preparing anymore, you’re avoiding.

And I’m going to be bold here in an effort to serve you…

YOUR TALK WILL NEVER BE PERFECT. It will perfectly imperfect just as it should be. Meaning it will be GREAT. It will impact lives, and it doesn’t need to be perfect to do that. And striving for that will keep you stuck in your office, and will keep the people who need your help the most, it will keep them waiting and in the dark.

So please please let go of the idea of perfection, and know that it is NOT required to rock your talk.

Want some help outlining your talk in the proper structure? Start here!

You can get our dry erase ready Rockin Talk Structure & Talk Promotional One Sheet for free!

Proven Talk Structure & Talk Promotional One Sheet

3 Types Of Speaking Gigs & How to Speak to Grow Your Biz

3 types of speaking gigs and my fav way tp use speaking to grow your business

Speaking is an undeniably great way to grow your business.

But when most people think of “Speaking” they tend to think of inspirational keynotes.

Really there are three kinds of talks.
1) Paid Keynotes (you get paid to speak to a group typically for an hour)

2) Pay to Play (you invest to get in front of an audience and make an offer)

3) Speaking for Free (you speak to a group and make an offer which results in sales)

The truth is that I’ve grown my business rapidly and made some of my biggest paydays by speaking for free (and my clients have too).

Sounds kind of backwards, right?

I get it. Let me break it down a little more…

Last I checked, the National Speakers Association said the average keynote pays about $3-$5k. You go, give your talk, you leave with a check. Done. Pretty cool for sure.

My clients, definitely get invited to deliver keynote talks, however, they want to do more than just inspire people, they want to help transform them!

They are coaches, consultants, authors, influencers, and experts with a big message to share and a desire to have a big impact on their clients’ lives. Maybe you can relate?

Imagine if the talk you’ll deliver feels more like a mini-workshop. Cool, right?!

It informs and entertains everyone, and at the end, you give people the opportunity to step into deeper training.

How Speaking Can Grow Your Business

I want you leaving your talk not just with compliments, but with leads, new clients, referrals to other opportunities, and… drum roll please….cash in hand.

How exactly can rocking FREE speaking gigs (or webinars) pay off BIG for your business?

Let’s look at just a few ideas you can use in your coaching, consulting, author or expert business.

First, I want to address a common concern.

Many of you are worried that you don’t have a place to speak, and you don’t have an audience of followers yet I want you to know that that is totally okay!

There are infinite places to speak where groups are already gathered.

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Networking meetings
  • Sales or management meetings for corporations
  • Business Association meetings
  • Industry conferences and events
  • Workshops & Retreats
  • Live online webinars and teleclasses
  • On Facebook Lives 
  • In a webinar to your subscribers
  • In a webinar to another person’s subscribers

In the Rock Your Talk program and at The Rise Live Event we talk more specifically about how to craft and structure your talk to serve and sell.


Sample ORder Form Selling From the Stage

1. A free offer:

Always have a digital “gift”  you offer in exchange for just their name and email that allows you give a little more after your talk, and add new names and emails to your contact list for follow up later.

HOT TIP on MAKING A FREE GIFT: A great free gift is valuable, easy to use, and could be a tip, tool, template or script that you pull straight from your paid program.

2. A paid offer:

Whenever possibble, especially if you’re getting paid, you want to offer a product, program or service, that will give your audience deeper training than what you provided in your talk.

An important way you serve people, is by giving them the opportunity to step up from your free information into a paid product, program, workshop or mentorship you offer.

Want help turning your expertise into a signature system, a talk you can deliver online and off, and program you can sell to multiple six figures or beyond?

Start with this free Craft Your Talk course.

Craft Your Signature Talk Challenge Free Series

And for those of  you feeling really drawn to learning the Rock Your Talk System from Kristin attend the 3-day Rise Live Event in Portland!

The Rise | How to Grow Your Business to Multiple or Mid Six Figures

How to Generate Multiple Six-Figures in Your Coaching or Consulting Business

Hey Rock Star!

Today I wanted to check in with you and let you know about a new series I’m going to be releasing here. I’m going to be sharing with you the six step formula that I used myself and that I share with my coaching clients that helped me go from generating $30k a year before expenses (and by the way I was working pretty hard to do that)…

…to generating $30,000 months….even six-figure and multiple six-figure sales months. Pretty crazy really.

It’s totally possible. Many time when people come to work with me and my coaching programs, you already have a business, and you have clients which is great!

By the way, let me take a moment to say congratulations on all you’ve created, because it’s really not easy to do.

