Hosting a workshop can be a scary thing.
You might have heard the story of how (and why) I led my first workshop.

The economy was tanking, and our financial status was was rough after a high-risk pregnancy + a hospital stay on bed rest + baby Gavin’s stay in the Neonatal ICU, left us swamped with medical bills.

t was really the only thing I figured I could sell!
I didn’t have a product.
I didn’t have a “program”.

But somehow I figured if I could get some people in a room for a few hours, I could teach them something valuable and it would all work it. And so it was.

(If you’re curious I’ll tell you the story here.)

I get asked a lot by people starting out,
“I dont’ know what to offer at the end of my talk!”
and if you like to teach, a workshop is a great place to start!

Here are a few simple tips on getting started:

1. Pick a date! (its the only way to avoid getting stuck in perpetual prep mode)
2. Choose an offer you can make at the end of your talk. (coaching? vip days?)
3. Choose your workshop topic so it feeds into the offer you will make at the end.
4. Start booking talks around town for 2-3 months leading up to your workshop, so that you can sell tickets and get butts in seats! (same topic as your event just a shorter “signature talk” version of it)
5. Make your workshop ticket offer extra juicy by considering ways to beef it up (can you tell I’ve eating a lot of protein!) 😉

  • Add a coaching session with the workshop ticket
  • Add “bring a guest for free”
  • Add a supplemental audio or video program

Now we could obviously go way deeper on the topic, but I hope this helps you see how to get started, and if you want to learn a little more, check the new WORKSHOPAPALOOZA program.