Create the Product, Talk, and Profit Plan that Will Rock Your Biz.

What Exactly Is The “Start Me Up with Speaking” Club?

A community of purpose driven entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, authors, and experts who want to start using speaking to grow your business. You want to know the steps and “how to”, and with an all access pass to all of Kristin’s programs she’ll show you how:

  • Use speaking to grow your business
  • Gain a high level of visibility and authority in your niche
  • Confidently lead presentations and talks without clinging to your notes
  • Fill workshops and events
  • Profitably host your event, or speak and sponsor someone’s else’s event
  • Turn your expertise into a system and a program you can sell online or off
  • Support and the ability to ask questions and get answers when you need them most

Who is this for?

The Start Me Up with Speaking Club is ideal as a jumpstart for those of you launching your business, or as a suppliment to your current coaching program. Its the perfect starting place if you to ultimately want to uplevel into one of Kristin’s popular coaching programs.

These programs are the foundation you need, if you want to get known, rock your talk, fill workshops and live events, create your products & programs, and profit big!

How can this help you?

Kristin built her business from basically nothings to a half a million dollars in sales in 3 rockin years, working in the office just 3 days a week.  She accomplished this using the exact strategies she gives you in this program. And she’s built her name on creating programs that people RAVE about for their simplicity, no fluff, step-by-step modules, and in depth training— plus the programs are always lots of fun too.

So you’ll get exactly what you need to get started with help from Kristin along the way!

What’s Inside?

You get instant access with every program building on the next.

You also get access to the Facebook Group so that you can ask questions and get support, and accountability any time you need it, along the way.

So you can work your way through the modules, ask questions, implement, and then launch into the next training.

Join Kristin & The SMU Club to gain access to the entire suite:



How to turn your message into a rockin talk that generates more visibility, leads, cash and clients. Learn how to Plan it, Book it, Craft it, Rock it, and Cash In & Repeat It!



This two-session jumpstart shows you how to create profitable workshops that boost your authority, generate revenue, and fill your high ticket products and programs! Find out how to secure a space, fill the room, and profit big– even with simple one day workshops in your local market.



How to drop your notes and confidently lead meetings, talks, or presentations from memory. You can finally relax, and focus on connecting & creating interaction, instead of worryign about what you’ll say next.



How to profitably host your own event or speak and sponsor someone else’. Get highly visible, raise your authority in your industry, and make compelling offers that convert when you leverage the power of live event profits.



Package your personality and your expertise into a signature system you can become known for, and a program you can sell online and off! Finally understand the earning power of a program you can sell in your talk, at your event, in webinars, so that you’re making money at home or on the go.



Package your personality and your expertise into a signature system you can become known for, and a program you can sell online and off! Finally understand the earning power of a program you can sell in your talk, at your event, in webinars, so that you’re making money at home or on the go.


(VALUE: $500.00)

Join the START ME UP CLUB and gain ACCESS TO KRISTIN & AN EXCLUSIVE GROUP OF ENTREPRENEURS. Ask questions, get answers, and get support along the way, direct from Kristin & other rock stars on the journey with you.


You’ll receive bonus checklists, scripts, and samples including:

The Booking Script, Sample Order Forms, Live Event Speaker Checklist, Weekly Action Planner + other surprise bonuses!



A TICKET TO THE 2016 3-day RISE LIVE EVENT (VALUE: $500.00) + The 2015 RISE LIVE EVENT ON DEMAND Videos ($500.00)

 Total value of the programs we’re giving you $8,485.00 …
but that’s NOT what you’ll invest!


Why Join?

Being part of a community catapults your learning process and provides the support you need to get results much faster than going it alone.

Ultimately this is about you, and helping you get where you want to go, armed with the ability to get more visible in a way that converts strangers into fans and paying clients.


Who is Kristin Thompson?

I am a slightly-rebellious, wise-cracking, music-lovin, wife, mom, speaker and coach dedicated to helping talented experts get known, get visible, and get results with speaking and live events.
A high-risk, high drama pregnancy combined with a lay off (during the United States economic catastophe) left our family in a scary financial position. We were hanging on the edge.

By mid 2011 we had sold out house, paid off our debts, and I invested in my first coach with my savings. It was “do or die” time.

By the end of the year I had created the first version of Command Any Room and enjoyed my first over $10K month. A year later I generated $175K. A the year after that, I generated $325K in revenue… still working in the office just 3 days a week.

