FIRST, A FRIENDLY WARNING: This is the world’s longest post. Okay, I have no idea if that’s true, probably not, but it’s certainly my longest. It’s detailed and step-by-step.  But if you’d prefer to watch a video tutorial you can pop over and I’ll walk you through the template on video & give you the downloadable template. Okay on with the show! 🙂

Step by Step How to Craft Your Talk with my 9 Step Talk Template

I’ve been working with leading coaches, consultants, experts, and authors for years…. the kind of people who really want to make a big difference.

I’ve helped so many of them get highly-visible while creating big waves of leads, and clients, and cash flow… while being totally true to who they really are. And we’ll talk about why that’s so important here in a minute.

The key lies in knowing how to Rock Your Talk.

It’s the secret to growing your visibility your impact and your income all at the same time. What does not work in this industry is being invisible in the market. So we definitely need you to stop hiding.

Because it’s a terrible feeling to know you could be making a big difference but have not as many clients as you’d like…. or have not enough people reading your book, or taking a workshop or going through your program! We cannot have that.

That said, if we put you in the spotlight we also want to make sure you’re not mimicking market leaders. It is a common misstep and it’s a great way to shoot yourself in the foot.

You’ll lose credibility authority and you’ll lose the opportunity to create a true connection with your audience.

And while there are many ways to help you stand out and get visible, the strategy we want to use has got to give you leverage.

Because if not, if the way we get you visible is time consuming and draining, you’ll end up burnt out, tired, sick, and unhappy.

I want you to have the kind of success that really lights you up.

So how do you do that? Your Rock Your Talk, baby! 🙂

We’re not talking about “stuffy speeches” or “polished presentations”, and we’re not talking about making you be something or someone that you’re not.

We’re talking about your message and your uniqueness being the secret weapon to your business catching fire.

It’s important that you understand that your biggest secret weapon in your business is YOU.

And if you truly want to have a big impact and big income in today’s market you cannot follow the pack. You need to be a leader and this means having your own message, your own voice, and your own platform.

(If you haven’t yet, you can download the Brand Personality Blueprint & watch the free video training too.)

archetype brand personality blueprint

Your brand personality & your expertise are going to help your talk be more YOU–
and today, we’re going to dive into the Rockin Talk Template.

And there’s a lot to the template and we could obviously go into detailed “how-to’s” on each section of your talk, but to keep this right-sized, I’m going to focus in on some of the most important tips and best practices that I’ve learned over the years about high-converting talks.

And in fact I’m going to start with a quick tip for you right now.

Please know that you do not need to take this talks template and then write out your talk word for word.

Do not write your talk out, word for word. This will only hold you back from being yourself, and getting your talk out of creation mode, and into action for your biz.

Also, if there is a component I mention that kind of stumps you, a part of the talk that you’re not sure what to do with … Do not freak out. It’s all good in the hood sisters (and brothers). Just breathe and know we can fill in gaps later. 🙂

The Rockin Talk Template has been proven and road-tested. Meaning, I did not pull it out of the sky. I have given hundreds of talks. I’ve spoken to thousands of people. And I’ve single-handedly generated over 7 figures with my talk.

I’ve also taught industry leaders this method and watch their results skyrocket too.

I’ve made all the mistakes imaginable that you could make already. I tested them every which way but loose. So you, my friend, you can just cut to the chase and enjoy using a proven template.

So stay with the template for now and later when your results are rock solid then you play with the structure a little, but not yet please. 

Use a Proven Step By Step Template To Craft Your Talk

Think of the Rockin Talk Creation Template is kind of like a safety net that keeps you on track. Even if you don’t do a perfect job delivering your talk (and listen, none of my talks are perfect) it will help guide you– so that great results can still happen.

It’s kind of like how an auto pilot on a plane doesn’t make the plane fly in a total literal straight line from takeoff to landing, but it does help the plane stay on track so that you end up exactly where you intended on going. So that’s pretty great news, right?

You can give a totally imperfect talk and still leave with leads and clients.

You totally can. So you know that the goal is not to give a perfectly polished talk. In fact, I think in today’s market, super “staged talks” with choreographed hand gestures can sometimes backfire. It can feel inauthentic to the audience.

So if you were worried you could now officially breathe a sigh of relief because perfection is not the goal… connection is.

First let’s talk real quick about three common missteps. You definitely want to avoid when it comes to crafting your talk.

The first challenge I call “The Winger”.

