How to Get Unstuck & Launch Your Own Program Product or Course

You don’t have to play the side kick!
Ever think about leading a workshop… or launching your own course ❌❌⠀
then get scared 😲
cancel your plans, 😳
and go back to hiding out. 🛑⠀
Maybe you buy another info product to listen to 🎧
and retreat back into thinking & “creation mode”. You’re kind of just stuck there, spinning your wheels.
I totally get it because I did it too! 😳gulp.

Yup, I was really scared to launch my first program & lead my first event.
Like major belly ache, can’t eat solid food scared. 🤢
But I knew I had to start making a living or go get a J-O-B.👎🏻
And I realized if you want to help people,
you’ve got to be willing to go out and HELP THEM! 😬


When we seek to serve first, everything gets easier. 😇 Woohoo! …⠀
I had an idea. What if I put the focus off of ME and onto YOU as my CLIENT! 🎉🔥💜
YES! Now we’re onto something.
What if instead of worrying what people think of my content,
I just start putting it out there to help people who really need it!

What if I did that even though it’s not perfect, and I make a lot of typos! (Because I do)

And yes indeed. THIS is when my business finally broke out.
And broke through. 🎉

So here’s something cool to help to get you started.💥
Because I’d love to help you get out of creation mode, into money-making action! 💵

Here’s a little peek at what’s in the triple training bundle:
1) Rock Your Revenue Roadmaps +
2) Your Stand Out Brand Personality +
3) The Rockin Talk Template So You Can Create a Great High Converting Talk or Webinar

It makes me super happy to give this away to help you get started.
Click here to check it out.

But more important… I hope you DECIDE to get into action!
(And maybe even come join me live in Portland)

How to Get Unstuck & Launch Your Own Program Product or Course (1)

Have fun & keep on rockin! 🙌