Phew! Just got back from a walk with my dogs Rocky and Bella. rockyandbella.jpeg
And in a moment will be texting in my accountability:

1. I ate breakfast every day.

2. I’ve been on two 30-minute walks outside.. in the past 4 days. (Yes even when it was dumping buckets here in Portland!)

3. Yesterday I did no work, read for an hour, and got a mani-pedi in my favorite massage chair.

Sounds silly to you maybe, but my tendency is to get super excited about my work, and taking care of my son, and then I skip out on doing things JUST for me.

This means I do things like skipping breakfast. Which sounds simple, but effects my energy and focus later in the day, and isn’t good for your metabolism.

“Me time” is important for all of us.
Its part of what rejuvenates and revitalizes you and your soul, so that you can continue to give to others.
So I’m being very intentional about growing that part of my life now too. (hence the accountability)

In 2013, I did over  a half a million in sales. YEAH BABY!
Super rockin for sure. But there is no amount of money that will cause me to let go of my LIFE, and lifestyle choices.

What do you love to have in your life?

Take a moment and make a list of all the people, places, experiences, things, and activities you want to have in your life!

For me its things like:
Feeling healthy, energetic and well each day
Having time to connect with nature/outdoors
Lots of Time with My Family All Together
Quality time with Gavin
One major vacation + a few shorter trips
Comedy / Laughter
Reading and Learning New Things to add to my life & biz
Quiet Pampering time
Meaningful work that makes a difference
Clients that are getting results
Excitement and fun at work
a Leveraged Biz that Serves and is Scalable
and I could go on, but you get the picture.

Your list might look a little or A LOT different than mine.

What’s important is that you get clear about what you love, and that you keep that top of mind so that you can rock your biz & LIFE!