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Six Simple “Speaking” Questions to Get Your Booty Back into Biz Building Action

Its easy to feel stuck sometimes…wondering how you’ll be able to grow your biz to the next level. Or how you’ll be able to fill your new (or next) product, program, or workshop. The reality is that the RIGHT ACTIONS can turn your biz around fast.

…But you’ve got to get your booty back into biz building action.

Quick Assessment: Get Your Booty Back Into Biz Building Action

Remember that SPEAKING is one of the fastest ways to get highly visible, and generate a big wave of leads and clients.

These quick six simple questions will set you back on the path to profits:

In the past 30 days have you_(1)

A few tips to really make this work for you:

1. Rock ONE Talk
Online and offline… for interviews, webinars, and teleclasses.

One message will help you stay on point, help you hone your message & get great at sharing it, and get known for the one thing you do better than anyone.

2. Always Have an Offer
FREE OFFER: When you are in situations where its not appropriate to make a paid offer, like most interviews and podcasts, a FREE offer works great.

PAID OFFER: When you can make an offer, like when you’re speaking live, or leading a teleclass or webinar, then make a great entry-level offer.

HINT: We always have both offers (one free and one paid) on our order form.
One talk. One order form.  We’re all about keeping it simple over here. 🙂

3. Serve people in a big way and you’ll always be invited back.
When you seek to serve and give your audience a great experience… then you’ll never be a loss for great opportunities.

New leads, clients, referrals to other speaking gigs, & partnership opportunities will be flowing towards you consistently when you give great content and create a great connection in your talk.

Ready for the next step?
Try downloading the Start Up with Speaking guide & take the Start Me Up with Speaking training with Kristin here.

It Doesn’t End at “Yes!”: 7 Ways to Welcome (& Keep) New Clients

The Only Thing Worse Than Having No Sales…
is LOSING a SALES YOU actually MADE! Ugh!

Don't leave your new client in the lurch(1)


Its likely you’ve had this experience…
Because I’m quite sure everyone has has at LEAST once.
(I’ll share what happened to me in a min)

Its Friday afternoon and you’re on a phone call with a potential client.

After explaining how you can help them…
They say “yes”! You’re so excited! You’ve got a new client!
You go out to dinner and celebrate.

You return to work Monday morning
to find an email from that person saying that
after some additional thinking, the timing just isn’t right.

(or whatever the reason may be)

Making a new sale is all gooooood, until it isn’t.
Because making the sale REALLY is the FIRST step.
Next you need to know how to KEEP IT.

KEEPING THE SALE isn’t just about YOU.
Its about treating new clients well, and
helping the client stay on track so that
they can actually accomplish their goals….
with your help.

Let’s take a time machine back to 2011….
I was growing my business,
and had JUST crossed over into $8K and $10K months.

And as you can imagine I was pretty excited.

But you might have heard the term,
“New Level, New Devil” and I was
about to experience that little saying in real life.

So I went to speak at Suzanne Evan’s Be the Change.
And it was my first time speaking outside of Portland.

I had lots of experience speaking & selling locally
and now I was excited to try my hand using
my speak-to sell strategy at this event.

(By the way, if you have a big opportunity coming up… and you’d like help creating your own plan to ROCK YOUR TALK & PROFIT BIG, please email and let my team know you’re interested in a VIP strategy session with me, to see if we’re a good fit.)

Okay so back to the story…

It all worked as planned.
We got a rush of visibility and leads and new clients who said, “Yes”!

By the time I left the event I had closed $20,000.00 in new business.
(and that number would more-than-double quickly after the event)

I returned home to find sales slipping away.

In fact, as soon as I sat down at my desk Monday morning,
I got the email that a new $5,000.00 client was gone.

I was ready to throw up.
I felt like a failure.
In fact, it felt worse, than never having the sale in the first place!

But I learned a VERY important lesson that day.
And now I share it with you.

KEEPING THE SALE is part of how you serve.
Its how you serve the client.
Its how you serve yourself.
Its how you serve your business.