The thing is that it can feel hard to get up off of that base level of income & business… where you have one-on-one clients and you can’t figure out how to grow anymore without working more hours.

And odds are you don’t want to keep adding hours to your day with more and more private coaching or consulting clients.

It’s great to enjoy $8k, 10k, and $15k revenue months, AMAZING really, but now you might be ready to make that not just repeatable, but a number of jump off of into $20 and $30K months or much more!

If so, this is for you!


Here are the six steps I’m going to walk you through inside of the Rise Formula.

First we’re going to talk about how to upgrade your brand in order to up level your income.

This is a really important step and I don’t mean that you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to re-brand your business. That’s the good news.

This is an however, an important step that I have all my clients do at least once a year. Because as you’re growing and up leveling we want to make sure that your brand is pointing forward to where you’re heading next (not left behind showing people where you just were).

So first we’re going to give your brand a boost.


A high-converting talk is something you can use online and off, and can repurpose across multiple platforms to give you a consistent and high-converting message.

Often times it’s very small shifts to the structure of your talk that can make a really big difference in your impact and ability to attract new clients.

Your talk is the one thing you need to convert clients without having to resort to an endless stream of strategy sessions. And while you’re growing this is going to be super helpful.


When you have your Rockin Talk ready it’s time to really look at how to scale your income without scaling your hours.

So this is what we’ll talk about the best ways for you to grow your revenue, and the potential adjustments to the structure your programs for maximum impact and more leverage.

It’s important to serve your clients in a really big way, and at the same time, we want to make sure you’re not working more and more more more hours.


We want to add multiple six-figures to your business without blowing up your private life. We want you to have room for your spiritual life, family, friends, philanthropy, and all the things you love to do.

So we want to keep you highly visible throughout the year, but we want to do that in a way where we leverage one rockin talk, and repurpose it across multiple platforms.

This is where we really want to customize strategies for you based on what lights you up, what your strengths are, and what your lifestyle is like.

I’m a mom so I work from home. I do not travel a lot. I do not spend my life hob-nobbing from event to event. I speak at just a few events each year. I use online platforms to keep me visible, and I work mostly part-time, from home.

And I have clients who love to travel! And that great too. There’s no wrong or right. We just want to customize your plan and the platforms that you are going to use so that it will best suit your personality and your lifestyle.


We want you to be surrounded with support. If you’re trying doing this all by yourself… honestly that’s going to put a cap on your income.

If you don’t have the right level of team support and strategy underneath, lifting you and your business up, it’s just too hard to scale.

So we want to make sure that you have the right systems to make your team communication & project man


Big leaps in life can feel scary, and that’s why support is so important to have support, and have someone on your side who is calling you up to your highest self. Encourage yourself. Fill your mind with positive voices. And surround yourself with people who believe in your vision.

You’ve got this!

Feeling called to Rise Up in your business, you can come join me in Portland this October!
Click here to check out the Rise Live Event & we’ll rock your biz to the next level.

Turn One Talk Into Multiple Six Figures at The Rise with Kristin Thompson

How Your Imperfect Talks & Webinars Can Still Convert Like Crazy

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.55.05 AM
While you might be worried that you’re message or your delivery isn’t perfect enough to get you clients…

The truth is that in today’s Reality-TV loving world, giving a “perfectly polished & choreographed presentation” really won’t work as well anyway.

People actually appreciate getting to see the “real you”.

And here’s what you might not realize yet. Getting clients (or “closing the room”) from your talk or webinar isn’t something you suddenly “do” at the end of your talk. And it’s definitely not about being perfectly polished and scripted either (I’m proof of that!).

If you want to leave your talk with new leads and clients in your hands, you have to start that process from the moment you step to the front of the room.

Its all about connection, and creating the beginning of a relationship when you’re speaking to a group. Seek to serve the room. And they will feel it.

Then even if you’re talk is imperfect…guess what… its all good!

Your audience needs you to CARE about helping them, more than they need you to be perfect.


A good talk might just roll off the tip of your tongue, but odds of that happening consistently are not high. We’re all human after all. Whenever a client comes to me and says, “Kristin, my talk didn’t get any clients this time”. There is always a reason. It’s rarely just a “fluke”

If you didn’t get good results from your talk there are two top reasons why this happens.

1. You spoke to an audience that was not ideal for you and your topic. (which likely didn’t happen if you vetted the opportunity properly).


2. You very likely strayed from your talk outline and the Rock Your Talk proven talk structure.

So while you don’t need to deliver your message perfectly, you do want to stick to your plan. Once you craft your talk properly, do not mess with the structure. 🙂 Because when you do, you mess with your results. And we don’t want that happening for you.

