You are a Champion On The Rise

Welcome to the Rise Tribe.
You are important.
You make a difference.
You are successful.
You are here for a reason.
You are a champion on the Rise.

We are here to make difference.
Our primary purpose is to rise up & lift others.

The Champions On the Rise

I will conquer what has never been conquered.
Defeat will not be in my creed.

I will believe where all those before me have doubted.
I will always endeavor to uphold the honor and respect of my colleagues.
I have trained my mind and my action will follow.

Who am I? A Champion on the Rise

I acknowledge the fact that many do not expect me to win and I will never surrender.
weakness will not be in my heart.
I will look to my colleagues, family, friends, and to those who have trained me
and I will draw strength from them

Who am I? A Champion on the Rise

I gladly step on to the stage, into the spotlight, rise up and lead.
I will move, groove, and show the world what I got.

I will not shrink my light to make other’s comfortable.
I will not hold back. I will arrive at my rightful place at the table.
Because I need no invitation to succeed.

Who am I? A Champion on the Rise

To my side I have comrades who’ve been with me through thick and thin,
Through sacrifice through blood sweat and tears
Never will I let them fall. Never will I let them down.
Because we stand stronger when we stand together.

Who am I? A Champion on the Rise

No one will deny me. No one will DEFY me
and no one will tell me who I can and can not be
Belief will change my world.

Its has moved countries, and put a man on the moon
And It will carry me through

Who am I? A Champion on the Rise

Defeat, retreat those are not in my words.
I do not understand those definitions.
I do not understand giving up.
I do not understand giving in

My heart and my mind will carry me
even on days when my body doesn’t want to.

Who am I?  A Champion on the Rise

Today will be that day,
Not tomorrow, not next week,
but right now right here
in this house, and in this home.

Who am I? Champion on the Rise.

Those I serve will remember my name.
And the world outside does not need to be kind because
I will define myself. I will write my own praise

NO one will tell me who I can or can not be.
And I will never let go,
not without giving this dream everything I’ve got.

Who am I? A Champion on the Rise

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