So…. Here are my 7 Quick Tips to HOLD THAT SALE.
7 Tips to Help You Hold the Sales You Make
Want to download the PDF version for reference?

Click Here & I’ll Send You the PDF Version Direct to Your Inbox!
(along with a link to another free goodie you might like)

1. Run all sales within 24 hrs.
This helps new clients feel well cared for, and respected.
It shows that you take their business seriously, and you
and your team are on top on things.

2. Have a “Welcome” Email Sequence Ready
Be prepared for the “yes”. Take a moment to consider
how you can automate follow up messages so that new clients,
don’t JUST get charged, but that they also get a warm
welcome message and a way to get them started right away.

3. Begin with a “Congratulations!” message
Remember that saying yes to working with coach, consultant
or expert is a big decision, that cn feel quite scary. Respect this
leap by being there on the other side to say, “Hey rock star!
You made a great choice!”.

4. Send a video message to calm buyer’s remorse
The next best thing to being with your client in-person is video!
A great to to stay connected and calm nerves is to create a
welcome or “here’s what’s coming in your program” video…
even a casual iphone video would work well.

5. Send Email with Case Studies or Social Proof
Just when your new client starts to worry if they will be
successful, you can send them an email (or video) with hot
case studies or testimonials. Show them they can do it!

6. Use “Pre-Training” or “Orientation Calls” to Fill

in Gaps between the purchase date & program
start time.
Sometimes there’s a bit of a gap between when someone says, “YES!”
and when the program actually starts. Whatever you do,
don’t leave people in a void of radio silence. Stay in touch,
and bridge the gap with pre-content, prep work they can do,
or a simple orientation call.

7. At Live Events & Speaking Gigs Give Away Hard
Products or Physical Programs as a bonus.
Lastly remember that we all love physical things we can touch!
So even if people are buying a digital program or virtual
training or coaching package, think of something you can hand them
when they say yes! This will help ease nerves, and make the decision feel more solid.

These are a few simple ideas that can help you SAVE thousands and thousands of dollars from slipping through your fingers.

The can also help you serve more people.

Remember that saving the sale isn’t just about you and your bottom line,
its about you support clients at a high level from the moment they make
the big decision to change their life and biz.

Click Here & I’ll Send You the PDF Version of the 7 Ways to Hold the Sale.

Want to learn how hosting a local workshop can
help you fill your private client roster?
Click here to check out  the blog post “Rock Your Workshop: a plan to fill your coaching spots and add six figures”

How to Use Speaking To Attract New Coaching or Consulting Clients


Rock Out Your Event Profits with Sponsorships

Event Sponsorships are big money. The question is… who’ll walk away with the cash?
YOU?   Or the HOST?

The best case scenario is that everyone wins!
At, we’ve sponsored events that have generated $10K, $20K, $50K+ or more just within 30 days of the event. That doesn’t even count the long tail of profit.

So what could you do? This video shares:

(:44)     The big reason WHY you might want to sponsor an event.

(2:00)    Selling within your sponsorship

(2:29)    CAUTION: what to watch out for with sponsorships

(3:13)    Distractions and how they can bungle your sales

(3:20)    Mo money or No money?

(4:58)     Can you make an offer?

If you’re thinking about hosting your own event or speaking and sponsoring someone else’s event, I give you lots more details on it all here.

If you’re interested in sponsorship of The Rise Live Event just give me a shout at, and we can chat about how you can get in front of our audience.


To give you some inspiration and some strategy before the new year, I’m sharing with you two ways to generate $100K from one talk.  

But before you read it, I wanted to let you know if you’re worried about making this actually happen….  there’s still time for you to get the support, strategy, and accountability you need.  

You see, if you are a coach or consultant, adding extra revenue to your income each month can be pretty darn easy. Yet most people are making this harder than it needs to be.  

So let me break it down for you.  

In fact, this is so simple, you might want to roll your eyes at me, or wonder why everyone isn’t doing this, but I’ll explain that in a moment too.  

