So you may already be wondering to yourself “what the heck does sugar have to do with growing my business?”

In my opinion, a lot.

I am a sugar junkie.  Maybe more or less in another person’s eyes. I can only tell you that for me, this relationship has gone a bit too far. I’m motivated to re-balance my eating habits for three major reasons.
1. My Family
2. My Health
3. My Business

Of course my success (or failure) in any one of these areas affects the others. So I can’t sacrifice my health for my work. I can’t sacrifice my family for my health. They all must work together in harmony.

Back to sugar. If you haven’t already heard the bad news about refined sugar, its notso hotso for ya.

Refined Sugar is linked to:
Allergies and Chronic Sinusitis
Auto Immune Disorders
Anxiety and Depression
Skin Damage (that’s the polite way to say WRINKLES!)
and more.

My life is focused on staying energized, motivated, and maintaining an attitude with some altitude. And thus begins my journey to break my addiction to sugar. Feeling tired, sick, suffering from allergies and sinus problems affects every major of my life. Even if its a minor irritant…it is there. Slowing me down. Dragging on my momentum. And I don’t like it. So now I am telling it, “GET OUT OF MY WAY!”

Today is day 3. I have dumped the candies and gummy bears and soda, and there is an angry monster inside of me begging me “FEEEEEEED ME!”

Right now, I am having fun telling it to buzz off, because I have bigger and better things to focus on.

I want to be here for my son, as long as I can.
I want to be happy and bursting full of life’s energy.
I want to do my best to treat my body the way it deserves.
I want to be a strong role model for our son, Gavin.
I want to be an energetic, motivating, inspirational speaker and instructor for my friends and clients.

So now I ask you…
What is standing in your way, slowing you down?
What can you free yourself from that will lighten your load, and energize your year?