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Let’s talk about the system. This is Session 2 of the Rise Formula. We’ve already figured out your brand, we’ve got you popping, you’re standing out, you’re being yourself, and you’re having a blast – that’s great! Now when people come to you, we want to have a signature system ready.

Number one, because we want to get you known for this system. This is going to be the thing you become known for. This is your brilliance. This is your expertise. This is the thing you’re already doing with your clients and we want to create it into a named signature system that you could be known for.

For me, that began with Command Any Room. That’s what I became known for. Every six and seven-figure leader that you know has a signature system they’ve become known for. You want that, too, for so many different reasons.

      1. It’s going to provide some structure to your content, to your expertise, to the things that you want to share with people so that you’re not jumping all over the map. It makes it easier for people to understand.


      1. It gives you some steps and structure to the way you might want to work with people. If you’re coaching them or you’re doing consulting, you can follow the road map of the steps. What I’m taking you through right now is a system. The Rise Formula is a seven-step system. It gives you some content and we’re moving from one thing to the next in a logical order. You need to do that with your expertise as well.


    1. That system needs to solve a problem that the marketplace is currently suffering from. It’s got to address a need that your ideal clients want to solve.


So if you don’t have a signature system yet, you really want to create that first one in the hub of what you do. If you’re not really sure, a great question that I ask people who come to me who haven’t mapped this out yet is this. Let’s just say tomorrow I’m going to put you in front of a room of people. I’ve already gathered them. There are 100 people who are coming. They’re cool and hip, and they’re your ideal clients. You’re not going to get paid; you’re just going to come and teach for a day.

Imagine that you’re not going to get paid, so you’ve got to make it something that you’re going to really enjoy teaching or talking about. What would you share with that audience if you had a whole day with them to just have at it?

If you can answer that question, you’re going to start to get to the core of what you really do well because you only have a day. This is happening tomorrow. You can’t just suddenly learn some new skill or trade. And two, it’s going to be something you really enjoy because I’m not paying you in this imaginary situation. That’s a great starting place.

For me, it was to speak-to-sell format. I said, “I’m really good at this and people keep asking for my help. How can they create a great talk? How do I make offers to groups? How do I convert rooms?” It was something I was doing well at and I was getting a lot of questions from people wanting help. So it was a natural place for me to start, and that was Command Any Room and the beginning of Speak Serve Grow.

You want to create that system for yourself. Once you’ve created your system, you can begin to do some market research. In other words, you don’t want to plant your flag and become known for something you have no prior knowledge of/on. That being said, once you figure out what you want to teach and you really hone in that topic, you absolutely can do research.

Google is your best friend. Start looking up information on your topics. Get books, listen to podcasts, read blog entries, and start researching what’s out there for a couple of reasons. You might stumble on something you haven’t thought of yet and say, “Oh, wow. I need to really start including that into what I’m talking about.”

Or you might find some points of differentiation as we talked about at the end of session one (The Brand) when we talked about differentiators. You might find some things and say,

“Ooh. Here’s where I could be a little polarizing. I do not agree with what all these people are talking about online. They’re nuts!”

Once you figure out your topic and where you want to focus your system, start doing some extra research online and figure out what you might want to add to it that you’re seeing that’s happening out there, what other people are teaching, or what you might want to stand up against and say,

“I’m not down with what’s happening in the market.”

Next, you want to map out the system. The simplest way to do that is to imagine that you’re standing at the foot of a mountain and you’re going to help your ideal client get up and over the mountain to the other side. The side that you begin on is where they’re standing in a “field of problems.” They’re just in the problem. Think about your ideal client and all that they’re struggling with, and that is your starting place. They’re stuck in the problem.

You are going to take them by the hand and you’re going to start walking them up the mountain. What’s the very first thing that you would teach them to start getting them out of the problem? In this series, I decided that the first thing I needed to share with you is about creating a stand-out brand. The next thing I need to share with you is the system. We’re a little farther up the mountain. The next thing I’m going to talk to you about is your profit plan, making money. Now we’re going to be almost to the top of the mountain.

By the time we’re done with this series, we’re going to be on the other side. The other side is when the person has gotten some results. They’re out of that stuck problem place and they’re in a place of transformation or change. They are “healed.” You might think of it that way.

What are the steps in between that get somebody out of the problem into transformation on the other side? The quick tip or hint here where I see a lot of people get stuck – that’s why I hand-walk people through this a lot when I’m coaching them – is a lot of times they mistake their process for the system. They would say, “First, I’m going to have them fill out an assessment. Then we’re going to have an initial coaching session. Then we’re going to do a tapping session”– or whatever the thing is. You start thinking about the process but not the topics or the buckets of information you need to give people.

If you look at “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” that is a seven-step process. Stephen Covey decided that there were seven key things we all needed to learn to be high-functioning people in our careers, in our life, and at home. He said, “Here are the seven things I have to give you to help your life.”

There might be five keys you need to share with me to help me find the love of my life, or there might be seven key things I need to know to grow my online business, or five key things to revamp my social media. But make it the topics you need to share with me, not the process.

Once we have your system, we’re going to productize it. First we systematize it and then we’re going to productize it. Here’s the really cool thing. You figure out what you want to talk about, you hone that in on solving a problem that your tribe needs and wants to have solved. You add a little ump to it by doing research. Then you map out the steps of the system. And now you have something you could turn into a product. It’s also going to feed your talk when we get to step four. I’ll show you how that works later.

This is the thing you want to become known for. The cool thing is that you can create a little six-week or seven-week series based on each step. Let’s take the Rise Formula. We’ve got seven steps. I could turn this into a seven-week series if I wanted to.

Once you have a systematized program, you can productize it by leading a teleclass, a webinar, or a workshop, teaching an hour or so on each step of your system. Now you have something that you can sell online and offline (the recordings), and now you can remove yourself from the equation. We can automate this so that you could start making money even when you’re at home, which is super fun.

It also helps you when you speak because when you hold the product up in the air, like a physical product, and you say, “Hey, meet me in the back of the room. I’m going to give you the Command Any Room Home Study program and two tickets to the Rise Live event” – people like to see that physical thing in your hand and they will run to the back to get it. So you definitely want to have that product just for the leverage and the income piece, as well.

It’s a huge turning point for me when I created Command Any Room. That was when I finally catapulted into six figures and just went straight up into multiple six figures. It was when we switched to Speak Serve Grow, and then six months in I launched Command Any Room, had a $10,000 month – never looked back. That’s what we want to do for you.

If you want to dive deeper into this topic, you can check out Rock Your Talk from Home. That’s where we dive into how you create your signature system, stamp it with your brand, turn it into a product and program, and how you promote it and profit from it. All of that is in the Rock Your Talk from Home program.

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