Oh manzo do I owe you thank you…so, YOU’RE INVITED!

Listen I know there’s was a lot of marketing for The Rise Live Event and so I say to you…“I appreciate YOU!”

To show my appreciation, I’d love for you to be my guest as I pull back the curtain and give you the BEST tips & strategies straight from The Rise Live Event.

The Rise Live Event AFTER PARTY
By Invitation Only on Dec 4th & 5th
Special 2-part  LIVE webinar training series.

You’ll learn how to package & promote your…
>>>  Unique personality into an image and biz that STANDS OUT.
>>>  Expertise into a rockin talk that gets compliments AND CASH.
>>>  Programs and offers so that they add six figures or MULTIPLES.

(More specific details about each training are below)

What I’m giving you is straight from the Rise Live Event workbooks so its likely you’ve never before heard this content taught at this depth.

I’ve taken my business from sputtering (just just 3 years ago) to an over $300,000 this year.

That’s why Adam Urbanski calls me the “$300K 3 Days a Week Girl!”

Now I want to show you exactly how a regular person get rockin’ results.

The Rise Live Event AFTER PARTY
By Invitation Only on Dec 4th & 5th

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There’s something you need to know about this after party.

It’s a real training. Not smoke mirrors and hype.

Meaning even if you don’t decide to jump in deeper, you’re going to come away with some new ideas you can implement right away

Training #1 –  Secrets to Rock Your Image & Talk into Six Figures+

  • How the same qualities that make you an awesome friend, can actually sabotage your visibility, & hold you back from “catching fire” .
  • The most important thing you can discover that can turn your business from blah to STANDOUT.
  • A big mistake when creating products & programs and the one simple tweak that will finally give you leveraged income.
  • How we can reduce your stress, and ramp up your money making power at the same time.
  • The big lesson I learned from going broke and trying to build a workshop-based business the wrong way


Training #2 – Fast Cash & Simple Ways to Add Six Figures+

  • How one rockin talk can help you make a bigger impact and attract more clients fast (even if you don’t have a list)
  • How the often “underestimated and overlooked” entry level offer can help catapult your business into six figures and beyond
  • How you can generate over six figures- even if you don’t have a fancy website
  • 3 best ways to quickly generate more high quality leads and how to powerfully present your offers so you never appear desperate!
  • How to deliver a signature talk that people will thank you for— even if they don’t buy
  • The simple mindset shift that will allow you to comfortably close any room, big or small (teleclass, webinar or one-on-one conversation)

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Can’t wait to see you on the call!

Kristin “Rock Your Talk” Thompson

P.S. Remember that building a business around teaching and sharing your message is one of the most fun and most lucrative ways to build your business faster than your colleagues. So click here to register for free.