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Hasson Company Realtors Morgan Stanley / Smith Barney The Salem Chamber
Summit Funding RE/MAX Equity Group Bank of America Mortgage
Realty Trust Ameri-Title Ethan Allen
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Windermere Real Estate NW Mortgage Group
Farmers Insurance Precision Funding Palm Harbor Homes
PEERS Networking Group Prudential New Business Generation
Coldwell Banker Commercial Western Title Women’s Council of Realtors
Meeting Professionals International Neil Kelly Designers Western Oregon University
Forest River Coldwell Banker Beaverton Sales Tune Up
Actual Client Experiences

Easily worth thousands of dollars to my business!

I absolutely got more than my money’s worth. The long-term value of your  Presentation Gravity training program is easily worth THOUSANDS to my  business!

Now, I am going  to be able to reach more people, more effectively, and naturally  attract more clients. After seeing the free Presentation Gravity Video  Jumpstart Program, I knew I wanted in! Enrolling was an EXCELLENT  decision.

The Presentation Gravity training program is hugely  beneficial for anyone involved in networking, leading meetings or  presentations, doing public speaking, engaging with clients.   Essentially, anyone who wants to take their communications skills and ability to connect to a whole new level!

Kim Fritschi
All Bases Covered

As a professional speaker I was skeptical…

As a professional speaker I was a little  skeptical that I’d learn much. BOY was I wrong! Kristin’s strategies for positioning your sale, without being “salesy”, and her tips for selling from the stage, made the whole day worthwhile.

I left the workshop, and using your training and templates I made some tweaks to my presentation and closed a $9,000 new client!

Dr. Sean Harry

One of the most valuable trainings I’ve EVER had!

The live Presentation Gravity Workshop (along with the video training) was one of the most valuable trainings I’ve EVER had on presentation skills.

Before your program, I wasn’t 100% sure how to  STRUCTURE MY TALK TO SELL. Thanks to you, I know have my complete presentation structure, my clear offer, and I know how I can customize that offer for different audiences.

Your training could not have been more timely for me and I can’t wait to implement all the strategies you shared with us! It was easily worth double the investment!

Noah Brockman
Pointman Consulting, LLC

Absolutely mind-blowing!

OMG….I can’t believe that class!  The Memory Made Easy Workshop is an absolutely mind-blowing experience. Anyone that doesn’t take advantage of the gift you are giving is absolutely insane.  Thanks for your time, energy and willingness to teach us your great techniques.

Barb Robbins
Western Title

Two keynote speeches without any notes!

I just used your memory training to present two 45-minute keynote speeches without any written notes! I used the systems I learned just 10 days earlier in your program to give the entire presentation from memory. My presentation was a success and actually flowed much smoother without having to refer to my old cue cards or Power Point bullets. Thanks for your training program – it was great!

Kevin McCarthy

Nothing short of a miracle!

As someone with A.D.D. and a LOT of shame, I knew I needed your class, but I was honestly skeptical it would help. Here’s what shocked me: the techniques you taught in the class actually capitalized on the natural strengths of A.D.D. people: creativity, pizazz, and kinesthetic learning. Was I shocked!

Not only did I remember over 100 items mentioned in the class, I shared them with family later that day — from memory — with almost 100% recall.

Since the class, I have already started remembering names accurately and finishing tasks that I’d normally forget. This is nothing short of a miracle. If anyone with ADD (or suspected ADD) wants to improve their memory in a fun, effective way, I can’t recommend your memory class highly enough. Thank you SO much.

Jennifer Hoffman
Inspired Home Office

Loved this class!

I loved this class! It improved my memory x1000!

Joe Williams
Hybrid Realty

Efficiency, stress reduction, & restored focus!

I just wanted to thank you again for today’s GREAT training. I think the biggest benefit for me isn’t even going to be the many applications – which are great – it’s the efficiency, stress reduction and restored ability to focus, just from knowing that my memory WILL work when I need it to! Thank you again!

Chandra Andersen
Salem Area Chamber of Commerce

One of the best workshops I ever attended!

Kristin, great workshop! One of the best I have ever attended . To think that those 4 hours with you will impact the rest of my life! That’s a big power you have.

Arthur Meeker
Xtreme Graphics & New Business Generation

I only wish…

Great Class! I only wish every single one of my agents had attended! This will really help me as a manager. Thanks!

Geri Cuomo
RE/MAX Integrity

Exactly what I needed…

Your Plan to Win program was exactly what I needed for having a good basis for turning my business around. The strategies were valuable and positive. It will be so much simpler to create my weekly plan! Thank You Kristin!

Gina Bendel
The Bendel and Beam Team – RE/MAX Integrity

I always enjoy your workshops and classes! Definitely helpful. I had several “lightbulb” moments and am so excited to put what I learned into plan and measure my results!

Andrea Beam
The Bendel and Beam Team – RE/MAX Integrity

Totally motivated!

I walked out of Kristin’s Plan to Win workshop totally motivated!!! Her enthusiasm is amazing. I am motivated to begin a new way of organizing my business and personal life. YOU ROCK!

Delene Meyers
RE/MAX Integrity

Might have even saved my marriage…

At the Advanced Recall Memory Workshop I went from only getting 4 items correct to getting 100%! I am so excited to use this system for to-do lists to help keep me on track ALL DAY This class was so beneficial, it might have even saved my marriage (just kidding) but I am really glad my husband came with me! We really gained a lot from this class.

Korrina (and Olaf) Junge
Hyrbid Realty

I was starting to worry!

I have been struggling to remember even simple to-dos lately and was starting to worry! But after memorizing a list of 20 items in just minutes I now realize that all I needed was a system! Thanks so much, Kristin!

Angel Aguilar
Bank of America Home Loans

A+++ Amazing!

I felt competent for the first time of my life. A+++ Amazing!

Rob Brillon
RE/MAX Signature