So I’m kind of a hot mess.

The laundry’s not done. The house is unorganized, and frankly after the surge of business that came from my recent speaking gigs, we’ve been feeling major growing pains around here.

Success isn’t always pretty. In fact I have it on good advice that its usually not pretty. And yet if we judged everyone based on their outsides, we might think otherwise.

I can give a good talk.





take a decent picture





And even rock out a quick video pretty easily.





But here’s what’s brewing in my closet. Its my dirty little secret, and that’s just the beginning.

Often times, I’m in my office working away and I never made it out of my jammies. Yup it happens. A lot.

I had a mad scramble to revise my Be the Change handout at the last minute, because of an error I missed AGAIN, and I barely got them finished in time to leave for Florida.

Then I had to pay an extra fee at the airport because I chose to bring ROCKS as my free giveaway at my booth. YES, ROCKS!

I filled a suitcase with inspirational HEAVY ROCKs and hauled it across the country. Hmmm that one made me wonder, and had the lady checking bags at airport scratching her head too.





I’ve learned to let go of the mishaps and short comings and stay in my strengths. So while its been a far from perfect ride… my business has continued to grow by leaps and bounds.

I made it to Be the Change. The booth looked good, and I single-handedly closed over $40,000 in business in the 2 weeks that followed.

You’ll never make it to the finish line,
if you spend your time sweating every stumble.

So please don’t let life, problems, drama, or your imperfections, get in the way of your dreams. Aand it won’t be perfect, nd never ever quit, even when the road gets messy.

You don’t need to be perfect to decide to share your message with the world. You don’t need to have ALL the answers. And you don’t need to compare your insides to other people’s outsides.

You just need to be willing to step up, do what others won’t, and let some things slip (like my pile of laundry) while you stay laser focused on your dream

It probably won’t happen perfectly
but it will be perfectly YOU.