You’re confident and comfortable on stage which is great. And the downside is that sometimes your confidence tells you you don’t need a plan.

So you’re kind of out there winging it. And the big problem with that is that you’re inconsistent your content or you say things and it’s all inconsistent. So your closing ratio will be inconsistent. And accordingly, so will your audience experience.

The second challenge I call the Teacher.

The Teacher loves to teach and serve! You want everyone to learn a lot of your talk and all of that is great. But the big problem here is with overwhelm. You are drowning yourself and your audience in a big pile of content.

You want to give so much that you actually overwhelm yourself just trying to craft your talk and you overwhelm your audience when you’re delivering. And the audience will come away overwhelmed or thinking they just learned everything there is, and they don’t need to hire you.

In this situation, your audience is not served at the highest level and you’re left with compliments on your very nice talk, but few (or no) new clients to speak of.

And then lastly there is “The Polisher”.

The Talk Polisher will never give their talk, because The Polisher wants the talk to be perfect. And I’m going to be bold here in an effort to serve you and say your talks will never be perfect. As Mark Zuckerberg famously says “Move fast and break things.”. Yup!

Your talk will be perfectly imperfect just as it’s meant to be. Meaning it will be great! It will be real. It’ll impact lives and attract clients who dig you for who you really are.

Here The Step-by-Step Rockin Talk Template for Creating Your Talk to Serve & Sell.

Section One: Your Talk, Webinar, or Presentation’s Introduction

One thing you’ll learn if you study memory training is that the mind (and more specifically your memory) naturally remembers the very first thing and the very last thing that it hears.  People remember the first and last thing we do not want you to use your first moments on stage as a warm up.

We’ve all seen the guy or gal who starts talking and they’re shuffling papers and sifting through their flashcards trying to get them in the right order stammering and stumbling around the first five minutes of their talk and then they finally get in the groove.

The challenge is that if you use your first moments to “warm up”  you’ve already lost people.

So here are a few quick tips to use in your Rockin Talk Introduction to get the room rockin from the get go!

#1) Dress in alignment with your brand personality.

#2) Hit the stage with your rally song and again I gave that to you inside your brand personality blueprint. And of course you’re free to come up with a song of your own.

By the way you can check out a playlist of rally songs on my You Tube channel here called Songs To Hit The Stage with. There are songs for every brand personality in there (the same ones listed on your blueprint)

#3) Know exactly what you want to say first and practice it, so that you’re confident and ready when you hit the stage or step to the front of the room.

#4) Make a case for your topic that you enjoy your topic are very worth listening to. Imagine you’re a lawyer and these are your opening remarks. You’ve seen Law & Order. Let’s make a great case for your topic and how it can help solve problems.

Section Two: Share Your Personal Story of Triumph Using What You Teach

Next you want to share your personal story and it’s important to share your own path from struggling to success and to be willing to be a little vulnerable on stage because it will help build the bridge between you and your audience.

I often share about when my son was born and how we had this very high-risk pregnancy and how doctors even told us we shouldn’t have our son.

And I share the story because between tests and biopsies and me being on bed rest in the hospital, and his stay in the neonatal intensive care unit, we were left with a huge stack of medical bills (and of course I was at home not working with no maternity pay)

We were in a really tough financial position and it is that position that gave me the courage to give my very first talk on my own for my own company.

I booked that talk with a local networking group. I spoke to them in the middle of a restaurant. I spoke to 40 people and when I asked how many would like to come back to attend a full day workshop 30 people said “yes” and bought a ticket for just $100.

So I walked in there flat broke and I left with $3000 dollars and that day I was totally sold on speaking.

I share that story a lot because it’s how I started and it’s important for people to know that my talks didn’t always generate $10k, $50K, or $100k paydays.

It’s important because if you don’t know that *I* started at the beginning you might not think it’s okay for *you* to start at the beginning.

So consider the moment you were first convinced (through your own experience) that your expertise really WORKS.

Section Three: The Gathering Questions

The Gathering Questions are a set of two questions that when asked will gathers the room together and gets the room interacting with you.

How many of you are already experienced speakers?
How many of you have never given a talk before?

These questions would genuinely help me get to know the room, and allow me to make the case that my talk can be helpful to BOTH groups of people.

Likewise, we want your questions to pull together  & get some interacting going.

