Tired of your memory failing you when you need it most?

Discover how to drop your notes, rock your talk,
and command ANY room!


Ever fumble what could have been a profitable presentation?

Had your mind go blank at the front of the room?

Went to share your amazing FIVE-STEP system and could only remember THREE?

Unfortunately your memory loves to fail you when need it most! And even more troubling? People make about 11 different assumptions about you in 11 seconds.

But what can we do? We live in an age of information & technology. There’s so much of BOTH, that the average professional is struggling to keep up, to keep it all straight, and to sound like the expert they truly are on the inside.


I’m Kristin Thompson, and I know how it feels, because that person was me!

After about a decade in media sales I was an expert in my field and yet I struggled to remember a person’s name for even a few minutes at networking events. Forget about remembering market stats, or competitive information.

I was smart and qualified, but I was an anxious “memory failure” under pressure.

Then, when I left media sales to work for a professional development company, I couldn’t figure out HOW in the world I’d ever be able to stand up and speak at the front the room, without clinging to my notes in fear, or boring people by reading my notes or slides.

But then everything changed. I learned two things from that experience that shifted the course of my life forever. I learned that if I could effectively speak to groups, I could make money any day of the week. And I learned that one of the most powerful ways to do that was connect with audience and command the room… and the way to do that?

Its not natural ability…. its memory techniques!

When you can drop your notes and confidently and competently command the room, client conversations, meetings, and more…. there is no opportunity out of reach.

Here’s exactly what your action-packed program will cover:

Boost your Confidence!Warm up your memory power and Build Confidence with Quick-Start Results! You’ll be amazed at how fun (and EASY) it really is. Remember we’ve taught 16 year old and 86 year old’s alike!

Double Your Memory (or more!)!Jumpstart Your real PRESENTATION MEMORY Power with the Memory Made Easy for Business System! Use our fast, easy-to-learn, 3-step process and your presentations will never be the same!

Drop Your Notes and Command the Room!Take charge of your next presentation, without relying on notes or slides! Imagine the trust level you can build with people and the expert status you will immediately gain when you take command of the room like never before. You’ll be shocked by how quickly you’ll memorize your next program outline or the points you want to cover on a coaching call.

Recall 30, 40 even 50+ items forwards and backwards!We all know people can recall 3-7 things at a time. Now you will learn how to recall 50+ items in perfect order. When you enjoy that level of recall– your 10 point presentation will be a snap!

Long Term Memory Power!This program is not a quick fix and its not a party trick either. This is a real, proven system (that’s been around since 500 bc) for recalling information now, AND LATER!

No-guessing, Verifiable Results! Our pre-and post workshop memory exercises, identify exactly where you’re starting & see objectively where you finish, so that you can see how far you’ve come!


This program is easily worth thousands to your business, but we’re so excited to get this information into your hands, so that you can ROCK YOUR TALK, that we’re making it easy, easy, easy!


MONEYBACKG If you do not see significant, measurable improvement in your memory contact us within 15 days of purchase (because you’ll see the improvement immediately) and we’ll offer a complete 100% money-back guarantee! Though let it be said we hold 100% satisfaction rating with this program! So feel free to say YES!

Are the guarantees real– even if I am starting from zero?

YES! Put us to the test and watch the videos. Come with a willing spirit, and follow directions and you will see improved results. If not, come see us immediately following your class! (its never happened)

Is this is a lecture?

No! This is a high energy, power-packed program. This is not a four hour lecture about your memory. We also like to have fun, so expect a few laughs along the way.

Is there a lot of “fluff” in the workshop?

No fluff, no way! Our class is designed to cater to the busy professional and business owner. We do not time fillers. Every minute of content has been designed to serve your best interests and to respect your time.


“Nothing short of a miracle!”

As someone with A.D.D. and a LOT of shame, I knew I needed your class, but I was honestly skeptical it would help. Here’s what shocked me: the techniques you taught in the class actually capitalized on the natural strengths of A.D.D. people: creativity, pizazz, and kinesthetic learning. Was I shocked! Not only did I remember over 100 items mentioned in the class, I shared them with family later that day — from memory — with almost 100% recall. Since the class, I have already started remembering names accurately and finishing tasks that I’d normally forget. This is nothing short of a miracle. If anyone with ADD (or suspected ADD) wants to improve their memory in a fun, effective way, I can’t recommend your memory class highly enough. Thank you SO much.

Jennifer Hoffman – Inspired Home Office

“A mind-blowing experience!”

OMG….I can’t believe that class! Kristin’s Memory Workshop is an absolutely mind-blowing experience. Anyone that doesn’t take advantage of the gift you are giving is absolutely insane. Thanks for your time, energy and willingness to teach us your great techniques.

Barb Robbins – Western Title

Without any written notes!

I just used your memory training to present two 45-minute keynote speeches without any written notes. I used the systems I learned just 10 days earlier in your program to give the entire presentation from memory. My presentation was a success and actually flowed much smoother without having to refer to my old cue cards or Power Point bullets. Thanks for your training program – it was great!

Kevin McCarthy, Professional Speaker

“I didn’t believe it could happen!”

This was incredible! Kristin was right… It WAS easy to learn! These strategies are awesome! Everyone should take this class for its ability to help you increase business!

Gayle Caldarazzo – The United Way of the Mid Willamette Valley

This is program is one of the fastest, easiest ways to present like a pro!

 If you do not see verifiable improvement, contact us immediately  and we will refund your full investment. (hint: I’ve taught this program to a thousand people and we’ve NEVER had ANYONE ask for a refund.)


“Kristin Thompson rocked my world today!

Never before have I felt the possibility and power of my own mind.  Loved it!  I feel like a genius.”

Suzi Bleak – The Real Woman Revolution

“Kristin is amazing as a speaker, coach & mentor.

I learned so much that will help me in my business and in my personal life as well.”

Linda Williams – Isagenix International

“Kristin was amazing! I needed help with memory issues.

I am astounded with how my memory confidence has exploded after one day!”

Tiffany Rose – The Real Woman Revolution

“Kristin Rocks!

Thank you for teaching me how to use the power of my mind to grow my business. I will be a better networker because I won’t forget names ever again. I will be better on stage as I teach and talk without notes.”

Rebecca Servoss – Persnickety Creative

“What an amazing experience!

Not only was this applicable to my business, but in life. I have had memory issues in school and in remembering my keynotes in speeches and in public speaking. I am absolutely blown away with the skills given this day.”

Julie Johnson – From Frazzled to Fab