Start Me Up With Speaking: how to rock your signature talk, product, & event

Speaking Shmeeking!
Anyone can “talk” about speaking, right?

But I want to be sure you learn the real deal. And I want to help you really get your message out there in a big way.

Last year alone, I generated $501,003.00 in sales in the office M-W-F.
Where’d the 3 bucks come from. I just don’t know! 😉

But I do know how I generated business:
1. Speaking virtually
2. Speaking live at a few events
3. Hosting my own multiple six-figure generating event

So here’s the dealio… I’m going to teach a new class next week called

Its new. And it will give you a behind the scenes peek at how you too can use speaking to take your biz to the next level.

I’m going to share with you how you can create a signature talk, product and event, to rock your biz to the next level.

And I’m going to show you 5 different six-figure generating revenue streams.
If you’re just getting started, maybe you’ll just use one.
(that’s totally cool!)

If you already have a strong business, maybe you’ll ADD a six figure revenue stream.

Heck maybe you’ll be like me and enjoy a $500K YEAR!

Oh yeah, and when you register for the class, as an extra gift, I’m going to GIVE you my new Ebook CLOSING THE ROOM!

CLOSING THE ROOM is a detailed 28-page course in connecting, influencing, and converting, and its straight out the Rock Your Talk & Biz Club!

And one lucky action-taker who steps up into the THE START ME UP CLUB during the webinar, will win a fully paid annual scholarship + bonus package worth over $8000.00!

Pretty fun, right?

The great thing is that you can let this training meet you where you are right now, and it will help take you where you want to go next!

So be sure to sign up. Enjoy the free ebook. And then I’ll see you on the training on Wednesday!

And keep on rockin!
P.S. Just head over to and you can join me live—- its the only way to really experience this training & possibly win a kick-a$$, super valuable scholarship in THE START ME UP CLUB.

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