RYBL027: Rock Your Biz with Authority Marketing with Brian Horn

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The biggest struggle for a lot of coaches, consultants and experts is positioning themselves for more visibility, in turn placing themselves in front of more potential clients. How do you become that go-to person that EVERYONE wants to speak at their event? If you want to be different than everyone other Joe Schmo out there doing the exact same thing you are, then you need to find what makes you unique, something that sets you apart and makes you memorable!

On this week’s episode, another of my Rise Live Event speakers, Brian Horn is here to show you how to change your mindset and market your brand with authority. You may have heard of Brian before. He has worked with many top celebrity entrepreneurs with their online marketing and branding and has been featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age, Perez Hilton. Brian has even been a guest on the Howard Stern Show. Brian is also a writer for the Huffington Post, has his own podcast, The Authority Alchemy Podcast (which I have been a guest on!) and is the founder of Authority Alchemy.

Tune in as we do our best to help you conquer your doubts and create your authority mindset. Brian shows you how can get on bigger and better stages to land bigger and better clients easier than you have ever done before and do it, like a boss, with authority!

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • The most common misconception about authority.
  • How Brian stumbled onto Authority Marketing.
  • The one thing that people only think that they hate.
  • How Brian was able to completely turn the whole selling process on its head!
  • Why you need to define YOUR killer micro specialization!

Resources Mentioned:

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  1. Brian has helped me a lot through his Authority campaign. I was able to hit bestseller on Kindle. I was also asble to access your 4 videos which were very helpful and just inspiring no brainer (no struggle to grasp) learning.

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