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me give you the formula first…  

Your Branded Signature System ====> Becomes Your Rockin Talk = Year Round Visibility + Profits (without ever having to create anything else)  

I told you it’s simple. Now let’s really get into how that helps you make more money, more quickly than everyone else around you.  

EXAMPLE: You are an online marketing coach, who maps out their branded signature system for making lots of money online, and you find you have 5 keys steps that everyone needs to take in order to be successful.  

Step one: We take the steps of your signature system, and turn it into ONE rockin talk based on the system. (When we work together I’ll show you exactly how to do this)  

Step two: Your talk feeds people into your 6-week training series.  

Step three: Your 6-week training series funnels people into your VIP Days or Coaching Program.  

Now hang on… Let’s talk about cold hard cash.  

Let’s say you give your talk a few places (online or off) and enroll just 20 people in your 5-week series at $500-   that’s $15,000.00 right there.  That may not seem like a lot of money at first. But consider a few other facts.  

1) You can repeat this series every quarter (so that alone would be $40,000.00 a year in added revenue!) And it’s really one series, that you’re repeating. So the work is only done once!  

2) You’ll also make an offer to help people as they are graduating out of your series. Let’s say just THREE people per series, up-level into your V.I.P. Training or coaching program.  

That’s 12 people per year going into a $5000 VIP DAY or Coaching program =  that’s an extra $60,000.00 per year.  

And now we’ve already added $100,000.00 to your revenue for the year.  

And we’re just getting started.  

3) When done right, each initial talk you give will result in lots of opportunities… leads, list building, coaching consultations, VIP Day requests, more speaking gigs, the list goes on and on!
Want to rock your talk and biz in 2014. I have 2 openings and maybe one is right for you? Click here and fill out the quick questionnaire so that you can I can chat about it…if I think I can help.  

What type of talk do you want to give? Give a talk about social media. online marketing. weight loss. finances. marriage. marketing. advertising. mindset.  

I really can’t think of a business that wouldn’t benefit from having a system to generate more leads, clients, and visibility.  

You don’t need to be a “speaker”, you just need to want to help people!  And the CAR program will teach you the rest.  

Psssst! Are you already beginning to see why my clients tend to make a lot of money without all the travel and the long work weeks? We teach you simple ways to leverage your time and energy, to give you the maximize visibility and a profit plan you can repeat.  

Click here and fill out the quick questionnaire so that you can I can chat about it…if I think I can help.  

EXAMPLE 2: You give a talk designed to fill a small, local workshop.

You give the talk 5 times, closing 5 people into your event, that’s 25 people right there (plus you invite your clients + you have sponsors who bring guests too) let’s say you end up with about 50 people in the room.  

Let’s assume your ticket sales all go towards event costs… to keep this equation simple.  

At the event, 10 people buy an entry-level $500 course = $10,000.00  

Just 3 people (10% of the room) step up into a VIP Coaching Experience with you for $5K. That’s another $15,000.  

That’s $25,000 in additional revenue from your local workshop…..  

And this example is about as simple as possible. We could go MUCH farther & much bigger talking about live events and generating revenue.  

This workshop could be done in your home town 1X per quarter giving you an extra $100,000.00 per year.  

Are you now begin to see how some people quickly take their businesses to beyond six figures with speaking?  

So, I know what you are thinking right now. If this is so simple, why doesn’t everyone do it, right? I believe there are at least five reasons.  

First, most people think they need to want to be a “speaker” in order to use speaking. When as you can see, its really about marketing your business.  

Second, most people are very attached to their ideas – even when they don’t work and don’t sell. By the time they are willing to admit that what they are doing isn’t working, it’s often too late to turn things around.  

Third, many people let fear hold them back. If you have a system and strategy to follow…. you can feel the fear and move through it. I still get nervous. Its normal! But if you have a big dream, you can’t let that stop you.  

Fourth, not knowing how.. Attracting people to a local workshop and enrolling 3 people into a VIP Day or Coaching is a doable objective. Still, for many who don’t have the right strategy this all can feel extremely frustrating.  

Fifth, many people imagine they can figure everything out or make changes on their own. They wait until they will have more time and more money to make changes in their business. But without making the changes first, they will never have more time or more money. Its the kind of thinking that can keep you stuck for a long time, until your time, energy, and money run out.  

