RYBL058: Build A Kick-Ass, Well-Run Mastermind with Jay Fiset

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JayFiset_EPOne tool that you may have been hearing thrown around as the ultimate way to build your business these days is masterminds. While it’s true that a well-put together, well-run mastermind can not only radically change the life and business of the founder, but it should also be the same for all of its members. However, as I am sure most of you have found in your pursuit to growing your business, some don’t do crap.

Joining me to explain what went wrong in those groups, and how to create a mastermind that changes lives, is Jay Fiset. Jay is a best-selling author, a student of human nature and sought after coach. He draws on his incredible experience and knowledge from the last 20-25 years of over 100 speaking events, masterminds and online events.

Jay LOVES ideas but he loves results even more. He has dedicated his life to instigating a global movement of conscious creators, by supporting entrepreneurs to organize their lives and resources around their gifts and passions. Jay joins me here to talk about how speaking, connecting and communicating on a large scale is becoming something that people are stepping up to more and more in their businesses and lives. With his help, you can create a well-run mastermind that will help you to grow your business fast, deliver even more powerful value to your clients and help you to have a hell of a lot more fun in your business than ever before.

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In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Why Jay feels he is an introvert.
  • Jay’s kick-ass requirements to be a killer speaker.
  • Jay’s rockin’ formula for changing the world, one person at a time.
  • The three huge mistakes you could be making in your mastermind.
  • The three trouble spots people run into when starting their mastermind.
  • Why size really doesn’t matter… In your mastermind!

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