RYBL041: How to Attract Clients and Skyrocket Your Income with Adam Urbanski aka The Kitchen Episode

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You won’t believe this super rockin episode! Grab your pen and start stretching out, because you’re going to get hot tips flying at you at the speed of light on this one. :)

If you are new in biz, still figuring out the ropes or a veteran entrepreneur who’s been around the block a few times, either way you’ll get some gems when we talk about attracting AND CONVERTING clients like Crazy… click through to read highlights>>>

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You sold tickets to your workshop… now what?

I almost started off by saying, “I’ve been lucky to have strong ‘show up’ rates at my workshops”, but that would be inaccurate.

Its not luck at all….its ON F*CKING PURPOSE. ;) lolz. But let me back up a step…

Workshops can be a great way to teach, serve, and connect with your tribe.

Workshops can raise your authority, build your visibility, and build your name recognition.

They also provide opportunities to generate income, and make high level/higher ticket offers.


For those of you already in my Start Me Up with Speaking Club you have access to great tips about local workshops inside Workshop-a-palooza. (And remember to ask questions anytime inside the FB Group)

If you’re in my mid-level Rock Your Talk & Biz Club  you also have Workshop-a-palooza, plus additional training on the topic in the training library and our live Monday coaching & training calls to support you too. :)

But even if you’re not in one of my programs there’s a tip I want to share with you, that I almost forgot to give today! YIKERS! Its amazing what I can cram into a hour-ish training.

FILLING your workshop is the 1st step.

And yes, SPEAKING is definitely a great way to fill your workshop.

So start booking lots of talks in the months leading up to your workshop.

I was filling rooms with 40 people long before anyone had heard of me, and long before I had a six figure business too. Luckily, now I know how to monetize that room, and I can show you how too! :)

So if filling your workshop is part one, then part two is getting people to actually SHOW UP.

Don’t ASSUME that because someone got a ticket to your event, that they will come.

Sounds nutty but its true. You need to have a plan to encourage people to “show up”.

The less people pay the MORE you need to encourage them to SHOW UP.

There are ways you can do this with teasers, or even gifts that they’ll get when they arrive, but even a simple “reminder plan” will do WONDERS.

1. Send a welcome email with all the important details. And be sure it reinforces their “yes!”.

2. Call to congratulate and welcome people.

3. Send reminders with teasers about the event, maybe small pre-content or pre-training activities.

4. Call people prior to your event to confirm their attendance.

Most importantly don’t let your hard work selling tickets go to waste, boost your show up rate. :)

CLICK HERE to learn 21-Ways to Fill a Workshop.


Ep #40: Winning At Wealth with Vanessa Shaw

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PodcastEpisodeVanessaI don’t know of many business owners, speakers or coaches who get started in their business and say, “X number of dollars is all I will ever make! No matter how hard I work, how many clients I get, how many shows I do, this will be the most I will ever have.” Sound crazy? I agree! But, that is exactly what you are doing to yourself if you are not taking a step back and figuring out just how you REALLY feel about money.
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Ep #39: Rock Out Your Live Event with Jenn Chisholm

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PodcastEpisodeJennIf you, like many speakers, coaches, consultants and authors, have ever attended an event and thought, “Hey, I could do this too!,” then this episode is for you! When you first get started, it’s easy to become overwhelmed in details, as most of us are not professional event planners… or even sure exactly what needs to be done to host an event!
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