Something strange, and unexpected happened when I dyed my hair purple. Find out what people said to me (that might surprise you as much as it did me!) when I arrived at a speaking gig with purple hair!

Did you know I wanted to dye my hair for about a year before doing? For the first time ever, I’m sharing what I was so afraid of, what happened when I really did, and what the heck it has to do with you!

Take aways:

#1 YOUR INTENTION GETS COMMUNICATED: Don’t be afraid to express yourself, take a stand, or share parts of yourself you’re currently hiding. Your ideal clients will feel your true intentions, and it come likely come across, exactly as you meant it to!

#2 BE MORE OF YOURSELF & YOU’LL GAIN MORE IDEAL CLIENTS: The more you reveal your true self, the better quality client you’ll attract! You’ll resonate on a deeper level, and create more brand loyalty.

#3 WHEN YOU FULLY EXPRESS YOURSELF, YOU WILL SERVE SOMEONE ELSE: Any time we step up, lead, and feel free to be fully authentic, we give others permission to do the same! So if you feel called to share a personal story, express what is normally a more hidden side of yourself, I want to encourage you to explore it more! See what might happen, if you shared that part of you with the world.

You just might change someone’s life!

What’s your version of purple hair?