RYBL Bonus Episode: The Rise Formula: The Talk

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Get ready to rock your brand, your talk, and your biz! I’m Kristin Thompson. Welcome to the Rise Formula.

Now we’re going to talk about Rockin’ Your Talk. How can you take your expertise – all the stuff you know – and package it into one rockin’ talk that will be a lead-generating, sales-generating, cash-generating, visibility-generating machine!

I want to prove it to you in this session so that you understand the true power of being able to rock your talk. It is the skill. If I could only teach one thing to entrepreneurs, this would be it. We’re talking about not just getting compliments at the end of your webinar or teleclass or talk that you give at an event or at a chamber. I don’t want you to finish that talk and get compliments. I want you to walk out with cash, leads, and clients in hand.

Imagine you have a room full of 100 people and you close 20 of them. That’s a 20% closing ratio. That’s an “okay” closing ratio. It’s nothing extraordinary. I’ve closed 100% of the room. I’ve actually closed 120% of a room before. I sold more items than there were people in the room. But we can’t promise that and that’s not going to happen all the time. It’s possible. 40% of the room, possible. 20%, definitely doable.

Let’s say you sell 20 out of the 100 people in the room on an entry-level program. Let’s say it’s  $550, an entry-level series or home study program – nothing crazy. $550, a pretty simple offer. That would generate $11K right out of the gate. 20 people X $550 is $11,000.

Do you imagine that out of those 100 people, that maybe you could convince one person to want to be a client of yours – not just go through your baby introductory program, but really work with you. Let’s say you close a coaching client. You sell an annual contract for $12,000. That would automatically kick just that one talk up into $23,000. Boom shakalaka boom!

Now I’m going to give you a real world example. I was invited to speak at a colleague’s event. It was her first multi-day event. She had about 100 people in the room. I closed 40 of them into a $550 product. That was $22,000 right there. I got one private coaching client. That was another $12,000 at the time. That generated $34,000 just for that one-hour talk. One-hour talk, $34,000 instantly in the room. That’s not including the long tail of profits and follow-up and things like that.

Is that worth your time? I would say so. That’s for some people’s annual paydays. I’ve given one-hour talks that have generated $50,000-60,000 just in the first 30 days, meaning what I close right in the room and then in the couple of weeks following the event. Whether you want to generate a couple of thousand dollars and some new leads or you want a big payday like an annual-sized salary coming off of one-hour talk, you can do it.

Here’s the key. You want one talk. Listen to me, people. You’ve got to stake your claim on your topic. Get good at that talk. Get known for that talk or topic. Get consistent results.

One of the big mistakes I see is people generating a lot of different ideas for different talk topics and then going out with all of these ideas and just seeing what people want. I want you to think of it backwards. We want to reverse engineer. We want you to be purposeful. “Here’s the talk I am going to give because this is the talk that will feed my funnel.”

The first year of my business as Speak Serve Grow, I gave one talk. By rocking that one talk all year round, we effectively funneled people into Command Any Room. Then on the backend of Command Any Room, people were opting to go into our Rock Your Talk & Biz Club, maybe private coaching, or VIP days. That one talk, funneling through Command Any Room into our VIP days and private coaching, generated over six figures in that first year.

That is why I just shout this from the mountaintop. This is a proven method to feed your business and keep your programs and products full. Rock Your Talk consistently all year round.

Here’s how you want to structure your talk. We go into a lot of detail in this in Command Any Room, but I want to give you a couple of quick tips right here.

Number one: grab them from the get-go.

Don’t stand up and use the introduction of your talk like a warm-up. Stand up with your shoulders back, be dressed sharply, and rock your expert status from those first moments. You can say you are the founder of            , you are the creator of             , you are the author of          .

It sounds a little like this: “Hey, I’m Kristin Thompson. I am the founder of www.SpeakServeGrow.com and creator of Command Any Room and The Rise Live event.” That’s the quick version for this. That gets you started.

The key to your opening is that you want to open strong, confident, and make it interactive from the get-go. Get people raising their hands and get them taking notes. This is part of the art of closing the room that we teach you in Command Any Room. It begins right in the opening of your talk. The minute you get interaction, you have buy-in. That’s what you’re looking for in your opening. You’re really proving why they should listen to you and why they should listen to this topic, and getting buy-in and interaction. That’s the key to the opening of your talk.

In the core of your talk – the midsection, the content – you’re walking them through the steps of your signature system. The key here is not to over teach. There are two cautionary tales here. Don’t be a winger. Don’t be flying by the seat of your pants. You’re going to get lost and you’re going to go overtime and it’s going to get out of control.

But also, don’t be so dry and content-heavy that you’ll bore the living pants out of us. Please don’t bore us. We want to be educated and entertained. So you want to keep it interactive, interesting, and teach us just little bite-size pieces from each step. Think of it like the mini version, the appetizer version, just a little nugget on each step to help us get started.

