Your message matters. And there are people right now waiting to hear that message through YOU.

We’re going to turn your personality and your expertise into a signature system, talk, and product that will make a bigger impact, while growing your income.

Shimmy on down & explore some more!

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  • Imagine shining a light on your unique gifts, your personality, and your expertise, so that you’re attracting highly-qualified clients… clients who dig you, just for being you.
  • Imagine being able to reach more people with your message, getting highly visible in a way that honors your lifestyle (and your energy).
  • Imagine speaking & generating a rush of revenue whenever you want it… so you can secure your dream lifestyle, your family, and your future.
  • And serving in the world in a way that only you can – creating a ripple effect that extends outward, far beyond your own reach.

Meet Kristin Thompson… She’s known as the “Rock Your Talk” girl because her own simple, 1-hour talk created well over a million dollars for her business. She’s the founder of, the host of the Rise Live Event, and creator of the new Rock Your Talk program for entrepreneurs.

You’ll package your personality and your expertise into one rockin talk that creates a rush of visibility, clients and cashflow for your business.

And I know if you’ve found Kristin, you’re not just in business for the money.

If you’re like her many rockin clients… you are a caring person, a teacher at heart…and by being a coach, consultant, author or expert, you have the opportunity to make a big difference in so many lives… it is possible.

Kristin Thompson

Your message can move people, change lives, and kickstart your business rising up to a new level of visibility, impact & income.

Real People.
Rockin Results

  • I doubled my rates and closed 100% of the room!
    Chelsey Marie |
  • I closed $7,200 my first speaking gig. Plus I had so many high-end, V.I.P. Day sales come in just one month, it was like people were throwing money at me. Thanks, Kristin!
    Kim Page |

Let’s rock your talk & your income to the next level.

Because Kristin works part-time, so that she can be a great wife and mom too, she can only see a few clients each year. And yet, her heart is calling her to serve more people. So she came up with a great solution.

The Start Me Up with Speaking program is an exciting way to give you access to Kristin’s simple, high-impact strategies & support to keep you on the road to success.

If you’re ready to turn who you are, and what you know into a powerful talk, product (or event) that will impact audiences and create big paydays for your business, then you’ll want to pay close attention.

Kristin is opening the doors to the Start Me Up with Speaking Program - And even better its been revamped for even better results in 2017!

You’ll start with our flagship program, Rock Your Talk… monthly coaching calls,and enjoy new trainings released every quarter.

Take a peek below, and you’ll see what you’ll experience with Kristin this year:

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Over $10,000 in Training & Classes!

  • NEW Addition! The Rock Your Talk 5-step Training Program ($2,000.00)
  • NEW Addition! Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Call for Guidance & Support from Kristin
  • Live interaction with Kristin in her Private Facebook Group for SpeakServeGrow clients only
  • Access to every product in the SpeakServeGrow Suite instantly
  • Over $5,000 in bonuses

Total Program Value Is $11,591
Just 4 payments of $297/month



Total Program Value Is $11,591
Just 4 payments of $297/month

Real People.
Rockin Results

  • Holy Shit! My 1st month of nearly $70,000! Just do what Kristin says. Period.
    Mary Bicknell |
  • I closed $3,000.00 in new business with just a few people in the room.
    Tracy Kay |

Here's What's Inside

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Rock Your Talk

This new twist on Command Any Room was released to rave reviews last spring! The program is designed to help you package your personality and your expertise into a system and talk you can get known for in your industry.

You’ll know how to deliver your talk to audiences big or small, and how to turn every talk into a tidal wave of opportunities to get visible, make a di erence, get more speaking gigs, more lead, and happy paying clients, right there in the room!

Rock your Talk:

  • Module 1 : Rock Your Brand Personality [stand out]
  • Module 2 : Rock Your Signature System [organize your expertise]
  • Module 3 : Rock Your Talk [craft your message]
  • Module 4 : Rock Your Room [Engage & Connect]
  • Module 5 : Rock Your Revenue [Attract Ideal Clients & Opportunities]
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Command Any Room

  • Plan it : Create a plan to profit from speaking
  • Book it : Fill your calendar with high visibility speaking gigs
  • Craft it : Structure your talk to get results
  • Rock it : Get the room connected & engaged
  • Cash in and repeat : Turn every talk into more clients and cash-flow

Super Helpful Goodies We Include

Temples for your speaker introduction & Templates for every Section of your talk creation process, Sample Booking Script, Brand Personality Blueprint, Sample Order Forms and more!


Rock Your Talk With Memory Power

Doesn’t matter if you feel like your memory is great, or not-sohot… either way you’ll easily learn how to memorize the points of your talk so you know it forwards, backwards, in and out of order.

