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PodcastEpisodeHeatherPreparing for a launch can be extremely scary and tumultuous, and not to mention exhausting – mentally, physically and financially. However, when you dedicate time and energy to understand your mindset and focus on your success, instead of potential failure, you can experience exponential growth, success and financial stability.

Heather Strang joins me to talk about how to rock your launch by aligning your thoughts and focusing your positive energies. Heather is a spiritual teacher, master success coach, certified body talk practitioner, author and a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. She blends the power of the John of God energies, intuitive wisdom, positive psychology, the Law of Attraction and BodyTalk to facilitate soul alignment offerings for her clients. Listen in as Heather shares her incredible knowledge and tips that will help you get clear on what feels authentic to you and forge your unique path to phenomenal success.

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Heather’s three keys to spirit-led wealth.
  • Why you need to gear your message towards your client’s mindset.
  • Heather’s incredible spiritual path to killer success.
  • How to change your momentum in 11 minutes or less.
  • Heather’s strategy for her 6-figure launch.

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