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How to Use Speaking To Attract New Coaching or Consulting Clients



Here are some super simple truths, critical DO’s and DON’Ts in order to catapult your results to the next level.

1. You can’t fake REAL.

Please don’t put on a personality. People are super perceptive– even more than they know. So while they won’t know why they aren’t moved to buy from you– a lack of sincerity will bungle sales.

2. You can’t sell what you don’t buy.

If you have a mindset challenge around sales and offering your services, you will find it hard to close business comfortably.

Or if you try to sell coaching or consulting but you won’t invest in it yourself…. ruh roh! My friend you’re in trouble. Be sure you’re in alignment in order to profit big.

3. To be a good speaker, first be a good audience member.Bo Urbanski

Fom the stage at The Rise, it was easy to see Million-Dollar Leaders & Rock Star clients alike….like Adam and Bo Urbanski, Scott Robley & Infusionsoft, Rob Schultz, and Elizabeth Anderson…all sitting up, actively listening, taking notes, hitting the mic.

The cream rises to the top in EVERY situation.

Know this, energetically its hard to ask people to pay attention to you and be respectful, if you’re not willing to give that courtesy to others.

4. The close REALLY starts in your open

 One of the top mistakes that happens when people go to close the room, is that its complete shift in energy that happens all of of a sudden at the end of their talk.

Its jarring for the audience and its uncomfortable.

HOT TIP ON CLOSING: get interaction at the beginning of your talk so that when you ask people to take action at the end…. its something that’s been happening all along.

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5. Keep on teaching through your close 

When you make your offer, keep your pace, tone, and energy the same as its been throughout your talk or workshop. And remember that you are still teaching, still inspiring, and still serving.

Remember you’re not selling swamp land in Florida! You’re encouraging people to change their lives, or have a better financial future, or great health– you’re giving them the amazing OPPORTUNITY to step into something they have always wanted.

That kind of energy, inspiration, and spirit of service will close a room.

6. Don’t get weird.

You can be weird like have purple in your hair and tell goofy stories about what happened when you walked into a WHITE OUT of a steam room and almost blindly walked right into a stranger’s lap.

but don’t GET WEIRD about making your offer.

Because if you’re uncomfortable, we’re uncomfortable.

So while feeling nervous is normal, you do want to be sure you KNOW that making your offer is a way of helping people. 

You’re giving people a unique opportunity to change… and that is a gift!  

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The Road Not Taken

You probably know the Robert Frost poem that ends….

Somewhere ages and ages hence
I will be telling this with a sigh.
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I
I took the road less traveled by
and that has made all the difference.

That quote is on my senior year book page (yes I got a whole page because there were only 20 of us in the whole senior class.

Anyway, that poem spoke to me then, and speaks to me now. I spoke a bit about it at The Rise and wanted to share a few key take aways with you too.

#1: You don’t get to the head of the pack, by following the pack.
Are you asking your friends who they coach with?
Are you looking around the room to see who else signed up for what you want?
Or do you REALLY think for yourself.
Be willing to stand up for what you believe in, and be willing to stand alone.

#2: What you want isn’t on the sidewalk
ou don’t need to run your business with reckless abandon… that’s not a good idea.
But if you’re hoping to be a wild success, while you are standing on the sidewalk holding the handrail, you might want to think again.
Success comes when you take a chance on yourself, try things about, and be willing to get some mud on your face along the way.
#3: The Road Your On, Doesn’t Take You Where You Want to Go
If the road you were on got you where you REALLY want to be, you’d be there already. So know that for big results, you usually have to venture to new places. Its going to feel scary, and uncertain, and that’s normal. 🙂

Know that to get something new you need to forge a new path, off the sidewalk, into the road NOT taken by the average person…. and down that path you’ll find less competition, greater adventures, and life-changing experiences.

Here are three questions to consider to help you along the way:

What is the next big thing you want to accomplish?

