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Six Simple “Speaking” Questions to Get Your Booty Back into Biz Building Action

Its easy to feel stuck sometimes…wondering how you’ll be able to grow your biz to the next level. Or how you’ll be able to fill your new (or next) product, program, or workshop. The reality is that the RIGHT ACTIONS can turn your biz around fast.

…But you’ve got to get your booty back into biz building action.

Quick Assessment: Get Your Booty Back Into Biz Building Action

Remember that SPEAKING is one of the fastest ways to get highly visible, and generate a big wave of leads and clients.

These quick six simple questions will set you back on the path to profits:

In the past 30 days have you_(1)

A few tips to really make this work for you:

1. Rock ONE Talk
Online and offline… for interviews, webinars, and teleclasses.

One message will help you stay on point, help you hone your message & get great at sharing it, and get known for the one thing you do better than anyone.

2. Always Have an Offer
FREE OFFER: When you are in situations where its not appropriate to make a paid offer, like most interviews and podcasts, a FREE offer works great.

PAID OFFER: When you can make an offer, like when you’re speaking live, or leading a teleclass or webinar, then make a great entry-level offer.

HINT: We always have both offers (one free and one paid) on our order form.
One talk. One order form.  We’re all about keeping it simple over here. 🙂

3. Serve people in a big way and you’ll always be invited back.
When you seek to serve and give your audience a great experience… then you’ll never be a loss for great opportunities.

New leads, clients, referrals to other speaking gigs, & partnership opportunities will be flowing towards you consistently when you give great content and create a great connection in your talk.

Ready for the next step?
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How to Use Speaking To Attract New Coaching or Consulting Clients


End the “Lone Wolf Syndrome”: 5 tips to Step On Stage Alone, but Leave with Fans, Followers, and Clients!

End “The Lone Wolf Syndrome”: 5 Tips to Step On The Stage Alone, but Leave with Fans, Followers, and Clients!

Listen, I don’t want to make you more nervous than you already are about speaking live, but … I want you to know that when you book a gig, you are signing up to be the lone wolf, in a them-versus-you challenge.


THEM: Your audience has an innate bond to one another even if they’ve never met before, simply because they are positioned as a group.

People feel safe in groups, and prefer to take action in groups, despite everyone claiming that they like to “think independently”.

YOU: As the speaker, you automatically set yourself apart, just by virtue of being the person in charge of the room.

Your position of power (physical and otherwise) establishes distance between you and your audience.

As a speaker, it IS important to command the room.
At the same time, you don’t want to alienate the room either.

There is a difference between establishing your expert status, and driving a wedge between you and your audience.

Check out these 5 tips for engaging a room to make a connection with your audience:

Stories Stick: When you pass on information as a story, it reaches a different part of the brain than regular data. People don’t really make buying decisions with their brains, they make them with their gut.

One fast way to connect is to be willing to be vulnerable with your truth, and share your personal story so that people can “know you” better, before your dive into your content.

Memory Works in Pictures: If you really people to remember your points, help turn them into pictures through telling stories, or by literally asking them to “picture it”! Vivid & specific details let your audience experience your story with you.


Ask Don’t Tell: You change roles for a second when you ask your audience a question. Going to them for information will get their attention, and will engage them in what you’re doing on stage. It also requires them to engage so you want to start asking questions in the beginning of your talk so that they know from the get-go that this talk is one to pay attention to.

Use phrases like: How many of you….? By a quick of hands…, Raise your hand if you’ve ever…..

Get People Interacting: Try conducting a quick networking activity, exercise, or survey. Have people share their answers with each other or volunteer to share them with the room. This is a great way to change the energy of your talk, and create interaction in the room. As long as YOU LEAD, and don’t let the room get away from you.

Shake It Up!: Rather than just providing all the information to your room, make your audience THINK…..REALLY THINK!

Try a “Wow!” demo and show em instead of just telling them.

Like OxyClean getting stains out, Ginsu Knives cutting through the soda can, or the Crazy Glue guy hanging from the beam high above the ground…. a wow demo gets your attention!

Try a shocking statistic, share a thought-provoking quote, shocking picture, or give them a puzzle.

Make a great point, in a way that’s WAY MORE INTERESTING than just saying,  “Hey! This glue is really strong.”

Overcome the them-versus-you challenge by learning to engage your audience while you’re teaching them. When you make an emotional connection, people are much more likely to want to move forward with you.

You want your talk to say, “Sit up and listen to me! This is serious stuff.” Make the effort to engage your audience on a variety of levels. Create the connection you need to get everyone on your side, and just watch the difference you make at the back table.

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Get More Speaking Gigs (2 common traps to avoid!)

Been thinking of using speaking as one of your top ways to position yourself in a crowded marketplace, and to create a wave of new leads, clients, & cash? First you need to learn how to get more gigs! And while its not hard to do, there are few “easy to fall for” traps you’ll want to avoid.

Watch now and/or read on below!

MYTH #1: Send an email that says “Do you take outside speakers?”

