First this post has a workshop plan in it–
So yeah, its long.
Whadayagonnadoaboutit? 🙂


Okay so, you’ve all heard that selling coaching or consulting
is great CONSISTENT monthly income…
–and it is!

But how in the world can you fill all those coaching spots?
(especially if you’re not a big fan of one-on-one strategy sessions)

Now if you follow me you know, that I DO NOT SUGGEST
giving a 1-hour talk and then pitching
your private coaching 
as your main offer.

If you’ve tried it, you already know
that its generally a big leap for people to make.
Kind of like trying to go too far on a 1st date.

Its a fast way to blow it.
So pitching something more “entry level” is the way to go.

That’s why I want to talk to you about
the power of ROCKIN a WORKSHOP! 🙂

…and how it can add $18,880.00
or six- figures…multiple six figures even 7 figures to your income
(yes, it’s being done by people just like you!)

Let me break it down for you.

In fact, this is so simple,
you might want to roll your eyes at me,
or wonder why everyone isn’t doing this

…but I’ll explain that in a moment too.

And I’ll show you where to go
to get your workshop on! 😉

But I’m getting ahead of myself.
Let me give you the formula first…

Here’s a quick recap of the graphic above…
Turn Your Expertise into a Signature System or Steps.

STEP TWO:  Take those steps and turn them into the main points of your TALK.

STEP THREE: YOUR TALK invites people
into a LIVE 1-day WORKSHOP to learn more.

(HOT TIP: Offer workshop tickets for a minimum of
two payments of $97. I’ll tell you why in a minute)

funnels people into your Coaching
to help people implement what they’ve learned.

This step is all about the right content strategy at your event.

If you’d like me to show you a bit more on content strategy for live events,
and how it influences what people learn,
and if they continue working with you… click here.


First I mentioned that offering seats at two
payments of $97 is a good idea. Here’s why.

If you offer a local workshop for free
for instance thinking this will pack the house…
sadly, you’d be mistaken.

(Good idea though! Sounds like it would work, but it really doesn’t)

Offer your workshop for free and people
won’t value your super rockin content,
and generally speaking…
most people won’t show up.


Now you can charge $97…
but the reality is that just as many
people will say yes, if its two or three
payments of $97.

It works because if I can afford $97
from my monthly budget this month,
I can probably make it work next month.

The effect on my budget isn’t any bigger.
So this is a great way, so charge fair value
for your content and make it easy for
people to afford to attend, at the same time!

And because they are financially committed
the reality is that they are more likely to attend,
value the content you share, and put it into practice!

(THIS is the ultimate goal of course!)

Let’s Talk About a Revenue Plan for Your Workshop

Let’s say you give your talk at a few places around town…
you enroll a people into your workshop…
a few here, and a few there.

You end up selling 20 tickets to your workshop.
(20 * $2 pmts of $97 = $3,880.00 in initial income)

Using the “BUTTS IN SEATS tips I
give you in this Rock Your Workshop training
you add another 20 people.

Now you have 40 peeps in the room.
(we could make this 100 or 200 but we’re going to keep it simple)

If you close just 13% of the room (a quite conservative estimate)
into your 6 mth coaching program at $500 a month
(not exactly premium pricing for private coaching)

…that’s $15,000.00 right there.
(5 people @ $3000 = $15,000.00)

+ the $3880 from tickets and you’re already at $18,880.00

That may or may not not seem like a lot of money at first.
So in a moment we’ll look at another example for those of you already rockin your biz!

1) You can repeat this every quarter
(so that alone would be $75,520.00 a year in added revenue!)

2) You can raise your rates & your closing ratio

For those of you already rockin, the results only get better.

So let’s raise your closing ratio to a more reasonable 20%
now you gain 8 new coaching client from your relatively small workshop.

And let’s say the program your offer at the end of your workshop is more like $1k a month.

8 people @ $1K/month = $8,000.00 a month in recurring monthly income.

Have a $30,000 mastermind? Now you’ve generated a quarter of a million dollars!

And let’s not even talk abbout what would happen if you got a few ore people int he room!


3) Once your private coaching is full—
Shift gears into leveraged group coaching .

Keep feeding people into your group,
your paycheck goes up,
but your hours don’t budge a bit. 🙂

Sounds pretty cool right?
because it IS! 🙂

So here’s the great news…
I know you have lots of questions

If this is so simple, why doesn’t everyone do it, right?

I believe there are at least five reasons.

First, most people think they need experience.

Here’s the truth you already know.
The only way to get experience, is to get experience.
I had never taught a workshop…

Until I sold tickets to my workshop
and realized I was now going to have to teach it!
Ack! Okay so if you’re like me you MIGHT

freak out for a second, but then you’ll breathe
and remember your just teaching what you LOVE!

😉 And that my friends, is a TON OF FUN!

Second, many people aren’t sure how to map out their content or the day.

LOTS of people ask me about
the workshop schedule,
what to do when… and why.

That’s why I give you a sample schedule,
and even the psychology behind the schedule.


Third, many people worry about making an offer at their workshop.

I totally get it, and in fact I taught several workshops
without making an offer, and no great thing came of doing that.

Meaning… I did NOT win a humanitarian award,
for NOT making an offer, in fact what generally happens,
is you leave people hanging.

Once you’ve spent a day with people
some of those folks will want to dive in deeper with you.

They love your topic, as much as YOU DO!
and they really want your help.

So yes we want to serve, and we want
to allow people a pathway to come
and work with you more closely. 🙂


Fourth, you might not feel sure you can get butts in seats.

Attracting people to a local workshop and enrolling
a few people into Coaching is a doable objective.

Still, for many who don’t have the right strategy
this all can feel extremely frustrating.

That’s why I want to give you a few of my FAV
ways to fill a workshop or live event.


Fifth, maybe you’re just hoping it will all work out.

Could be, but it will work a LOT FASTER
and BETTER when you have the answers
right from the start. 🙂

Click here to check out the Rock Your Workshop training for yourself.

Either way… good luck… god speed… and keep on rockin!