RYBL060: How Publicity Can Rock Your Biz with Christina Daves

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ChristinaDavies_EPHave you ever wondered what it would be like if you were ever featured in a magazine, a news article, a television or radio show? What it would do for your business? Publicity lends credibility; it gives you authority, that third-party stamp of approval and killer visibility too.

My special guest today, Christina Daves, joins me to discuss a topic that we (amazingly!) haven’t talked about yet – how publicity can rock your biz! Christina is a serial entrepreneur; she founded CastMedicDesigns, fashion accessories for medical boots, and her latest endeavor, PR For Anyone. She is the author of the best-selling book, PR for Anyone: A Hundred Plus Affordable Ways to Easily Create Buzz For Your Biz.

Christina helps small business owners like you, the coaches, consultants, speakers and authors, how to rock your own publicity. Today, we are talking about how to get your business into the public eye, helping your potential clients find you and clamor to work with you.

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In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Nobody is at your talk to see you fail!!
  • Why, when you get on stage, you have a responsibility to your audience.
  • How Christina got past her worst experiences speaking.
  • How to flip the switch and make prospective clients chase you.
  • Why you still need to rock who you are on the stage.
  • What is publicity and why you NEED it in your business.
  • Christina’s killer three pillars to PR success!

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