This top mistakes I see was being promoted by other (mistaken) coaches. The person you’re emailing is busy, and likely underpaid, and overworked. You’re email will end up in the trash bin.


1. Pick up the phone! Call Chambers, Associations, Networking Groups, Companies, and Events.

2. Offer to help! Instead of asking for something, OFFER something. Pitch a “program” or “talk” that will solve a problem that their group is likely top have.

3. Make it stand out! Have a promotional handout about your TALK. Over here at SpeakServeGrow we call it your ROCKIN TALK ONE SHEET. This sheet pitches your talk and how it will help their audience.  Send it along with your bio, pics and testimonials to seal the deal.

MYTH #2: You want to outsource the job!


1. People want your content through YOU. That’s what makes it interesting and different. Its your unique perspective on your topic. And the best person to represent that is….. YOU!

2. The person who books you wants to like you & trust you. So if they hear your voice, enjoy talking to you on the phone, and believe you care about helping their event and their audience, they are MUCH more likely to book you.

3. No one will fight for your business, and get you the BEST, most highly-profitable gigs….like YOU WILL. You will always be your best advocate, and speaking is so highly lucrative, its worth making a little extra effort by making the calls yourself.

Have questions about getting more gigs? Want to share what types of speaking gigs have been working for you? Give us a shout in your comments below.

The Top 3 Reasons You’re Not Ready to Start Speaking and 5 Reasons Why That’s a Bunch of BALONY!

Here’s the thing. The next person who tells me the aren’t ready to start speaking is going to get WHOMPED!

Because I can’t take it anymore! First, you already speak to people, so you’re already speaking! And second, if you haven’t started to speak to groups, well you need to reconsider that too.

Here’s the top three reasons people give me to explain why they’re not ready to start speaking:

1. I don’t have a talk prepared.
2. I don’t have any experience.
3. I don’t know where to start.

5 reasons why that’s a bunch of baloney!

1. You are more capable then you give yourself credit for.

How in the world do I know this about you? I know this, because its the human condition. We play small. We make excuses for keeping things to same, so that we don’t have to step out of your comfort zone. But here’s the thing:

If I can do this, you can do this. I have helped people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and even 80-something’s speak-to-sell with more power, purpose, and profitability! So I KNOW you can do it too!

2. You can write your talk in less than a week, a day (or an hour).

You know your business. You know your client’s top questions. You know your favorites little juicy nuggets you like to share with people when you first meet them.

If you and I were on the phone right now, we’d have an outline together in minutes flat! You’d have the right topic, the right hook, and the right offer. I’ve done it over and over again. The challenge is making the decision and getting the support to see it through successfully so that you get the results you want and need.

3. Experience is overrated. And “chutzpa” or “spunk” is WAY UNDER-RATED.

You don’t need experience. I had zero experience the first time I went and spoke to a group and closed over $1500 in business.

What you really need is solid preparation, a great strategy, and the willingness to go do what others won’t.

4. If you don’t know where to start, GO FIND OUT!

Its honestly not a secret anyone is keeping from you, I swear! Heck I’m shouting it from the mountain top! Here’s basically what you need:

  1. a phone & willingness to pick it up, so you can call chambers, associations, networking groups, and clubs and book speaking gigs!
  2. a catchy talk title and 3-5 bullet points that you’ll cover in your talk.
  3. a promotional flyer or one sheet (that takes about 10 minutes to put together.) recapping who you are, the topic, and the take-away’s of your talk. (Maybe get a little jazzy and add a picture and a few testimonials and you’re done!)

5. Life Rewards Action.

Life doesn’t really get super excited about all your reasons why you can’t do something. HOWEVER, when you make the decision to DO SOMETHING POSITIVE, to take a step forward into action, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that clients & opportunities also step forward towards you!

The second speaking engagement I ever did was to just 5 people. Sounds lame right? Well that lame little room, with its measly 5 people brought in over $1000. Not too shabby for hour’s work. So begin to shift your mindset. Just get out in front of more people more often, and watch your business grow, watch your leads flow in, watch new clients enroll, watch referrals pile up!

So go out & speak your mission, serve your purpose & grow your business TODAY!


Until we meet again…

Remember to speak your message and your mission in a way that converts more paying clients.
Serve your purpose in a bigger, brighter way.
Grow your business, do what you love ,and make more money!

Be well!

Kristin Thompson
Founder – Speaker – Coach

How the “Ask and Tell Two-Step” Doubles Your Sales!

Ever feel like your presentations are a little lackluster?

Sometimes we get the feeling that “great rapport” is something that happens naturally, but its important to recognize that we can take specific action to help to create it!


When your presentation is engaging and interactive you’ll find that you:

  • Will close a higher percentage of sales
  • Have greater impact
  • Become more memorable
  • Be perceived as more in control and more of an expert
  • And let’s face it, they’re also more fun for everyone involved!

So there are plenty of good reasons to take a moment and learn how to engage your audience of one or many!

