Speaking is one of the best ways I know to gain more followers, hot leads, and happy clients.

And I hope you’re seeing that speaking isn’t just for stages anymore.
It’s for FB Live, Webinars, Instagram videos and more.
And if you’re not out there… your competition will be.

So I’d love to show you how to get more visible, even if you worry that….

You’re too introverted.
You don’t have an audience to speak to.
You’re not experienced enough in your area of expertise.

Today we’re breaking through those worries, and I’m getting you to dive in with me & start setting some goals that I hope get you pretty jazzed.

I just set some fresh goals and what do you know…

In the last 7 days I closed $28,764.00 in new business (not including online sales).

(what a quinky dink!) 😉

How much would you IDEALLY love to make each month?

$5k more?
$10k more?
$25k more?
$50k more?

In today’s video I’ll walk through a few different scenarios (depending on what you offer) that can add $10K-$50K to your month.

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