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Six Simple “Speaking” Questions to Get Your Booty Back into Biz Building Action

Its easy to feel stuck sometimes…wondering how you’ll be able to grow your biz to the next level. Or how you’ll be able to fill your new (or next) product, program, or workshop. The reality is that the RIGHT ACTIONS can turn your biz around fast.

…But you’ve got to get your booty back into biz building action.

Quick Assessment: Get Your Booty Back Into Biz Building Action

Remember that SPEAKING is one of the fastest ways to get highly visible, and generate a big wave of leads and clients.

These quick six simple questions will set you back on the path to profits:

In the past 30 days have you_(1)

A few tips to really make this work for you:

1. Rock ONE Talk
Online and offline… for interviews, webinars, and teleclasses.

One message will help you stay on point, help you hone your message & get great at sharing it, and get known for the one thing you do better than anyone.

2. Always Have an Offer
FREE OFFER: When you are in situations where its not appropriate to make a paid offer, like most interviews and podcasts, a FREE offer works great.

PAID OFFER: When you can make an offer, like when you’re speaking live, or leading a teleclass or webinar, then make a great entry-level offer.

HINT: We always have both offers (one free and one paid) on our order form.
One talk. One order form.  We’re all about keeping it simple over here. 🙂

3. Serve people in a big way and you’ll always be invited back.
When you seek to serve and give your audience a great experience… then you’ll never be a loss for great opportunities.

New leads, clients, referrals to other speaking gigs, & partnership opportunities will be flowing towards you consistently when you give great content and create a great connection in your talk.

Ready for the next step?
Try downloading the Start Up with Speaking guide & take the Start Me Up with Speaking training with Kristin here.

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