So what can you do next?  

You can head out on your own and start implementing and figure out what works, and what doesn’t.  

It may take a while, but if you persist you will likely succeed after a few trials and errors.  

Or you can do what smart entrepreneurs do, realize it’s cheaper (and faster) to learn from other people’s mistakes and buy that experience from them.
Click here to request a chat with Kristin about how you can rock your 2014.  

The Rise Mastermind is for those of you who are committed to building a multple six figure business, and our group coaching program is great for people who are ramping up their revenue.
Either way, let’s get you into action…. becoming the go-to authority you were meant to be!

Thanks and An Invitation

Oh manzo do I owe you thank you…so, YOU’RE INVITED!

Listen I know there’s was a lot of marketing for The Rise Live Event and so I say to you…“I appreciate YOU!”

To show my appreciation, I’d love for you to be my guest as I pull back the curtain and give you the BEST tips & strategies straight from The Rise Live Event.

The Rise Live Event AFTER PARTY
By Invitation Only on Dec 4th & 5th
Special 2-part  LIVE webinar training series.

You’ll learn how to package & promote your…
>>>  Unique personality into an image and biz that STANDS OUT.
>>>  Expertise into a rockin talk that gets compliments AND CASH.
>>>  Programs and offers so that they add six figures or MULTIPLES.

(More specific details about each training are below)

What I’m giving you is straight from the Rise Live Event workbooks so its likely you’ve never before heard this content taught at this depth.

I’ve taken my business from sputtering (just just 3 years ago) to an over $300,000 this year.

That’s why Adam Urbanski calls me the “$300K 3 Days a Week Girl!”

Now I want to show you exactly how a regular person get rockin’ results.

The Rise Live Event AFTER PARTY
By Invitation Only on Dec 4th & 5th

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There’s something you need to know about this after party.

It’s a real training. Not smoke mirrors and hype.

Meaning even if you don’t decide to jump in deeper, you’re going to come away with some new ideas you can implement right away

Training #1 –  Secrets to Rock Your Image & Talk into Six Figures+

  • How the same qualities that make you an awesome friend, can actually sabotage your visibility, & hold you back from “catching fire” .
  • The most important thing you can discover that can turn your business from blah to STANDOUT.
  • A big mistake when creating products & programs and the one simple tweak that will finally give you leveraged income.
  • How we can reduce your stress, and ramp up your money making power at the same time.
  • The big lesson I learned from going broke and trying to build a workshop-based business the wrong way

Training #2 – Fast Cash & Simple Ways to Add Six Figures+

  • How one rockin talk can help you make a bigger impact and attract more clients fast (even if you don’t have a list)
  • How the often “underestimated and overlooked” entry level offer can help catapult your business into six figures and beyond
  • How you can generate over six figures- even if you don’t have a fancy website
  • 3 best ways to quickly generate more high quality leads and how to powerfully present your offers so you never appear desperate!
  • How to deliver a signature talk that people will thank you for— even if they don’t buy
  • The simple mindset shift that will allow you to comfortably close any room, big or small (teleclass, webinar or one-on-one conversation)

Click to RSVP to this event now!

Can’t wait to see you on the call!

Kristin “Rock Your Talk” Thompson

P.S. Remember that building a business around teaching and sharing your message is one of the most fun and most lucrative ways to build your business faster than your colleagues. So click here to register for free.


Here are some super simple truths, critical DO’s and DON’Ts in order to catapult your results to the next level.

1. You can’t fake REAL.

Please don’t put on a personality. People are super perceptive– even more than they know. So while they won’t know why they aren’t moved to buy from you– a lack of sincerity will bungle sales.

2. You can’t sell what you don’t buy.

If you have a mindset challenge around sales and offering your services, you will find it hard to close business comfortably.

Or if you try to sell coaching or consulting but you won’t invest in it yourself…. ruh roh! My friend you’re in trouble. Be sure you’re in alignment in order to profit big.

