Have you already planned your goals for 2010?

We go into far greater detail about the successful components to goal setting, time management, and achievement in our Plan to Win workshop, and in the meantime, these three tips will help get you started toward hitting your goals in 2010!

Get Out of Your Head!
Thinking about your goals is a good idea. However, writing your goals down on paper is an even better one! Be sure to take a moment before Jan. 1st to write your goals and dreams on paper.

Why bother?
The process of writing your goals down will help give you greater clarity, might cause you to consider other goals or steps you hadn’t considered, and also takes your goal from the intangible realm of your mind, into¬† a tangible reality– something you can read, touch, see.

There have been plenty of studies that prove that when you write your goals down in specific terms, you are FAR more likely to reach them. So its well worth it!

Go Public
Another great way to assure that you achieve your goals is to announce them to your friends and associates. Once you have “gone public” you’ll be far less likely to push back deadlines, change your goal, or make other allowances we might give ourselves, if we thought no one was looking.

Imagine the difference between deciding quietly to yourself that you are going to lose 40 pounds. Or going on national television and saying you will show up on May 1st 40 pounds lighter. Which do you think would lead to greater results?

So do yourself a favor and shine a spotlight on yourself, you be thankful when you see the results!

Next I want you to consider waging warfare on your own mind. Not the bad kind….the kind that fills your mind with positive, uplifting thoughts.

Turn your goals into positive affirming statements.

So turn:
“I will lose 40 pounds by May 1st”
“I am 40 pounds lighter by May 1st and I feel great!”

Post your goal affirmation everywhere you will see it. On the bathroom mirror, at your desk, on your nightstand.

Say it out loud while you are brushing your teeth every morning, while you drive to work, on your way home. Try it for 30 days and see what happens!

Setting a goal is only step of the process, but the journey can amazing and the feeling of achieving your goal will be even better!

Interested in learning more about goal setting and time management? Invite us to share our complimentary introductory program for your next office meeting or event!