RYBL30: How to Learn Your CEO Type & Streamline Your Schedule to Skyrocket Your Biz with Debra Angilletta

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podcastartdebraDo you look at your daily or weekly schedule and wonder when are you going to have time for yourself? Do you wonder, when is owning your own business going to give you the freedom you wanted – the very reason you STARTED your own business in the first place? Speaker, coach, author, CEO and Founder of a New View Debra Angilletta is on the Rock Your Talk And Biz Show this week to tell you how!

Debra is the creator of several popular programs, including 5 Steps to Jump Start Your Business, as well as her The 6 Figure Schedule. She has become the go-to girl for streamlining your schedule and teaching how to skyrocket to 6-figures. She holds a lot of the secrets to reaching your goals without breaking up your schedule and finding ways to do it in a manner that won’t cause burn-out.

With more than 20 years of experience working on Wall Street, Debra uses her financial expertise to teach coaches, consultants, speakers and business owners how to discover their CEO archetype. Today, Debra is here to share her simple steps for catapulting your business to the next level. Listen in to learn how you too can work only 4 days a week, 3 weeks a month and STILL make the 10K a month payday. You do not want to miss this episode as you prepare to start out 2015 the RIGHT way!

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RYBL29: How to Achieve Event Supremacy with Vernon Foster II

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PodcastEpisodeVernonDo you want to host your own live event, webinar or even a podcast? Do events like my recent Rise Live event and this past August’s Podcast Movement as well as podcasts like Event Supremacy and this podcast inspire you to take the leap to move your up business to the next level?

My guest this week is Vernon Foster II, an expert podcaster, event consultant and creator of the Event Supremacy podcast. Vernon is one of the  top go-to guys for webinar and event planning consulting. He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to create kick-ass events, build bulletproof brands and deliver killer keynotes!

This week is all about what you need to do to make your event, regardless of its size, work for you to generate sales and position you as an expert in your field. Listen in for a sneak peak of what you can learn from Vernon and his podcast, to help you create killer content.

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Building your biz isn’t about NOT falling down… watch this

Everyone loves a good success, but what often get missed in our industry is the fact that falling down is inevitable.

Everyone you know, who’s big, and successful has hosted a teleclass that went wonky,
or sent an email that didn’t connect,
or had a client say no.

There is no perfect path to the six or seven figure business you want.

At The Rise Live Event we talked not just about winning,
and the many paths to success, but we also talked about
the mindset of those who go the distance.

Because those of you who are willing to RISE UP
and those that will be left standing in the end.


RYBL028: Money Making Story Mentor with Rachel Resnick

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Most speakers and writers struggle with finding their voice and learning how to tell their personal story. Some will never try, falling into a comfort zone in their style. By never showing any vulnerability they are never truly connect with their audience. How then, do you find the courage and the right story to move your audience, find your voice and triumph on any stage?

This week, on the Rock Your Talk & Biz Show, the money-making story mentor and Rise Live Event speaker, Rachel Resnick is here to teach you how to find, cultivate and dominate your signature story. Rachel has been working with writers and entrepreneurs to find and develop their own unique voice since 1995. Shel is a L.A. Times bestselling author and the creator of Writers on Fire. Through finding her own unique voice, Rachel went from a totally broke writer, to surpassing the six-figure mark in just 2 years.

We dive into how to find the courage to be vulnerable and tap into your personal story. Rachel shows you how you can discover your “why,” your story and your voice, for both the written word and on the stage that can make 2, 3, or even 4 times your investment with your money-making story.

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