RYBL021: How To Rock Your Talk On Video with Keri Murphy

KeriMurphyEpisode 300x300 RYBL021: How To Rock Your Talk On Video with Keri MurphyRegardless if you have been rocking your talks and making yourself more visible for a while or just getting started, knowing how to capture the attention of your audience and positioning yourself is absolutely vital! This week, I am giving you a sneak peak at one of the speakers from my upcoming The RISE Live Event - Keri Murphy.

Keri is the CEO and founder of Inspired Living, mentor at the Branson Institute. You may have seen her on TV on channels like E, MTV, and TV Guide. As a veteran TV host, Keri leveraged her experience to start her business and has been coaching her clients to celebrity status in their brand by using her 3 P’s of video presence. Within 3 years of the creation of Inspired Living, Keri went from bankrupt to creating a 6+ figure business doing what she loves!

This week is all about helping you to create a killer video presence that will help you create your celebrity brand, build your report, and position yourself as THE go-to expert! Listen in to hear a sneak peek of what Keri will be teaching at The RISE Live Event!

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RYBL020: Rock Your Talk Online with Mike and Robin Pisciotta

MikeRobinEpisode2 300x300 RYBL020: Rock Your Talk Online with Mike and Robin PisciottaThis week’s kick ass guests are husband and wife online marketing strategists, speakers and coaching team, Mike and Robin Pisciotta from Marketing Your Purpose. Hailing from New York, Mike calls himself the typical outspoken New Yorker, he will always be authentic in who he is and speak his mind. This authenticity is something that they have both carried into their business, and it has proven to be effective!

After making the decision to both work from home, Mike and Robin have done everything from real estate investing, becoming virtual assistants, affiliate marketing, and the list goes on and on. After a while, they started to notice a trend; they were able to make money with all of these ideas, because of their online marketing!

This week is all about learning to be who you are and how you can create a passionate following by authentically being yourself! Listen in to learn about Mike and Robin’s rockin’ coaching and how you can inspire your clients to rally around you and become super-hot for you! Do not miss their valuable advice that can help you to break free of your fear and create that hot connection! Read More…

How did New Speaker Jen Smash Sales & Crash the Server?

When you close the room, and convert sales, the RESULTS speak louder than just about anything else.

There’s no more wondering. There’s no dispute either.
The results are in.

You have a list of leads. You have new clients. You have cash in hand, and cash coming in too!

THIS my friends is why I love speaking.

If you’ve missed out on the School of Rockin Your Talk— there’s still time to jump in,

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In today’s new video…I share Jen’s story, Chelsey & Rob’s with you too!
And I walk you through the very powerful, and easy-to-miss secrets,
hiding in my weird looking order form.

Vid3SORYT 1 How did New Speaker Jen Smash Sales & Crash the Server?

FREE VIDEO: School of Rocking Your Talk

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How do turn your expertise into something you can get known for? And how does THAT become a rockin talk?

What specific actions can you take to turn a room full of strangers into engaged fans and paying clients?

What if you’ve never made an offer from the stage before?

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