7 rockin offers you can make from your talk (pin) (2)

If you’ve been around for a while you’ve probably heard me say,

And ideally, I’d love for you to have one main offer you focus on, so that every time you speak, you’re giving your one, rockin talk, and you’re selling your one, main offer.

This way you get known fast. You create momentum fast. And you’re not wasting your time writing and rewriting talks and programs.

But sometimes you’re feeling like, “Kristin, I don’t know WHAT to offer at the end of my talk!”?

You may not be sure because your business is new, or your business is making a shift, or it’s maybe in this moment you have limited time to work with people one-on-one & you’re not sure what else to do.

Whatever the reason, I’ve got your cure!

First, it’s always important to say that giving free talks (speaking for free) is a great way to get visible and grow your business.

You might be a coach, consultant, author, influencer or expert of some kind… these offers will work for you.

ROCKIN TIP:  A great “main offer” to make at the end of your free talk is entry-level. Remember your talk is a great introduction to you, but it’s still an introduction.

Attempting to sell people into your $30,000.00 mastermind after a 45 minute talk might be a stretch. (There is a path which I’ll share with you, but it’s just not quite this direct).

So again keep your main offer entry-level. For the average speaker and average coaching or consulting business this will be under $1000. $300-$500 works really well for most audiences.

And as many of my clients have learned, what will naturally happen when you focus on inviting people into your entry-level program, is that while the majority of the room will be ready to say “yes!” to your main offer….

… you will also find that the top performers in any room (3-5% of every room) will ask you about high-level, higher-end programs and mentorship that you might offer.

Woohoo! And Cha-Ching!

So what makes for a good, entry-level offer at the end of your talk? 

Well of course there are lots of ideas we could cook up, and if you were my client we could customize something just for you, but I thought of the most common offers that work really well for MOST people & MOST businesses. 

Okay now it’s time for you to choose an offer that will work for you!


You Can Offer A 5-6 Week Course People Can Take Online

My Rock Your Talk Program is a good example of a course people can buy (either online or off) and go through the modules online.

A several week course like this makes the perfect offer at the end of your talk, because it’s a more entry-level investment, (generally $300-$1000).

It’s a great next step for audience members who are digging your talk and ready to start really transforming with your help.

You don’t want to ask for a huge commitment of time or money, after only speaking for 30-min to an hour. And you also shouldn’t leave people hanging. (Thus, always have an offer.)

I’ve generated some sweet pay days, making $20,000.00, $30,000.00, $50,000.00 from a 1-hour talk (to 80-100 ppl) with an entry level offer of $500. That’s sales made right in the room. No follow up.

What might be possible for you?


Take the recordings of your weekly series (above) and have them transcribed, edit them lightly, put them in a binder & bundle it with your recordings, and you now have a “Home Study Course” that you can sell any time without having to deliver it live.

Once you record your weekly series (above) you can simply work with a company like Vervante (who I use) to create the shippable, home study program. They make it super easy.

Now-a-days you don’t need to create a 100 binders and keep them in your garage and pray they sell! PHEW!

With companies like Vervante, Kunaki, and Disk, you can send them over your recordings, pdfs, and graphics, and when someone buys your program they will ship off to them! Easy peasy.

Now you’re cooking with gas!

You Can Create a Home Study Program


Workshops are fun to lead & to attend. And they don’t require you to record anything!

They give you BIG IMPACT & a deep connection with your audience. This is important when you’re growing your tribe!

A workshop ticket is a great entry-level offer, and at the workshop itself, you’ll earn enough trust to offer your higher ticket products, services, or coaching. So your workshop does double-duty.

It helps you serve in a big way, and gives you the ability to make your higher-end offer at the workshop itself, selling high-end coaching, consulting or VIP Experiences, or masterminds to name a few.

(Want help developing your workshop or live event? Check out Rock Your Workshop.)


For the record, multi-day, multi- speaker live events aren’t the place to start. Better to start with a one day workshop right in your home town. 🙂

But for those of you with more experience, remember that the best way to fill your live event IS with speaking.

People who attend events, attend events! (make sense?)

So speaking is the best way to find warm leads and fill your room. Plus, since they already met you in person at your talk, their interest in you and your program will be deeper from the get-go when you see them again at your event.

Sell Tickets to a Live Event from Your Talk

The Rise Live Event in Portland Oregon


Can’t make an offer at the end of your talk? No problemo!

Give everyone the opportunity to sign up for a free webinar training! You’ll get additional time to grow your connection with the group, they’ll get additional training, and THEN you can easily make your offer on the webinar.

You can have people sign up for your webinar in person, by filling out a form.
And online… Hand down the best resource for creating a page to collect sign ups for your webinar, is ClickFunnels.
This is who I use and have for years, and I have super high converting opt in pages!

The reason why I love Clickfunnels is that they have easy use templates that are already structured to make your opt-in page high converting.

First, just customize the template (which is as easy as drag, drop, and click) and then connect to your email account, or do what I do… have your assistant setup the technical side for you.

You can pay someone one hour to set your page for you, or you can wrestle with it all day. Which is easier? 🙂

So here’s the link to the Clickfunnels free trial if you want to check it out. 

Again in this case, people attend a talk (where you can’t sell). You enroll them in a free webinar. On the webinar you make an offer.



Are you great at selling one-on-one? If you are, your offer at the end of your talk might simply be to have people sign up for a strategy session or consultation with you.

This is a great strategy particularly if you’re offering more high ticket product or service.

I have a couple of rules around this that I share with my coaching clients.

1. Give the session a name.

Do not call it a “free coaching session”. My strategy sessions are called Rock Your Talk & Profit Sessions. (Because that’s what they help you do!) 

2. Give it a value.

Free doesn’t sound valuable, and really the session is not free anyway. Your time is valuable! How much would a client pay for your time? The Rock Your Talk & Profit Session is worth $1,000.00

3. Create a qualifying step to weed out people who are not serious about working with you.

Have people complete an application, questionnaire or intake form before meeting with them. If you want to chat with people who are interested in working with you, then they will have no problem giving you a little information first.

Be clear with people what the session is about too!

For example:
“If you’ve enjoyed today’s talk and you’d like to discuss how we can work together privately, please take a moment to check the box to request a Rock Your Talk & Profit Session with me. Its normally $1000. I have set aside 3 for people in this group. It’s just for those of you interested in working with me further.”

When people sign up for that session, send them a link to your questionnaire and once they hit submit on that questionnaire then you can have them land on your calendar to schedule the appointment.

You can approve the appointment once you’ve reviewed their form, and this way you’re only meeting with people who are truly qualified to work with you!


And if someone is not ready to work with you, be sure to direct them to a person, place or resource where they might be better served.

Let’s all leave people better off for having met us!


Looking for partners to promote your product or program? Looking for sponsors for your upcoming live event? Give a rockin talk that then invites people to take the next step and PARTNER with you! Its another great way to grow your business.

Feeling encouraged?
Got some ideas flowing?

Let me know in the comments what offer you plan to make at your talk!

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