Stick with a proven talk structure so that your talk still accomplishes the goal of serving the room and activating sales, and all will be well. 🙂


Now-a-days, we can get answers to how to do just anything online, thanks to google.

But “answers” and “how to” while important are not enough. So yes please do give great content, but don’t stop there. Remember that you’re unique personality and style is part of what will draw people to YOU vs someone else.

Because while your topic might be duplicatable–
But the way YOU teach it, the way YOU inspire people into action, and the way you explain it–
it’s going to connect & resonate with a specific kind of person— your ideal client.

So be sure you add your true personality (we call it your Brand Personality Blueprint) to everything you do- so that you’re being true to yourself, standing out, and attract happy paying clients who love you.


We can teach you lots of ways to command a talk or webinar, but to get started, here’s a few quick ideas on how you can add more interaction into your Rockin Talk, so you can create connection, and create a great experience for audience members.

Call & Response:
You Set It Up. The Audience Carries It Home
Call: Shave a Hair Cut.
Response: Shampoo.

Writer Downers:
You say it. They jot it down.
You: Here’s what you’ll want to jot down “Speaking is the Path to Profits”

Repeat After Me:
You: Repeat after me, “I will always have an offer when I speak”
Audience: I will always have an offer when I speak.

Verbal Fill in the Blank:
You: Making money with your talk is about strategy. Making money is about….
Audience: Strategy!
You: That’s right.

Remember that the more interactive your talk/interview/webinar is, the more fun people will have,
and the more fun you’ll have, and the more money you’ll make too.


Click Here to Download the Teach & Preach Pathways to Profits Guide

Teach Preach: The Pathway to Profit

Learn how you can serve more people, add value every time you speak, and attract paying clients all at the same time!
















Six Simple “Speaking” Questions to Get Your Booty Back into Biz Building Action

Its easy to feel stuck sometimes…wondering how you’ll be able to grow your biz to the next level. Or how you’ll be able to fill your new (or next) product, program, or workshop. The reality is that the RIGHT ACTIONS can turn your biz around fast.

…But you’ve got to get your booty back into biz building action.

Quick Assessment: Get Your Booty Back Into Biz Building Action

Remember that SPEAKING is one of the fastest ways to get highly visible, and generate a big wave of leads and clients.

These quick six simple questions will set you back on the path to profits:

In the past 30 days have you_(1)

A few tips to really make this work for you:

1. Rock ONE Talk
Online and offline… for interviews, webinars, and teleclasses.

One message will help you stay on point, help you hone your message & get great at sharing it, and get known for the one thing you do better than anyone.

2. Always Have an Offer
FREE OFFER: When you are in situations where its not appropriate to make a paid offer, like most interviews and podcasts, a FREE offer works great.

PAID OFFER: When you can make an offer, like when you’re speaking live, or leading a teleclass or webinar, then make a great entry-level offer.

HINT: We always have both offers (one free and one paid) on our order form.
One talk. One order form.  We’re all about keeping it simple over here. 🙂

3. Serve people in a big way and you’ll always be invited back.
When you seek to serve and give your audience a great experience… then you’ll never be a loss for great opportunities.

New leads, clients, referrals to other speaking gigs, & partnership opportunities will be flowing towards you consistently when you give great content and create a great connection in your talk.

Ready for the next step?
Try downloading the Start Up with Speaking guide & take the Start Me Up with Speaking training with Kristin here.

It Doesn’t End at “Yes!”: 7 Ways to Welcome (& Keep) New Clients

The Only Thing Worse Than Having No Sales…
is LOSING a SALES YOU actually MADE! Ugh!

Don't leave your new client in the lurch(1)


Its likely you’ve had this experience…
Because I’m quite sure everyone has has at LEAST once.
(I’ll share what happened to me in a min)

Its Friday afternoon and you’re on a phone call with a potential client.

After explaining how you can help them…
They say “yes”! You’re so excited! You’ve got a new client!
You go out to dinner and celebrate.

You return to work Monday morning
to find an email from that person saying that
after some additional thinking, the timing just isn’t right.

(or whatever the reason may be)

Making a new sale is all gooooood, until it isn’t.
Because making the sale REALLY is the FIRST step.
Next you need to know how to KEEP IT.

KEEPING THE SALE isn’t just about YOU.
Its about treating new clients well, and
helping the client stay on track so that
they can actually accomplish their goals….
with your help.

Let’s take a time machine back to 2011….
I was growing my business,
and had JUST crossed over into $8K and $10K months.

And as you can imagine I was pretty excited.

