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Speaking is an undeniably great way to grow your business. You will quickly position yourself to stand out in the market and can generate a rush of hot leads, and 3 to 30 new clients right there in the room (no tech and no follow necessary).

But when most people think of “Speaking” they tend to think of inspirational keynotes.

When we boil it down… there are three main kinds of talks:
1) Paid Keynotes  (you get paid to speak to a group typically for an hour)
2) Pay to Play (you invest to get in front of an audience and make an offer)
3) Speaking for Free (you speak to a group and make an offer which results in sales)

The truth is that I’ve grown my business rapidly and made some of my biggest paydays by speaking for free (and my clients have too). Sounds A$$-Backwards right? I get it. Let me break it down a little more…

Last I checked, the National Speakers Association said the average keynote pays about $3-$5k. You go, give your talk, you leave with a check. Done.

My clients however, want to do more than just inspire people, they want to help transform them! They are coaches, consultants, authors and experts with a big message to share and a desire to have a big impact on their clients’ lives. Maybe you can relate?

The talk you’ll deliver is more like a mini-workshop. It informs and entertains everyone, and at the end, you give people the opportunity to step into deeper training. I want you leaving your talk not just with compliments, but with leads, and clients, and cash in hand.

  • My client Mary just spoke for free locally, and generated $20,000.00. 
  • Jen walked away with $16,000.00 in recurring monthly income, from her first talk ever.
  • And my own talks have generated $30,000.00, $40,000.00 yes even $50,000.00.

How will you use your talk to grow your business?

Free Talk ===> Weekly Online Training Series

Making an entry-level offer at the end of your talk is perfect (and exactly what I suggest you do) because its a more entry-level investment, (generally $300-$1000). Its a great next step for audience members.

You don’t want to ask for a huge commitment of time or money, after only speaking for 30-min to an hour with people.

I’ve generated some of my BIGGEST pay days, making $20,000.00 even 30,000.00 from a talk with an entry-level offer of $550.

Free Talk ===> Do It Yourself Home Study Course

Take the recordings of your weekly series (above) and have them transcribed!

Put it all together in a binder or in a membership site, and you now have a Home Study Course that you can sell any time without having to deliver it live.

Now you’re cooking with gas!

Free talk ===> Local One Day Workshop

Workshops are fun to lead & to attend.

They give you  BIG IMPACT & a deep connection with your audience, which is hard to create in today’s mostly online world.

A workshop ticket is a great entry level offer, and at the workshop itself you’ve earn enough trust to offer your higher ticket products, services, or coaching.

Free Talk ===> Live Multi-Day Event

Big multi-day, multi- speaker live events aren’t the place to start for most people. Though I’ve had clients leap into them and generate six figures! 

But if you’re newer in business or if you haven’t led a workshop before, you might start with a one-day workshop right in your home town. 🙂

But for those of you with more experience, remember that they best way to fill your live event IS with speaking.

People who attend events, attend events! (make sense?) So speaking is the best way to find warm leads and fill your room.

Plus, since they already met you in person at your talk, their interest in you and your program will be deeper from the get-go when you see them again at your event.

My first 3-day event generated $250,000.00 and we were able to grow it from there, as our strategy improved.

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Free Talk ===> Live Webinar

Can’t make an offer at the end of your talk?

No problem. Give everyone the opportunity to sign up for a free webinar training!

You’ll get additional time to grow your connection with the group, they’ll get additional training, and THEN you can easily make your offer on the webinar.

Btw you can hope on an upcoming Rock Your Talk training here.

Each slide leads the way for you, I’ll the way through from your open, to the main content, all the way through every step of the offer.

All you do is customize and go Rock Your Talk! Super easy.

Free Talk ===> Strategy Session or Consultation

Are you great at selling one on one? If you are, your offer at the end of your talk might simply be to have people sign up for a strategy session or consultation with you.

This is a great strategy particularly if you’re offering more high ticket product or service.

My client Mary booked free talks around town, and used this exact strategy to generate her first $70,000 month!

Free Talk ===> Promotional Partners

Looking for partners to promote your product or program?

Looking for sponsors for your upcoming live event?

Give a rockin talk that then invites people to take the next step and PARTNER with you!

It’s another great way to grow your business.

Sign up for the next Rock Your Talk online class here. It’s free, and an easy way to see if this is for you.