I was getting great results, and helping others get great results with

  • Talk Strategies that Convert Strangers into Clients
  • Speaking Locally for Free to Generate Leads & Clients
  • Speaking at Conferences, Trade Shows, and Events
  • Sponsor Events for Big Time Visibility & Profits
  • Hosting Local Workshops
  • Hosting Multi Day Live Events
  • Creating Your Signature System
  • Uncovering Your Brand Personality
  • Getting Highly Visible with Speaking

How Much is the “Start Me Up” Membership?

If you purchase each of these items on their own you’d invest over $5,000.00 (and it would be worth it!) but by joining the Start Me Up Club, you’ll save thousands just on the programs alone! You can get started for as little as $127 this month.

You’ll also be given access to the Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support from Kristin (and the rest of the SpeakServeGrow community)

Plus we’ll give you a ticket to THE RISE LIVE EVENT, which by itself would be worth your investment.

What type of members are inside?

I’m not looking to attract opportunity dreamers, whiners, or wantrepreneurs. Inside here you will only find dedicated serious coaches, consultants, experts, and authors who also like to share great tips, resources and discussions. We are not a community that supports Biz Opp or MLM. We promote the idea of building a real long term business.

Will I get rich in a very fast time without any effort?

No. You will have to put in hours of hard work even with the right strategy probably for many years. I can help you with great information but you will get the results you deserve. Nobody is going to magically transfer money into your account unless you create value for others and put in the energy required.

Can I order then ask for a refund straight after I download all the goodies?

Let me clear right now… There are no refunds. Within minutes of ordering you will be able to download the program which you will then have access to forever. There is no un-doing that once you access the members area. And since each program has a track record of success, we already know that members find the value be at least double the RETAIL value. SO you’re already getting a steal of a deal.

What Are People Saying?



“My speaking engagements increased by 500%, my income tripled & people began inviting me to speak all in just one month!”

Megan Huber |



Kat Kim“I’ve generated over $40,000 in sales!

Is it alright to brag a little bit and share that I’ve generated over $40,000 in sales in the last 4 months?  ($44,000 to be exact)

I’ve only JUST started.  This is the first year I’m making money in my business and I think I can confidently say I will be hitting 6 figures this year.

I was at a big fat ZERO before starting Start Me Up Club!

Thank you Kristin for all the support and kick-ass content!  I’ve invested in many programs before and I would say that I get ENORMOUS value from your content.  No fluff, just value.

Kat Kim



All of these courses are included inside, and we’ll even surprise you with a bonus from time to time!



CraigRecently, I had $17,000 in sales! And looking back it was no accident.IT IS because I followed the system! I knew exactly how many presentations I wanted to give and I hit the phones to get my bookings.As you know, delivering good information is nice, making sure you see heads nodding in agree…well, that’s another thing. How to powerfully deliver the presentation involves confidence, eye contact, energy. It’s not something your ‘born with’. It is learned.
But like you always say, we didn’t stop there! We decided to set goals not just on the revenue we wanted to generate, but also for referrals, how many people we can impact with our message! The shift to ‘all about me to all about them’ is where things happen.What made this happen is not a one-time deal. It’s making sure the system is duplicatable. Can we sustain the process? Yes! We can and did! Kristin, you have been an inspiration and a confidant since first meeting you. I recall very vividly our first chat. I can honestly say I would not have had this success without you!

Craig Krause | Speaker and Coach


JaneClosed over 25% of the room and that number jumped to 60% in my follow up!

When I started working with Kristin I made a modest part-time income.

I was nervous about speaking to groups and presenting what I had to offer, but knew that THIS was the skill that would make the difference.

More importantly I wanted to help more people feel better, look better, and live longer…
and I knew that meant getting my message out.

Since working with Kristin I’ve boosted my income over 200% and make a nice full-time income, part time!

I created my own marketing event, where I spoke my mission, and closed over 25% of the room! And that number jumped to 60% in my follow up!

Plus I’ve been invited to speak at company-wide events, made Platinum Director, won a trip to Grammy’s in L.A. and now mentor other women to get fit, make a change, make difference, and make a fortune!

If I can do this anyone can!

Jane Freres


Kris Prochaska

Get your hands on this material!

I LOVE Kristin Thompson’s Command Any Room Course. She pulls back the curtain on how to get booked, set up the sale from the get-go, create a talk that rocks, and deliver your powerful message-all with a heart of service!

Get your hands on this material, it will change the way you speak and grow your business!

Kris Prochaska  |


By ordering you agree that you are responsible for your own success and any advice you follow is at your own risk.

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