💜 INSPIRATION for the week ahead:
For my coaching / consulting / small biz friends…
🥂 Do you offer a VIP DAY?

Because this past week I had my coaching clients map out a new VIP DAY offer.

(side note: One client sold her VIP DAY within HOURS of the training! Woohoo!)

🎁 And the reason why I mentioned it is that high-ticket offers like a VIP DAY, help serve a very PARTICULAR kind of client.

Not everyone wants to work with us long term.
(gasp!) ðŸ˜‰

Some people want to hire you as a consultant or specialty expert…

Usually the MORE SUCCESSFUL a person is, the bigger their goals and the faster they like to get going & implement! ðŸƒðŸ»â€â™€ï¸

👉🏻 You go in, you fix the thing/implement, you get out.

👉🏻 You go in, map out a rockin strategy & plan, you get out.

👉🏻 You go in, give them an immersive experience, get out.

There’s lots of ways it can work!

But you can see how this works for everyone from a Medical Spa… or a Weight Loss Expert… or a graphic designer… and a business consultant.

And you can see how this offer is different than let’s say, a year-long mastermind experience.

VIP Days are great to have in your back pocket when you speak, for the person who doesn’t necessarily want to go through your entire course…

Because they are farther along,
and want that BIG RUSH of results in a shorter time period.

My highest-level clients often hire me for my High Converting Talk VIP DAY. I give this to clients who want me to custom craft (or revamp) their talk and the sales strategy… so it’s more on brand, and client generating!


We have a prep session with pre-work, so we can hit the ground running, and so that I have everything I need to be most helpful.

(this is a good idea to set expectations and prepare the client for success)

We have VIP DAY itself where we craft or revamp the talk & the strategy behind the talk. This is a BIG DAY with lots of progress.

(Providing the recording is a nice gift from the day)

You don’t have to do this, but my VIP DAYs also come with a few private follow-up coaching sessions & messenger access to me.

This way my clients can road test their talk and come back to talk about how to fine tune, optimize, & scale.

Wooohooo! It’s a hot little package right?!

💥But… a VIP DAY is NOT the only high-ticket offer you can consider, of course.

And we’ll talk about this and more tomorrow in a special Monday LIVE with my friend Craig Severinsen.

How to Sell Out High Ticket Offer to Rock Your Revenue!

📆 You can join us tomorrow LIVE at 11am PST | 2pm EST
as we kick off your week on a HIGH note!

🔥 Can you close ONE high ticket deal this coming week?
I bet you can!

See you then!