Section Four: The Wow Demo

You could call the WOW Demo an “attention getter”. This is the moment you wan to let everyone in the room to sit up and take notice.  So ideas for attention getters are:

startling statistics

a attention getting picture

a story or allegory

a quiz or assessment

Section Five: Main Teaching Points

By now you have a really strong opening to your rockin talk, webinar or presentation.

You look on brand, your song played, you connected with the audience through your story. You’ve got everyone interacting with your questions, and you even got them sitting up and paying attention with your WOW Demo.

Now you’re ready to get into the main content the main content. Now inside The Rock Your Talk Training Program I’m going to show you how to organize your content. All the stuff you know into modules or keys or steps and those steps are going to get plugged in right here.

But in the meantime, take a moment to think of the most important key things you need to teach people on your topic to be of the highest service. The stuff that they are really excited to know.

Remember you must be sure to stay on track and help see that you can help them.

So your talk or presentation is not the place to teach every essential boring nuts and bolts part of what you do.

It’s also not the proper place to dive so deep in detailed training because you will lose people and probably confuse them.

We’re here to add impact and serve, so the instead your talks job is to show people what’s possible to give them a bit of success.

So stick with the most important critical things you can teach that people get most excited about knowing hot tip here.

If you follow the Rock Your Talk Program most of the people who want to work with you are already ready! They are just waiting to hear what to do next:

Sections Six – Nine: The Conclusion

These last four steps make up your conclusion and will help you comfortably and confidently attract more leads and clients from your talk, webinar, or sales presentation.

Section Six: The Review
Now that you’ve been teaching, we’re to pause for a moment and tell them 1) what you gave them so far and2)  then tell them what they still need to get where they want to go next. (That is one the parts people often skip when making their offer.)

Section Seven: The Invitation
Then, you’re going to invite your audience to get that “stuff they still need”… inside your product or program.

Share your helpful resource with them, so that they can get moving!

Show them what’s possible and how your program will give them the results they really want.

Now I do want you to know the invitation or offer itself has several steps inside of it, if we were to go deeper on the topic of making offers.

Let me just tell you the most important one right now.

Don’t sell me the components of your program sell me on the results each component will give me.

Section Eight: The Instructions
This is really simple yet critical part of making your offer.

Be sure you tell people how to say yes to your offer and give them a way to say yes right then and there.

We go deeper into why this is inside of the Rock Your Talk Program but know that the best chance you have to serve someone who’s with you right then ….is to serve them right then and there.

So do yourself a favor and your audience a big favor & encourage everyone who is ready to go ahead and rock it out with you right there.

Section Nine: Rally The Room.
Now remember that people remember the first and last thing they hear so we don’t want to end your talk on a practical note of instructing people on how to enroll.

And if you remember back in video two I share with you that people buy on emotion backed by facts (but not just facts alone). So we want to anchor back to emotion now and the emotion that best supports a transformation for the room.

So ask yourself how you want your audience to feel. Then ask what your wish is for them.

Sharing this at the end of your talk will give an inspirational and motivational feel to the ending assuring that people who don’t buy will leave loving your talk and people who are ready to rise up will get some rockin results saying “yes” to your offer right then and there.

Okay Kristin, This is a Long Post, Sister! Wrap It Up Already!

So this is the template for your one super rockin talk.

And I know we’ve covered a lot and I’ve been talking fast and I want to remind you that you don’t need to know it all and you don’t have to have it all nailed every section of this immediately today.

So I always say that the perfect person… and the perfect business… and the perfect talk… They’re all a big fat lie a lie that if you tell yourself will keep you from doing what you’re here to do!

So please accept, no, even go so far as to ENJOY that this is a perfectly imperfect process.

One of the things I give my coaching clients is access to a video example of me rockin my talk a colleagues workshop.  I was really REALLY nervous.

You’ll see it was not a perfect talk.

You’ll also see that I follow this exact Rock Your Talk Program— and the Talk Template I just gave you.

And lo and behold, when I make the offer you will hear the pandemonium that broke loose as people rushed across the room to join the program (which generated upwards of $30,000.00 in new sales in an hour)

Your audience does not require perfection.

In fact they will often find your humanity endearing and it can bring you closer to an audience.

So a good strategy, following the five keys to Rock Your Talk, will get you the results you want even without the perfection.

Okay so here’s what I’m wondering now.

What problem will your talk solve for people?

And what was your biggest ah-ha from this training?

Let me know in the comments below!

Want to download the Rockin Talk Template? Click Here.

Craft Your High Converting Talk Webinar or Presentation Step by Step Template