RYBL038: How to Lead a Team to Help You Rock Your Biz with Marta Costa

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PodcastEpisodeMarta (1)Today, all of you – my rockstar listeners! – are in for a major treat because we’re talking about how you can find, hire and manage a rocking team that will help you kick some serious butt in your business. Behind every great coach, speaker, consultant, author, or expert, is a team (even if it’s just one other person) of kick-ass, efficient assistants, office and project managers who can help you focus on what you need to do while growing your business.
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Sunday Inspiration! This 77 yr old bodybuilder will blow your mind

If I’ve learned one thing on my journey from a stumbling business
to one that generated $700,00.00 in sales working 3 days a week…

Its that I generally have no concept of what’s possible.

Meaning MUCH MORE is possible than
the ideas & goals we generally limit ourselves to.

In the meantime… watch this 77 year old woman body building,
& you’ll likely begin expanding right NOW!

Share your thoughts below… where do you limit yourself? And what’s next for you if there were no limits?

ox Kristin

RYBL037: Rock Your Pipeline with Hot Leads Online and Off

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NewOfficialPodcastCoverThis time on the Rock your Talk and Biz, you are in for a special treat! This is actually a solo episode, from my Rock Your Talk and Biz Club training on how to Rock Your Pipeline! Most of you may not even know what a pipeline is, let alone how to rock your pipeline. This effects everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE!

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your business or you have been rocking your business for a while, you always need new people coming into your business. Now, you can always be hustling, booking a talk, after talk, after talk, just promoting your big ticket training. OR you can spend just a little bit of time, listen in and learn how you can create a killer pipeline that will have you working smarter, not harder, and have people racing to work with you.

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RYBL036: Matthew Turner on the Successful Mistake and the Turndog Twist to Brand Story

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PodcastEpisodeMatthewMost entrepreneurs, speakers, consultants and authors experience a constant struggle to find their own voice in their niche. One thing that sets them apart from the shouting masses and makes them unique, is their story! Finding, developing and using your story to make your talk, your book, and your business is completely unique and you!

I am excited to bring you a very special guest this week, Matthew “Turn Dog” Turner. He is an author, speaker, brand storyteller and the founder of, as well as the author of The Successful Mistake, which I was privileged and honored to be a part of! Today you are in for a treat, because we actually have two sides to our conversation. One is some of the valuable lessons from Matthew’s book, and the other is the lessons that actually inspired the book!

On this episode, Matthew joins me to help you guys, my kick ass listeners, to learn how to find, develop and use your own story, to experience your own unique version of success! Listen in to find out how you too determine your brand story to build your business, consulting company or  a book, to create the life you choose!

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