I like to admit it when I make mistakes. And let’s face it, I’m an imperfect person. There are few things that were said to me early on in my career, that I REALLY thought were baloney– when I started my business, that I soon learned were true once I started rocking bigger revenue months, still working part time.

1. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable:

My first speaking mentor, Eric, use to say this to me and it would really irk me.

“GRRRRrrrrrrr. What’s THAT’s supposed to mean???” I’d think to myself.

“What are we all supposed to be scared all the time? How’s that going to help?

When I took my business from sputtering… to a multiple six-figure sensation working part-time, I had to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Now today– I’ll tell you that being TERRIFIED is not good. Not good for your body, your mind or your spirit. But being nervous and stretching past what’s normal for you, can be an AMAZING thing for you, and your business.

That stretch can help create a new reality… a new set of rules, and new results too.

In the beginning a $3K month part-time was normal.
Now over $30K+ months are normal. Even $30K hours are possible!
And that leap required me to do things beyond my comfort zone.

He was right. (sigh)

A Few Ideas for Worthwhile Stretches That Might Feel Uncomfortable: 

  • Raise Your Rates
  • Add a Higher Level Offer
  • Launch a New Program
  • Sell One to MANY & Add more Leverage
  • Seek Out Higher Level Partners
  • Host Your Own Event
  • Generate the Same Income Working Fewer Days!

Find out what happens, when you keep inching the bar a little higher to the place where you’re pretty uncomfy, but still functional….

That place of STREEETCH is where the magic leaps forward happen!


2. People Can Afford Anything They Decide They Want. 

I was SURE this was NOT true. Sooooooooo SURE!

I used to jump in the pity pot with people when they said they couldn’t afford a program. I used to feel sorry for them. Then inevitably I’d see them investing the amount of money they need to grow their business, in something else they didn’t need so much.

Hmm then I just felt sad for them. And I knew I had let them off the hook, and let them down.

Things People Magically Find Money For When They Say No To Your Program:

  • Shoes
  • Trips/Vacation/Adventures
  • Clothes
  • Websites
  • Famous Names & Brands
  • Fancy Cars
  • Any thing they are excited about

Realize that if you can help someone move out of a problem, and finally achieve something they’ve always wanted to, that its your job to challenge them to create the funds.

If they want it badly enough, they will find the money to invest.

So always hold space for people to step up 
into a bigger version of themselves

Not sure that’s true?

Start tracking the people who say no, and watch what the spend money on next. Maybe even watch yourself.

Self test:

Will you buy a $50k car, but think longer about a $25k investment in your business that can actually bring money BACK to your bank account?
Would you say no to a $15K investment, but possibly find yourself saying yes to three $5K investments?

3. Make Decisions Based on Where You’re Going, Not Where You Are:

Oh boy this was another toughy!

A coach once said this to me, as I was considering their coaching program, and I claimed I couldn’t afford it.

(This was Kendall Summerhawk’s sweet husband by the way who said this to me, and I later told him this story when we met at an Ali Brown gathering in Arizona)

At the time, part of me knew what he was saying was likely true, and yet the fear it brought up for me caused me to bristle and think “yeah nice pitch to get me to buy your coaching”.

But as I grew, I’m came to know it as an unavoidable truth. 

Sometimes you need to let go of something old that’s not working,
to make room for something new, that can take you where you want to go NEXT.

Here are some things you might want to add as you step into a bigger version of yourself:

  • A new level of mentorship and support to get you where you want to go
  • A few more hours of support from your assistant
  • Extra help around the house so you focus on your strengths
  • Bigger or more “high visibility” speaking gigs

My private clients often ask, “how did you grow so fast, part-time?” And the truth is that in addition to having a great strategy, I’ve brought a willing spirit.

So willing, I’ll even admit it when I get it wrong. 


I hope that sharing this tips help you learn these important lessons faster…. so that you too can catapult your business into multiple six figures and beyond!

 Your Turn! What are some important lessons you’ve learned?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to share with your social media friends too 🙂