3. To be a good speaker, first be a good audience member.Bo Urbanski

Fom the stage at The Rise, it was easy to see Million-Dollar Leaders & Rock Star clients alike….like Adam and Bo Urbanski, Scott Robley & Infusionsoft, Rob Schultz, and Elizabeth Anderson…all sitting up, actively listening, taking notes, hitting the mic.

The cream rises to the top in EVERY situation.

Know this, energetically its hard to ask people to pay attention to you and be respectful, if you’re not willing to give that courtesy to others.

4. The close REALLY starts in your open

 One of the top mistakes that happens when people go to close the room, is that its complete shift in energy that happens all of of a sudden at the end of their talk.

Its jarring for the audience and its uncomfortable.

HOT TIP ON CLOSING: get interaction at the beginning of your talk so that when you ask people to take action at the end…. its something that’s been happening all along.

Want more? I’ve got a f.ree. 2-PART Training Series for you. CLICK HERE

5. Keep on teaching through your close 

When you make your offer, keep your pace, tone, and energy the same as its been throughout your talk or workshop. And remember that you are still teaching, still inspiring, and still serving.

Remember you’re not selling swamp land in Florida! You’re encouraging people to change their lives, or have a better financial future, or great health– you’re giving them the amazing OPPORTUNITY to step into something they have always wanted.

That kind of energy, inspiration, and spirit of service will close a room.

6. Don’t get weird.

You can be weird like have purple in your hair and tell goofy stories about what happened when you walked into a WHITE OUT of a steam room and almost blindly walked right into a stranger’s lap.

but don’t GET WEIRD about making your offer.

Because if you’re uncomfortable, we’re uncomfortable.

So while feeling nervous is normal, you do want to be sure you KNOW that making your offer is a way of helping people. 

You’re giving people a unique opportunity to change… and that is a gift!  

Want to power up your results with speaking & making offers? 
That’s just one topic we’re covering in this brand new training series based on The Rise Live Event.


PLEASE READ ALL SEVEN RULES–even if you think you know them, and they sound obvious, because there’s a difference between knowing something intellectually–and really understanding the BIG WHY that will have you DOING all of these like clock work— which WILL make you more money! 

Check the location of your talk, start time, seating arrangement, and temperature of the room. Sounds overly simple? Maybe. But a hot room will result in lower sales, so do yourself a favor and check the basics first! 🙂

Even if you’re going to use slides, know your talk. This way if there’s a tech glitch your talk can go on without a hitch!
You’ll look and sound more professional, and your audience will thank you.
It sounds like common courtesy and it is, but it will also lead to more sales. Take time to get to know the room, meet a few folks, and learn the audience’s mood, energy level, and top concerns.
If you take the time to learn the names of a few people  in the room and use them in your talk when appropriate. “Yes like Steve mentioned earlier…”

This creates a connection between you and the audience, and connection sells.

If you are making an offer at the end of your talk– doesn’t matter if its free consultations or a paid program—  be 100% sure that there is a break after your talk so that you can answer questions and collect orders.
A person jumping up right after your talk— and starting to make announcements about lunchtime or the next talk or what have you, WILL feel like wet water being dumped on your hot room!


Doesn’t matter if you’re speaking at a company, group, association or conference….  speak highly of the group and the host.

When you make them look good, they’ll happily make you look good too.


Speaking requires a balance of creating connection with your audience, and commanding the room. Remember that in order to get others to believe in you, YOU have to believe in your first.

So no matter what happens….make sure people respect you and your authority at the front of the room. Its not about being show-offy or bossy.

Its about serving the room at a high level, because every room needs a leader.

And when you’re at the front of the room— you’re it!

>> Walk with your shoulders back and your head head high.

>> Don’t take insults cloaked as “feedback” (in fact don’t take any feedback other than from your coach or mentor)

>> Always stay in control Q&A time and other questions.

On day two of the Rise Live Event we’re going all in to help you ROCK YOUR TALK, and these tips will help give you a jumpstart in the meantime.

NOT ATTENDING? Try our smash hit program Command Any Room.

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