Boost your Confidence! Warm up your memory power and Build Confidence with Quick- Start Results! You’ll be amazed! We’ve taught 16 year old and 86 year old’s alike!

Double Your Memory (or more!) Jumpstart Your real PRESENTATION MEMORY Power with the Memory Made Easy for Business System! Use our fast, easy-to-learn, 3-step process and your presentations will never be the same!

Drop Your Notes and Command the Room! Take charge of your next presentation, without relying on notes or slides! Imagine the trust level you can build with people and the expert status you will immediately gain when you take command of the room like never before. You’ll be shocked by how quickly you’ll memorize your next program outline or the points you want to cover on a coaching call.

Recall 30, 40 even 50+ items forwards and backwards! We all know people can recall 3-7 things at a time. Now you will learn how to recall 50+ items in perfect order. When you enjoy that level of recall– your 10 point presentation will be a snap!

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Live Event Profit Machine

How to profitably host your own event or speak and sponsor someone else’s. Get highly visible, raise your authority in your industry, and make compelling offers that convert when you leverage the power of live event profits.

  • Training #1: Build Your Platform
  • Training #2: Power Up Your Profits
  • Training #3: Rock Your Follow Up
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This two-session jumpstart shows you how to create profitable workshops that boost your authority, generate revenue, and fill your high ticket products and programs! Find out how to secure a space, fill the room, and profit big-- even with simple one day workshops in your local market.

  • The simple way to set up speaking gigs so they promote & fill your workshop.
  • Easy-to-implement & budget-friendly ideas to host your event (beyond expensive hotel ballrooms).
  • 11 ROCKING ways to get butts in seats & sell out your room!
  • The simple secret to squash “no shows” & assure you have a full room!
  • Sample workshop schedule including when to make your offer.

Rock Your Six-Figure Product

Follow our simple system for creating your own six-figure product or program you can sell at the end of your talk, whether you’re speaking online or live on stage. This course shows you how to turn your system into a program, and promote it, so you can generate big pays, even while you’re at hanging at home in your pajamas.


Your Lifestyle, Your System, Your Content, Your Promotion, Your Profits.

Real People.
Rockin Results

  • Kristin's rock solid radar on exactly what works has kept me enjoying 10k month all year long!
    Rob Schultz |
  • My sales this month were $19,639.98!
    Sandy Rees |

Extra Support
I'll Be Supplying
Throughout The Year!

Join the SpeakServeGrow
Private Facebook Group

Because Kristin wants to help you personally. You'll be joining Kristin's SpeakServeGrow community where you can ask questions and get support when you need it most. Here you can get yourself unstuck when challenges come your way, and celebrate every step foward too!


Monthly Customization & Mentoring Sessions

And to help you customize the strategies for your business, give answers to your most burning questions, and clarity when you need it most…

Kristin will host Monthly Group Customization & Mentoring Sessions to support you personally along the way.


It Works...
If You Work It

We’re all about straight talk here. And the truth is, that no program will work for you, if you’re not willing to dive in and apply what you learn. There is no magic wand, and there is no way for Kristin to do it for you. If you don’t go through the modules. If you won’t set aside time to participate. If you won’t give it a try…. I can promise this program will not get you results. However if you jump in, participate and put the steps into action for your business, you will see rockin results.

Remember just ONE speaking gig can pay you ten fold in a rush of new visibility, positioning, impact, speaking opportunities, hot leads, and amazing clients.

As my clients already know, if you’re all in with me, I’m all in to help you.

So Let's Rock it Out!

Total Program Value Is $11,591
Just 4 payments of $297/month

Real People.
Rockin Results

  • I closed $16,000.00 in recurring income from my first talk ever.
    Jennifer Fitzgerald |
  • Using the rock your talk template, I rocked my talk and signed a high-end private client! Then booked another talk, and again... signed a high-end private client, plus several VIP days & training classes! Plus I have been asked to come and speak at other events. How cool is that?
    Jennifer Johnson |


Craft Your Talk On Demand Workshop

The Craft it in 3 hour on demand workshop to help you craft your talk from A to Z!

Spend a morning with Kristin walking you through the A to Z of creating & customizing your talk using the Rock Your Talk “Talk Template”. This bonus is the solution to over-polishing or getting stuck in thinking about your talk— and moving into crafting it so you’re ready to share your message and begin changing lives and attracting more clients.



Get More Gigs

Enjoy Kristin’s “30 Gigs in 30 Days!” speaking gig system so that you’ll know exactly how to approach event organizers, what to say, and why… so you can start booking your calendar with high-visibility speaking gigs right away! Any one with a message can get gigs immediately… so let’s get rockin!