What will you need to leave behind in order to get there?
What will need to do / have / be?

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Crazy Like Conan

There’s something you might not know about me….

I know you’re thinking, “Kristin, we already know you’re crazy, we’ve seen your videos!” but that’s not what I’m talking about.

At night, I often to listen to comedy podcasts.

Not “comedy podcasts” like they are telling jokes (though they are funny), but more like podcasts where comedians talk about being comedians…..

the business, the life, and how they created success.

A comedian’s life feels strangely similar to mine.

They are as funny as I aspire to be someday….
they learn how to improvise and say YES…

they take risks for their career

and have to step into the public spotlight in order to do what they love.

The risks they take… well, they are much like ours.

You’ve got to put yourself out there.

Step into the spotlight and move people.
And to be highly successful as a coach, consultant, author or speaker, there is a public element to it all….

a willingness to be seen and to risk success or failure publicly.

Its all a little nutty, and yet there is an AMAZING payoff. Nothing beats the feeling of joy that overcomes you when you inspire people, move them into action, and change lives.

But I digress….

One of the common threads on the comedy podcast I listen to is this idea that people who won’t go to any length to go for their dream, often are not successful.

i.e. “I’ll give this 6 months… and if I don’t make it, I’m leaving Hollywood and going back home”

Generally speaking, if you’re planning your escape, you can save yourself some time, and just say goodbye now.

And those who will live and die for their craft, who’ll do it for free.

The guys who (while trying to make it in their 20’s) in their SPARE TIME host FAKE talk shows in their living room to amuse themselves on a Friday night….

They end up being comdey superstars
(and former roommates) Conan O Brien and Jeff Garlin.
Yes that’s a true story.


You’ll also notice that successful people hang out with other successful people. The number of famous people who were roommates with other famous people BEFORE they were famous will astound you.

Imagine if Conan’s roommate wasn’t Jeff Garlin, but some naysayer telling him to go out to the dance clubs on Friday night… and stop fooling himself with the idea that he’s going to be a talk show host?


Now in many ways, I’m not the biggest risk taker you’re going to meet.

But I have learned trial and error what works and what it takes to get where I want to go.

And I know this…. if you love helping people enough, love your message enough, and want to make an impact enough, you’ll find a way.

Here at SpeakServeGrow we say OVER, UNDER, OR THROUGH! 🙂

But I didn’t used to be so bold in my business.

Before…. when I was still kind of broke, I used to refuse to travel at all.

Then I realized it was holding me back… I mean really there some things you NEED to do to be successful.

And I started traveling several times a year. I don’t spend my life on the road, but I let travel into the mix… and frankly it felt like a pretty big deal.

Some travel I do is for my own training (just like those of you coming to The Rise) and some is for visibility (like when I sponsor & speak at events).

Either way, it was a stretch for me at first to invest the time and money to leave home, and yet stretching and being willing to do what it takes…

And its one of the things that caused me to catapult my business into multiple six figures in 2 years. Direct link.


Investing in coaching.

Speaking to Groups.

Hosting Your Own Workshop or Event.

I could go on…

All of these things require you to go out…beyond what the average person will do. 


When you go there. When you go all in for your business, all in with your message, all in to get the training, support, and experiences you need to transform your life… and then others…


It is all there waiting for you. The question is…. will you let your sanity take over? Keep you at home? Keep you limited? Keep you “safe”?

Or will you rise above the rest, and join the crazy ones?

Here’s To The Crazy Ones. The misfits. The rebels.
The trouble-makers. The round pegs in the square holes.
The ones who see things differently.
They’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status-quo.

You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them.
About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things.

They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world – are the ones who DO!”

-Steve Jobs / Apple

Success is a dirty journey.

TripFallRiseUpRemember that there is no golden path to success. You’re going to trip. You’re going to fall. And then its time to RISE UP. Give yourself permission to be imperfect, and to make mistakes along the way.

And have the tenacity to stay focused not on the stumbles, but on where you’re headed.

