RYBL019: Diane Conklin Talks Leverage and Complete Marketing Systems


PodcastEpisodeDiane.fw  300x300 RYBL019: Diane Conklin Talks Leverage and Complete Marketing SystemsWhether you proudly consider yourself a “solopreneur” or are wondering how to afford hiring help, being able to leverage your business and focus on what needs to be done is key. This week’s inspirational guest is Diane Conklin, President and founder of Complete Marketing Systems. Diane is also a Glazer Kennedy info marketer of the year, internationally known speaker, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, event planner, speaker and copy writer… just to name a few of her achievements.

Diane started out working in hospitals and gyms after getting her master’s degree in exercise science. Although she was helping, she still felt like she was missing a vital piece. She always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to make a difference in the lives of people around her. So, when she was offered an incredible opportunity in direct marketing nearly 20 years ago, she grabbed it and has never looked back!

This week is all about helping you reorganize, implement, and execute changes to rock your world. Listen in to hear Diane’s killer advice on how you can make a living, while making a difference, and still have a life!

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RYBL018: Finding Your Inner Game to Become a Top Performer with Scott Lopez

PodcastEpisodeScottLopez RYBL018: Finding Your Inner Game to Become a Top Performer with Scott Lopez

Regardless of the goal, whether it is making more money, becoming a rockin’ speaker and coach or even athlete, being able to focus your emotions, thoughts and reactions is the key to success. This week’s ass kickin’ (literally!) guest is Scott Lopez, former Marine Corp Officer and Fighter Pilot, successful sales executive, entrepreneur, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion and mental toughness coach.

Until high school, when he went to live with his father in rural NM, Scott grew up in LA moving around constantly as his single mother worked hard to make ends meet. After high school, Scott received a Navel ROTC scholarship, became a marine pilot and served for 10 years. Once he retired from the military, Scott went on to get his MBA and started on his path to entrepreneurship. After having two daughters and two failed marriages, Scott realized he needed to work improving himself. This started a journey that changed his life forever.

This week is all about developing killer emotional control and how you handle the before, during AND after of any event to blast yourself up to the elite. Listen in to learn about Scott’s successes in everything from the Military to becoming a top executive at $50+ million company, and currently a sought-after coach. Do not miss these valuable tips and tools to blaze your trail and rock your own talk, event, and really, just about any goal that you can imagine!

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RYBL017: How to Capture More Clients with Steve Napolitan

PodcastEpisodeSteve 012 300x300 RYBL017: How to Capture More Clients with Steve Napolitan

The real struggle for all speakers, writers, coaches and business owners is how to capture the attention of more potential clients and convert them to loyal fans. My interview with Steve Napoliatan is all about simple, kick-ass steps that can turn the tide and have people clamoring to work with you.

Amazingly, Steve did not even think of marketing as a potential career path originally! Steve just knew that he did not want to be like his father, constantly working, tied down to a job. He attended film school, started a production company and by the age of 23 was making 6 figures a year! Within 8 years, from his incorporation of marketing into his production company, he was being recognized as an expert in his field and winning multiple marketing awards. Today, he is working with multiple billion dollar companies, a few of which I think you may have heard of, including Apple, Charles Schwab and Intel, to name a few.

This week is all about creating the shift in yourself, in your mindset, to have clients banging down your door to work with you! Listen in to learn how Steve became a video production to marketing guru and and started crushing it by making millions for his clients and loving what he does.

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RYBL016: How Jim Britt Went From Zero to a Million in Under 12 Months

PODCASTART20142 RYBL016: How Jim Britt Went From Zero to a Million in Under 12 Months

Regardless if the thought of going out on your own is just a twinkle in the back of your mind or if you are already an established entrepreneur, listen in! My interview with Jim Britt is all about changing your mindset to blast you to success and make millions!

Jim started out working at a very early age, he actually ended up dropping out of high school to get a job where he was making just a $1 an hour! A few years later, Jim had a life altering experience, he was invited to go to a meeting for a business opportunity that he couldn’t let pass him by! In one year, with a lot of hard work, some valuable coaching, and changing his mindset, Jim was able to go from losing everything to having a cool million in the bank!

This week is all about helping YOU change your mindset to create a new reality! Listen in to learn how Jim has forged an empire of success and blasted himself into the ranks of the best of the best success coaches in the world!

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