First, watch at your own risk! The video below is terrible for several reason.

  1. I’m hiding under an umbrella at Cannon Beach because it was super windy. (you’ll hear it)
  2. I apparently don’t know how to hold a camera still (sorry!)
  3. And frankly I’m looking pretty disheveled in no makeup and a wrinkled white tee.
But I’m guessing you can handle it. 🙂
I really wanted to fess up to you about how I messed up, what I learned,
and I have a very special message for YOU.
But before you watch….Here are a few thoughts BEYOND what I share in the video:
1. Fall down seven times, get up eight.
Don’t be fooled by people selling you ONLY glamour, glitz, smoke, and mirrors.
There are shortcuts, simple strategies that are highly effective, and better paths to take…
all that’s true.
But I’ll make you a promise…. there will still be times when you’ll get knocked on your booty
on your journey, and its the ones who get up, and get back in the ring that succeed.


2. Define success on your own terms. 
Full Time? Part Time? Six Figures? Multiples? Seven?
Want to travel? Or maybe make money in your PJ’s at home?
There’s not just one way to rock what you’ve got.
Be sure you’re following YOUR dream, not someone else’s.
Be sure you’re honoring YOUR values.
Be sure you’re building the business and the income that rocks YOUR world.
3. There is no work-life balance, just decision. 
Work-life balance is a lie. Its really just about choosing how you want to spend your time.
But if you want to keep a part-time schedule and
AVOID get a 7-day migraine like I did,
here are a few tips to help you along the way.
>> Keep a structured work, home, and play schedule– post it, make it public to your family & support team, and honor it
>> Schedule all your major to-do’s on your calendar– even things like “shooting a video”, LUNCH BREAK, writing copy, & quiet reading time.
>> Flex your schedule if you need to accommodate a big project or business building opportunity, but ALWAYS have a drop dead date, so that you know exactly when you’ll return to your normal schedule.
Now watch the video for a more personal share about 
what happened to me, and why its deeply connected 
to my thoughts about YOU.