Focus on the 20% that works… and look to duplicate or expand it, and you will get where you want to go.

Sending you love and encouragement today! YOU CAN DO IT!



Freaky Friday Fact: Astronauts get taller in space


Astronauts gets taller in space. Crazy, right?

If this is possible… what’s possible for you?

I remember not long ago, the thought of being able to generate $8K / month working 3 days a week, seemed like a pretty nutty idea.

Was it really possible to generate 6 figures, working from home a few days a week?

I figured it was “unrealistic”.

But I wanted it badly enough that I went for it anyway.

Then the $8K turned to $10K and the $20K and the $20 to $30K, and so the limits become a game… they aren’t real anymore.

I know they are only in my mind.


What if we make it happen? What if there wasn’t anything holding you back?

I want to know….WHAT’s POSSIBLE FOR YOU?


I like to admit it when I make mistakes. And let’s face it, I’m an imperfect person. There are few things that were said to me early on in my career, that I REALLY thought were baloney– when I started my business, that I soon learned were true once I started rocking bigger revenue months, still working part time.

1. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable:

My first speaking mentor, Eric, use to say this to me and it would really irk me.

“GRRRRrrrrrrr. What’s THAT’s supposed to mean???” I’d think to myself.

“What are we all supposed to be scared all the time? How’s that going to help?

When I took my business from sputtering… to a multiple six-figure sensation working part-time, I had to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Now today– I’ll tell you that being TERRIFIED is not good. Not good for your body, your mind or your spirit. But being nervous and stretching past what’s normal for you, can be an AMAZING thing for you, and your business.

That stretch can help create a new reality… a new set of rules, and new results too.

In the beginning a $3K month part-time was normal.
Now over $30K+ months are normal. Even $30K hours are possible!
And that leap required me to do things beyond my comfort zone.

He was right. (sigh)

A Few Ideas for Worthwhile Stretches That Might Feel Uncomfortable: 

  • Raise Your Rates
  • Add a Higher Level Offer
  • Launch a New Program
  • Sell One to MANY & Add more Leverage
  • Seek Out Higher Level Partners
  • Host Your Own Event
  • Generate the Same Income Working Fewer Days!

Find out what happens, when you keep inching the bar a little higher to the place where you’re pretty uncomfy, but still functional….

That place of STREEETCH is where the magic leaps forward happen!


2. People Can Afford Anything They Decide They Want. 

I was SURE this was NOT true. Sooooooooo SURE!

I used to jump in the pity pot with people when they said they couldn’t afford a program. I used to feel sorry for them. Then inevitably I’d see them investing the amount of money they need to grow their business, in something else they didn’t need so much.

Hmm then I just felt sad for them. And I knew I had let them off the hook, and let them down.

Things People Magically Find Money For When They Say No To Your Program:

  • Shoes
  • Trips/Vacation/Adventures
  • Clothes
  • Websites
  • Famous Names & Brands
  • Fancy Cars
  • Any thing they are excited about

Realize that if you can help someone move out of a problem, and finally achieve something they’ve always wanted to, that its your job to challenge them to create the funds.

If they want it badly enough, they will find the money to invest.

So always hold space for people to step up 
into a bigger version of themselves

Not sure that’s true?

Start tracking the people who say no, and watch what the spend money on next. Maybe even watch yourself.

Self test:

Will you buy a $50k car, but think longer about a $25k investment in your business that can actually bring money BACK to your bank account?
Would you say no to a $15K investment, but possibly find yourself saying yes to three $5K investments?

3. Make Decisions Based on Where You’re Going, Not Where You Are:

Oh boy this was another toughy!

A coach once said this to me, as I was considering their coaching program, and I claimed I couldn’t afford it.

(This was Kendall Summerhawk’s sweet husband by the way who said this to me, and I later told him this story when we met at an Ali Brown gathering in Arizona)

At the time, part of me knew what he was saying was likely true, and yet the fear it brought up for me caused me to bristle and think “yeah nice pitch to get me to buy your coaching”.