Full Length Get more Gigs Training, Booking Script, Talk Promotion One Sheet Template, 30 Day Action Calendar, 30-day of hot tips and support straight to your inbox. (instant access)


The 3-Day Rise Live Event On Demand Video

Join Kristin and friends for three power packed days of training & breakthroughs.

Day One :
Rock More Talks

Learn the roadmap to follow to use speaking to grow your business, How to fill your calendar with high visibility speaking gigs, Uncover your brand personality & stand out position in the market, How to structure your talk to sell.

Day Two :
Rock More Money

How to Give Talks that Serve and Sell, Create a hot offer that you’ll love & so will your clients, The simple step by step to make a comfortable offer in your talk.

Day Three :
Rock More Platforms

Get so visible that you baffle your competitors, Create a plan you can follow to get into action, Learn how to use a multi platform approach to get big visibility without all the burn out.

Two Tickets To Attend The Rise Live Event


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Kristin’s Bag Of Tricks

Templates, Scripts, Samples and Checklists straight from Kristin’s bag of tricks! Why start from scratch when you can cut straight to using what we already know WORKS! Check out our proven orders forms, booking script, referral form, speaking gig workflow, bio template, talk template & more!

Facebook Ads Training

Facebook is one of the top ways to stay visible, grow your list, fill your webinars, and sell your product or program. Kristin will walk you through one of her top performing ads, so you can learn what works, and what falls flat. You know how to setup your first ad, choose the right audience, and how to tracks best results, so you get the most bang for your buck!


Real People.
Rockin Results

  • My speaking engagements increased by 500%, my income tripled & people began inviting me to speak all in just one month!
    Megan Huber |
  • I’ve generated over $40,000 in sales!

    Is it alright to brag a little bit and share that I’ve generated over $40,000 in sales in the last 4 months? ($44,000 to be exact)

    I’ve only JUST started. This is the first year I’m making money in my business and I think I can confidently say I will be hitting 6 figures this year.

    I was at a big fat ZERO before starting Start Me Up Club!

    Thank you Kristin for all the support and kick-ass content! I’ve invested in many programs before and I would say that I get ENORMOUS value from your content. No fluff, just value.

    Kat Kim

Start Me Up With Speaking Club & Bonus Package Total Value


Instant access for only $297/month

What happens when you say yes?

Well first, we’ll be throwing a party over here, because nothing make Team SpeakServeGrow happier than a person who’s ready to get into action speaking and serving more people!

Next, as soon as you register in the Start Me Up with Speaking Program, you’ll receive a welcome email. Your email will have a link and instructions on how to log into the membership site, as well as instructions on how to easily join the SpeakServeGrow Facebook Group.

Basically you’ll be ready to rock right away, and we’ll be ready to support you!


- Kristin Thompson -

Please know, that I’m not into tire kickers, whiners, or program “collectors”. But I am all about helping real coaches, consultants, authors, and experts get their message out into the world, to speak your mission and message, serve your purpose in a bigger brighter way, and grow your business.

No more hiding. No more playing second fiddle. Your individual voice matters. Not because of ego, but because there is something special that happens when you carry the message to someone in need.

Its time to finally feel the freedom of being yourself in your business. Its time to rise up, and to lead in a meaningful way, and in doing so, you will create new pathways for others to join you in success.

Total Program Value Is $11,591
Just 8 payments of $297/month

Are You Ready
to Learn How to:

  • Stand out in the market by being yourself
  • Turn Your Message Into a Talk that Attract more prospects you’ll love
  • Attract more partnerships & speaking opportunities
  • Close more business without being pushy
  • Gain big time visibility online & off
  • Leverage the power of 1 to many
  • Triple your referrals- easy peasy!
  • Triple testimonials & case studies
  • Triple your income without working crazy hours
  • Turn one speech into many opportunities
  • Turn your expertise into a signature system you can get known for
  • Grow your marketing list
  • Repurpose your talk to use online or off
  • Serve more people & sell online
  • Fill live workshops & generate big one day paydays
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule so you can stay healthyand happy
  • “Work” in your passion, serving people without going broke
  • Confidently share your message even if you didn’t see yourself as a speaker

Total Program Value Is $11,591
Just 8 payments of $297/month

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My Promise to You

Here’s the deal. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. This program (like all programs) requires your participation, so please be ready to take action on what I share with you, in order to be a shining example of best results!

I am giving you access to my best products. And I promise you, no one has ever purchased this and said it wasn’t FAR MORE than fair value. But still if you’re new to the family, please come in confidently, watch & implement at least one session a week for for the first 30 days, if you don’t think it’s the right program for you, request a refund (between the 30th-35th day after purchase), and we’ll refund your investment and cancel your membership immediately.

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