Here are some super simple truths, critical DO’s and DON’Ts in order to catapult your results to the next level.

1. You can’t fake REAL.

Please don’t put on a personality. People are super perceptive– even more than they know. So while they won’t know why they aren’t moved to buy from you– a lack of sincerity will bungle sales.

2. You can’t sell what you don’t buy.

If you have a mindset challenge around sales and offering your services, you will find it hard to close business comfortably.

Or if you try to sell coaching or consulting but you won’t invest in it yourself…. ruh roh! My friend you’re in trouble. Be sure you’re in alignment in order to profit big.

3. To be a good speaker, first be a good audience member.Bo Urbanski

Fom the stage at The Rise, it was easy to see Million-Dollar Leaders & Rock Star clients alike….like Adam and Bo Urbanski, Scott Robley & Infusionsoft, Rob Schultz, and Elizabeth Anderson…all sitting up, actively listening, taking notes, hitting the mic.

The cream rises to the top in EVERY situation.

Know this, energetically its hard to ask people to pay attention to you and be respectful, if you’re not willing to give that courtesy to others.

4. The close REALLY starts in your open

 One of the top mistakes that happens when people go to close the room, is that its complete shift in energy that happens all of of a sudden at the end of their talk.

Its jarring for the audience and its uncomfortable.

HOT TIP ON CLOSING: get interaction at the beginning of your talk so that when you ask people to take action at the end…. its something that’s been happening all along.

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5. Keep on teaching through your close 

When you make your offer, keep your pace, tone, and energy the same as its been throughout your talk or workshop. And remember that you are still teaching, still inspiring, and still serving.

Remember you’re not selling swamp land in Florida! You’re encouraging people to change their lives, or have a better financial future, or great health– you’re giving them the amazing OPPORTUNITY to step into something they have always wanted.

That kind of energy, inspiration, and spirit of service will close a room.

6. Don’t get weird.

You can be weird like have purple in your hair and tell goofy stories about what happened when you walked into a WHITE OUT of a steam room and almost blindly walked right into a stranger’s lap.

but don’t GET WEIRD about making your offer.

Because if you’re uncomfortable, we’re uncomfortable.

So while feeling nervous is normal, you do want to be sure you KNOW that making your offer is a way of helping people. 

You’re giving people a unique opportunity to change… and that is a gift!  

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