But as I grew, I’m came to know it as an unavoidable truth. 

Sometimes you need to let go of something old that’s not working,
to make room for something new, that can take you where you want to go NEXT.

Here are some things you might want to add as you step into a bigger version of yourself:

  • A new level of mentorship and support to get you where you want to go
  • A few more hours of support from your assistant
  • Extra help around the house so you focus on your strengths
  • Bigger or more “high visibility” speaking gigs

My private clients often ask, “how did you grow so fast, part-time?” And the truth is that in addition to having a great strategy, I’ve brought a willing spirit.

So willing, I’ll even admit it when I get it wrong. 


I hope that sharing this tips help you learn these important lessons faster…. so that you too can catapult your business into multiple six figures and beyond!

 Your Turn! What are some important lessons you’ve learned?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to share with your social media friends too 🙂




5 Fast Ways to Get a Client in the Next 7 Days

Everyone gets stuck from time to time, it usually happens when we get stuck in our head, and forget that ACTION is the way out. And that’s where I come in! 

I am here to help real people get rocking results! 

Here are 4 key things you need to get clients in the first place: 

  • Be good at what you do.
  • Be highly visible.
  • Have a strong offer.
  • Have a way for people to say yes.


Now how to do you go out and get those clients? Here are 5 fast ways to attract a rockin client in the next 7 days or less. 

1. Use your “Opportunity Eyes” 
In my past life, I was a media consultant for top-rated stations like NBC. And this tip is how I won awards for NEW BUSINESS SALES at every major station I worked at over the the years. 

Look at people in your client list, or contact list with an eye for opportunity. Do you have an idea or way to help someone? 
Maybe you’ve been dreaming you could work with this person, or uplevel the way you work with them. 

Reach out and suggest a quick chat, to discuss some of the hot ideas you’ve been cooking up for them. 

WARNING: Do not approach people with unsolicited advice, or “accidental insults” about what you think they are doing wrong. 

Approach your prospective client with a spirit of enthusiasm for their business and excitement about your idea and how it might add to what they are doing well already!

2. Send a Client Getting Email 
The first time I did this, I got 2 new private clients immediately. Within 48 hours. So don’t mock it just because its simple. It works when done right. 

  • Simple send a plain text email to your list.
  • Focus on common challenges your clients are struggling with, and how you can help them turn it around.
  • Let people know how many coaching spots you have available.
  • Maybe even make a special offer for fast responders.
  • Make it easy for them to say yes, with a clickable link they can email you the request, or click a link to set their appointmentimmediately using something like Timetrade.

3. Host a free teleclass 
One of the best ways to get clients is show people that you’re great at what you do! Host a free teleclass or webinar and give value, create a connection between you and your clients and followers, and let prospective clients know what its like to work with you! 

(WARNING: Be sure you have an offer within your class, even if its a free offer for a consultation or one-on-one coaching session to enroll them into a paid program) 

4. Speak for free 
Reach out to local organizations, networking groups, and associations, and give a rockin talk that gives great value, serves, and makes it clear to people how they can move forward with you. I’ve had several clients recently fill their programs off just ONE TALK and leave with referrals to more speaking gigs too! 

So get out there and start rockin your talk & your biz! 

5. Promote a $97 or less Program 
Adding a low-priced (under $100) audio program can be a great lead magnet. Take your best 1-2 hours of audio training (or jump on instant teleseminar this week and create one!) and start promoting it in your newsletter, facebook and to prospective clients. 

Its a great, low risk way for them to check you out, fall in love, andwant moreThis easy to implement strategy alone generated over $14,000.00 for us in first quarter. 

Ready for more customized help building your business? 

Click here 
to fill out a quick questionnaire, and schedule an initial breakthrough session with Kristin and find out which of our programs is the right fit to help get you where you want to go

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