RYBL043: How Nick Unsworth Rocks Facebook & Live Events

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PodcastEpisodeNickSo, you’ve faced your fears and scheduled a live event. It doesn’t matter if it’s one day or three days long, YOU DID IT!!! I am so proud of you!! Now, are you ready for the next step to ensure your event is on fire? Next up – finding creative and inexpensive ways to fill up your program and grow your list. Sounds extremely hard, I know! But listen in, because I have a special treat for you to help you get started.

Joining me today to talk about just that topic is Nick Unsworth. Nick is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and host of the #1 inspirational show for entrepreneurs on iTunes, Life on Fire TV. Nick has sold a business by the time he was just 30 years old, coached over 1750 entrepreneurs and consulted with companies like The New York Times, Keller Williams Real Estate, Safeco Insurance and many, many more. Nick is the CEO of LifeOnFire.com. His joins us today to inspire you to take charge, do what you love, relentlessly pursue your passion and live your big dream.

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • How Nick caught the entrepreneurial bug.
  • How Nick went from $50,000 in debt to selling his first successful business BEFORE he turned 30!
  • Why Nick quit a 300k a year job.
  • Nick’s killer way of handling his fears.
  • Why Nick LOVES webinars.

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