Then as you transition to the close, don’t get weird. That’s my rule for closing the room. Don’t get weird. Think of your close as an invitation just to those people who are fired up about getting those true results. They don’t want to leave it in the room. They don’t want to stop the journey wherever they are right in that moment with you. They want to go on the full journey with you.

Invite them, inspire them, and encourage them:

“If you’re ready to XYZ, if you’re sick and tired of this problem and that problem and this problem, and you’re ready to experience this kind of transformation, here’s your opportunity. I have this amazing resource that I can offer you and here’s exactly how you can step into it.”

That is the tone in the vibe of a close. It is truly an invitation and encouragement for everyone in the room to step into a higher version of themselves. When you do that, you will close more business.

I’m going to give you a sneak peek into Command Any Room here, into some of the deeper training with you on closing the room and give you a quick outline. The first thing you’re going to do is offer the resource of your product or program. You’re actually going to invite people to step into it.

Next, you’re going to build the value.

What is the total value of all of the components of the package you’re offering? Maybe it’s valued at $2,000 if you add up all of the nooks and crannies and goodies you’re giving them in the package.

Then you can offer your guarantee. If there’s any kind of money-back or good service guarantee, you want to state that. Then you’re going to drop the price. We built up the value and now we drop the price and it feels inexpensive in comparison. “The value is $5,000, but today at this event when you buy now, it’s only $500.” That’s a price drop.

Then you can add in the bonuses. I call that sweetening the pot. Not only is it a great deal because we’re giving them a special rate for buying at the event while you’re there, but now you’re going to sweeten the pot with some extra goodies and bonuses. That is something you definitely you want to do. In the beginning I did not have bonuses or a price drop. When I made these changes and really learned the art of speaking to sell, boom! Sales went through the roof. Have some bonuses. It could be extra audio, PDF downloads, templates. Think of stuff that you can give people that’s leveraged. Bonuses, audios, and videos are great bonuses because of that.

Now you want to review the total value. We’ve got the total value of all the elements of the program, and now we want to add in the value of all the bonuses we’re also giving them and give them a total package value and then repeat the reduced price. When we add in the bonuses to the $5,000 and training, it’s a $10,000 package, and you can get it for X amount of dollars.

Then you want to give them specific instructions on how to enroll. Walk people through your order form. We really go through this slowly in our coaching programs because it’s an often misstep, but you want to walk people through your order form so they know exactly what they need to check where, what they need to sign, and where they need to bring it in order to say yes to you and your program.

That was the ten-minute down-and-dirty version of how to take your message and turn it into one rockin’ talk you can deliver online and off so that you can build your business, your brand into multiple- six figures this year.

P.S. If you’re not quite ready to join me in the Rise Mastermind or the Rock Your Talk & Biz Club, you can get started right here and learn how to rock your talk, your own product, even your own live event! Check it out.


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RYBL Bonus Episode: The Rise Formula: The Profit Plan

play video default RYBL Bonus Episode: The Rise Formula: The Profit Plan

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Get ready to rock your brand, your talk, and your biz! I’m Kristin Thompson. Welcome to the Rise Formula. Let’s talk about the Profit Plan. Let’s make some money, baby!

Your brand is cooking, we’re got you standing out, you’ve got your system mapped out, and we’ve turned your expertise into something that can be productized and explained to people easily. That’s all well and good. A lot of people get stuck in that content creation mode: “I’ve got to rebrand…I’ve got to tweak the website again…Let me fix the steps of my system one more time.” We’re not making any money when we’re stuck in those activities.

While we want to do them – we want to work through those steps and you absolutely need to have those nailed if you want your business to catch fire – none of it means a lick if you’re not making money, honey. So let’s talk about getting you some consistent $10K or $20K months. What does it take?

You’ve got to know what you’re going to offer people.

The main thing I want to point out is that what you offer people should really play to your strengths and your joy. If you don’t love working with people one-on-one intimately over long periods of time, then you don’t want to pack your business and your profit plan full of 20 private clients or you’re going to be miserable.

Look at your lifestyle and what’s going to bring you joy when you’re considering the type of packages and offers you’re going to make. That might include things like one-on-one coaching or consulting, group coaching or consulting, VIP days where you just spend an entire day helping somebody have that huge breakthrough, that big leap forward in their strategy, their plan, and their approach. It might be a live event. It might be done-for-you products or services. There are lots of different things you can offer, but map out what they are, give everything a cool name, and make sure you’re playing to your strengths.

You need to price your programs accordingly.

Do not price them based on your time. Price them based on the value that your package is going to deliver.

Create the actual profit plan: how much money would you like to make each month?

Write that number down. Is it $10K, $20K, or $30K? I don’t care what that number is, but it’s got to be a number. Forget what’s real. Forget what you’ve done in the past. Forget what’s realistic. What’s going to get you excited? What’s that next leap forward that’s going to fire you up? Write that number down.