You know you’re succeeding when:

  • You’re enjoying a strong closing ratio
  • Your audience (of one or many) consistently responds and reacts to you
  • Hands are popping up to your questions
  • Notes are being taken
  • Questions are being asked
  • People are sitting forward
  • The room has energy

Signs that you’ve got some work to do include:

  • Lack of sales
  • Blank stares
  • Slumped posture
  • Lack of response to questions
  • Crossed arms

The Key to Interaction is to ASK for it! It really is as simple as inviting your audience in to your presentation with questions!

THE MOST CRITICAL TIME TO ASK IS… at the end of your introduction, so that you set the example early on, that your talk/sales presentation/meeting requires their participation. Its not time for your audience to tune out, its time for them to tune in!

Below are two different types of questions that you can ask in the beginning of your presentation so that you start off with the right energy, create connection, and break the barrier that exists between you and your audience!


It will create interaction, and also give you a bit of information about the room, and the various opinions in the room. For example I could ask:

“How many of you feel that presentation skills impact your closing ratio by at 50%? 60%? How many of your think more than 60%”


(This is something I teach to my private clients and its super cool!) A “Gathering Question” is one question, asked two different ways, to scoop up the whole of the room. So you get the “Yes people” and the “No people” all on one bus!

Sample Gathering Question:

“By a quick show of hands, how many of you regularly speak to groups in order to attract more clients and gain greater visibility?

Okay great, and how many of you do not speak to groups yet? Great well you’re all in for a treat because today we’re talking about….”

See how by asking this question, I’ve effectively involved everyone, gotten a response for everyone, and made the presentation applicable to everyone in one swift move! This strategy is fast, easy to use, and works like a charm!

Creating this response and rapport is a strong step towards getting a yes. And we know for sure that without it, there is no YES in your future.

So take a moment to create a few questions that you can use in your next presentation! Your audience will thank you and it will surely show in your results!

Until we meet again…

Remember to speak your message and your mission in a way that converts more paying clients.
Serve your purpose in a bigger, brighter way.
Grow your business, do what you love, and make more money!

Be well!

Kristin Thompson
Founder – Speaker – Coach

Ready for a Business Breakthrough?

If you know me, you know that I am super passionate about helping you grow your business.

So if you’ve been feeling like your business could use a little boost, or your presentations could use a little polish, you’d like to attract and close more business, and you’re ready for a breakthrough then I’d like to invite you 
to take advantage of a special (F*R*E*E*) “Skyrocket Your Sales” 1-on-1 coaching session where we will work together to…

=> Create a crystal clear vision for the sales success you desire
 (we’ll set targets for prospecting activities, and ‘close ratios’ that 
will give you the income and the lifestyle you desire)

=> Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your 
sales success (we’ll pinpoint specific areas that cause breakdowns 
in the sales process so you can make immediate changes)

=> Leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to
 break your personal sales records and enjoy a great income.

I obviously have limited space due to my speaking, coaching, and workshop schedules, but I am committed to helping as many people as I possibly can in the time allowed.

So if a breakthrough is what you need, and you’re feeling fired up, click here right now, and take me up on the offer! Just fill out the simple quick request form at the bottom of the page. That will give you the best chance at getting a FREE Skyrocket Your Sales Coaching Session!

I can’t wait to work with you! Until then, be well and make it a great day!

Pathways for Attracting Clients: The Marketing Pyramid

Sometimes we’re so close to our own business that we don’t see the forest through the trees. Or is it that we forget to see the trees, and only see the big forest? 🙂 Hmm well either way, one thing I do know for sure is that its important to take time to get some perspective on the way you’re attracting new clients.

In particular, its important to consider the pathways you provide for people to get to know you, to connect, to begin their working relationship with you.

Some people meet you and will be so excited that they want to work with you in every way possible (that would be your raving fans)! Others will be a little more cautious and that’s okay too, as long as that person is moving forward in the process.

If you are like me, you don’t ever want to force or pressure people to work with you. Its not comfortable and its not attractive (and can make you look pushy or desperate). You certainly don’t want to spend time trying to work with people who are not interested. On the other hand, some buyers are not instant, and situations change. Someone who is not ready today, may be ready next month.

For instance many people meet me the first time when I am speaking at a Chamber, networking event, or at their sales or management meeting. These are short low cost or no cost spotlight presentations that introduce people to my programs.

Some people then attend a workshop, others decide to do some coaching. Organizations may decide to book me for a keynote or for a private workshop. And there may be a few people who just want to be on my email list or be fan on facebook, so that they can stay in touch and work with me down the line. There are lots of pathways.

So its  a great idea to consider all the ways people can work with you, all the levels of business you do, and all the various pathways you provide people that give you the greatest access to all many people who value what you offer (and vice versa).

The Client Attraction Marketing Pryamid is a process I take people through in The Spotlight Presentation Coaching program (as well as in laser coaching sessions) and its extremely valuable. Check it out, it could give you some great insight into how your clients experience entering into a business relationship with you, and it could give you some great ideas about new ways to attract new clients!

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