But you might have heard the term,
“New Level, New Devil” and I was
about to experience that little saying in real life.

So I went to speak at Suzanne Evan’s Be the Change.
And it was my first time speaking outside of Portland.

I had lots of experience speaking & selling locally
and now I was excited to try my hand using
my speak-to sell strategy at this event.

(By the way, if you have a big opportunity coming up… and you’d like help creating your own plan to ROCK YOUR TALK & PROFIT BIG, please email and let my team know you’re interested in a VIP strategy session with me, to see if we’re a good fit.)

Okay so back to the story…

It all worked as planned.
We got a rush of visibility and leads and new clients who said, “Yes”!

By the time I left the event I had closed $20,000.00 in new business.
(and that number would more-than-double quickly after the event)

I returned home to find sales slipping away.

In fact, as soon as I sat down at my desk Monday morning,
I got the email that a new $5,000.00 client was gone.

I was ready to throw up.
I felt like a failure.
In fact, it felt worse, than never having the sale in the first place!

But I learned a VERY important lesson that day.
And now I share it with you.

KEEPING THE SALE is part of how you serve.
Its how you serve the client.
Its how you serve yourself.
Its how you serve your business.

So…. Here are my 7 Quick Tips to HOLD THAT SALE.
7 Tips to Help You Hold the Sales You Make
Want to download the PDF version for reference?

Click Here & I’ll Send You the PDF Version Direct to Your Inbox!
(along with a link to another free goodie you might like)

1. Run all sales within 24 hrs.
This helps new clients feel well cared for, and respected.
It shows that you take their business seriously, and you
and your team are on top on things.

2. Have a “Welcome” Email Sequence Ready
Be prepared for the “yes”. Take a moment to consider
how you can automate follow up messages so that new clients,
don’t JUST get charged, but that they also get a warm
welcome message and a way to get them started right away.

3. Begin with a “Congratulations!” message
Remember that saying yes to working with coach, consultant
or expert is a big decision, that cn feel quite scary. Respect this
leap by being there on the other side to say, “Hey rock star!
You made a great choice!”.

4. Send a video message to calm buyer’s remorse
The next best thing to being with your client in-person is video!
A great to to stay connected and calm nerves is to create a
welcome or “here’s what’s coming in your program” video…
even a casual iphone video would work well.

5. Send Email with Case Studies or Social Proof
Just when your new client starts to worry if they will be
successful, you can send them an email (or video) with hot
case studies or testimonials. Show them they can do it!

6. Use “Pre-Training” or “Orientation Calls” to Fill

in Gaps between the purchase date & program
start time.
Sometimes there’s a bit of a gap between when someone says, “YES!”
and when the program actually starts. Whatever you do,
don’t leave people in a void of radio silence. Stay in touch,
and bridge the gap with pre-content, prep work they can do,
or a simple orientation call.

7. At Live Events & Speaking Gigs Give Away Hard
Products or Physical Programs as a bonus.
Lastly remember that we all love physical things we can touch!
So even if people are buying a digital program or virtual
training or coaching package, think of something you can hand them
when they say yes! This will help ease nerves, and make the decision feel more solid.

These are a few simple ideas that can help you SAVE thousands and thousands of dollars from slipping through your fingers.

The can also help you serve more people.

Remember that saving the sale isn’t just about you and your bottom line,
its about you support clients at a high level from the moment they make
the big decision to change their life and biz.

Click Here & I’ll Send You the PDF Version of the 7 Ways to Hold the Sale.

Want to learn how hosting a local workshop can
help you fill your private client roster?
Click here to check out  the blog post “Rock Your Workshop: a plan to fill your coaching spots and add six figures”

How to Use Speaking To Attract New Coaching or Consulting Clients


Rock Out Your Event Profits with Sponsorships

Event Sponsorships are big money. The question is… who’ll walk away with the cash?
YOU?   Or the HOST?

The best case scenario is that everyone wins!
At, we’ve sponsored events that have generated $10K, $20K, $50K+ or more just within 30 days of the event. That doesn’t even count the long tail of profit.

So what could you do? This video shares:

(:44)     The big reason WHY you might want to sponsor an event.

(2:00)    Selling within your sponsorship

(2:29)    CAUTION: what to watch out for with sponsorships

(3:13)    Distractions and how they can bungle your sales

(3:20)    Mo money or No money?

(4:58)     Can you make an offer?

If you’re thinking about hosting your own event or speaking and sponsoring someone else’s event, I give you lots more details on it all here.

If you’re interested in sponsorship of The Rise Live Event just give me a shout at, and we can chat about how you can get in front of our audience.

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