3 types of speaking gigs and my fav way tp use speaking to grow your business

Speaking is an undeniably great way to grow your business.

But when most people think of “Speaking” they tend to think of inspirational keynotes.

Really there are three kinds of talks.
1) Paid Keynotes (you get paid to speak to a group typically for an hour)

2) Pay to Play (you invest to get in front of an audience and make an offer)

3) Speaking for Free (you speak to a group and make an offer which results in sales)

The truth is that I’ve grown my business rapidly and made some of my biggest paydays by speaking for free (and my clients have too).

Sounds kind of backwards, right?

I get it. Let me break it down a little more…

Last I checked, the National Speakers Association said the average keynote pays about $3-$5k. You go, give your talk, you leave with a check. Done. Pretty cool for sure.

My clients, definitely get invited to deliver keynote talks, however, they want to do more than just inspire people, they want to help transform them!

They are coaches, consultants, authors, influencers, and experts with a big message to share and a desire to have a big impact on their clients’ lives. Maybe you can relate?

Imagine if the talk you’ll deliver feels more like a mini-workshop. Cool, right?!

It informs and entertains everyone, and at the end, you give people the opportunity to step into deeper training.

How Speaking Can Grow Your Business

I want you leaving your talk not just with compliments, but with leads, new clients, referrals to other opportunities, and… drum roll please….cash in hand.

How exactly can rocking FREE speaking gigs (or webinars) pay off BIG for your business?

Let’s look at just a few ideas you can use in your coaching, consulting, author or expert business.

First, I want to address a common concern.

Many of you are worried that you don’t have a place to speak, and you don’t have an audience of followers yet I want you to know that that is totally okay!

There are infinite places to speak where groups are already gathered.

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Networking meetings
  • Sales or management meetings for corporations
  • Business Association meetings
  • Industry conferences and events
  • Workshops & Retreats
  • Live online webinars and teleclasses
  • On Facebook Lives 
  • In a webinar to your subscribers
  • In a webinar to another person’s subscribers

In the Rock Your Talk program and at The Rise Live Event we talk more specifically about how to craft and structure your talk to serve and sell.


Sample ORder Form Selling From the Stage

1. A free offer:

Always have a digital “gift”  you offer in exchange for just their name and email that allows you give a little more after your talk, and add new names and emails to your contact list for follow up later.

HOT TIP on MAKING A FREE GIFT: A great free gift is valuable, easy to use, and could be a tip, tool, template or script that you pull straight from your paid program.

2. A paid offer:

Whenever possibble, especially if you’re getting paid, you want to offer a product, program or service, that will give your audience deeper training than what you provided in your talk.

An important way you serve people, is by giving them the opportunity to step up from your free information into a paid product, program, workshop or mentorship you offer.

Want help turning your expertise into a signature system, a talk you can deliver online and off, and program you can sell to multiple six figures or beyond?

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