Now go back to your packages and your pricing that you’ve created and start piecing it together like a puzzle. In other words, if you wrote down $10K/month and your coaching packages are $1,000/month, you just need ten new clients at $1,000/month. That’s very simple.

Maybe your pricing is less than that. Maybe your puzzle looks like ten private clients at $500/month and 20 people in a group at $250/month. That’s just another way to put the puzzle together that gets you to the same exact number at the end of the month.

There is a way and once you create that path and that plan, then your brain and your coach and all of us can come together to show you how to get there. But the number one thing I see is people being either too overly realistic or getting so far crazy like, “This year I made zero but I would like to be a millionaire this year.” You’re probably not going to go from zero to a million, but you can go to six figures. And you can go from six figures to multiple six figures. And you can go from mid-six figures to seven. Those leaps have been done before and are absolutely achievable.

You want to create that plan. How many of each package do you need to sell to get to your monthly number – your ideal number that fires you up?

Step three is the strategy to sell this bad boy and this is where most people leave you hanging. They’re like, “Great! There you go. Good luck. I hope you get those ten people at $1,000/month.” Great, jackass. I don’t know how to do that. That’s why I need a coach.

Obviously if we’re working together privately, I would custom-create a strategy for you, but I want to give you some ideas right now to help get you started. How could I actually sell those products or programs?

Strategy #1: Entry-level lead magnet

One strategy is to focus on your entry-level lead magnet. That’s number one. This is really how I built my business. It’s simple.

You’re going to go out and share your message with the world. You can give talks, teleclasses, webinars, interviews, hangouts – whatever platform you want – but your goal is just to sell an entry-level program. For me, that was Command Any Room. It was a six-week series based on my signature system and I sold it for $297. I think later in that year we bumped it up to $500 – but again, a very entry-level ,couple of hundred dollar program.

Every time I was out talking and meeting people, I was funneling them into this entry-level program. It was the way that we can pull people in and get them exposed to your content and get them excited about working with you. As they come out of that several week series, you can upsell them into your coaching programs. It makes sense.

Now they’ve spent time with you, they love your content, you’ve built a relationship. It’s so much easier to say, “Hey Barb! Hey Mary! Hey Bob! Here’s the great next step. I’m glad we got our feet wet with this program together. I’ve enjoyed working with you. Here’s where we could take you to the next level.” That’s where you can invite them into your private coaching or your group coaching program. That’s one strategy. You’re just pulling people in with your entry-level program.

Strategy #2: Strategy session funnel

This is great for those of you who like sharing your message and you’re great at what you do, but the speak-to-sell format of making an offer to big groups is still feeling intimidating or scary to you and you’re more comfortable just talking to people one-on-one and having those conversations and then offering them the help they need, you can go out there and be sharing your message and offering consultations or strategy sessions.

There are some specific things I would want to talk to you about before you do that to make sure it works. One that I can tell you right now out of the gate is: don’t call this a strategy session or a consultation. When you’re talking to people, don’t say, “Hope you enjoyed this presentation. By the way, you can sign up for a free consultation.” Nobody wants a free consultation and nobody wants to sign up for a half-an-hour sales pitch. That’s what everybody is worried is going to happen, so be real clear with people.

First off, give that consultation a name – the XYZ Breakthrough Session – and really make it about that, meaning give some meat to this conversation. Don’t coach them through the whole plan. That’s going to overwhelm people and bungle your sales. But make sure that there’s going to be value and they know there will be value in this initial session; they’re going to walk away with some meat – something to do; and that you’ll also make recommendations of products or programs that you have only if it makes sense to them. You really want to take the pressure off.

Strategy #3: Workshop or live event model

You could do a workshop or live event model. If you love getting in front of groups and you love that group energy – I love being in a room full of people, teaching them, and training them; that just gets my juices flowing – you can be going out there and sharing your message funneling people into a workshop or a live event. Then at that workshop or live event, make your offer for your high-end programs.

This type of model is great for high-end offers, masterminds, private coaching. Because you gave a short talk, that short talk sold them on being in the room with you for this workshop or live event. That could be a one-day workshop, a two-day workshop, a three-day live event. This is scalable up or down depending upon where you’re at right now in your business.

In the beginning I would give talks and funnel people into a one-day workshop, and then sell them into my private coaching. It works really well. This past year we did a big three-day event. We had 100+ people register. We did it in California at a beautiful hotel in the Coast. We gave people an amazing three-day experience, and then some people – the right people – chose to go into the Rise Mastermind and the Rock Your Talk & Biz Club.

For those big coaching programs, live events are great because you get a lot of trust and a lot of connection when you spend a day or two with people live in the room together.

Those are just a couple of ideas on how we might begin to create a profit plan for your business because you’ve got to make some money, honey! How do you do that? How do you get people to show up and then sign up for your entry-level program, sign up for your strategy session, or sign up to attend your workshop or live event? That, my friends, is about the structure of your talk. We’ll talk about that next.

Kristin can help you rock your own signature product, talk and live event…
start it up with speaking here.

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