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Stop Stopping Yourself. Launch your program. Rise! And lift someone up with you.

How to Get Unstuck & Launch Your Own Program Product or Course

You don’t have to play the side kick!
Ever think about leading a workshop… or launching your own course ❌❌⠀
then get scared 😲
cancel your plans, 😳
and go back to hiding out. 🛑⠀
Maybe you buy another info product to listen to 🎧
and retreat back into thinking & “creation mode”. You’re kind of just stuck there, spinning your wheels.
I totally get it because I did it too! 😳gulp.

Yup, I was really scared to launch my first program & lead my first event.
Like major belly ache, can’t eat solid food scared. 🤢
But I knew I had to start making a living or go get a J-O-B.👎🏻
And I realized if you want to help people,
you’ve got to be willing to go out and HELP THEM! 😬


When we seek to serve first, everything gets easier. 😇 Woohoo! …⠀
I had an idea. What if I put the focus off of ME and onto YOU as my CLIENT! 🎉🔥💜
YES! Now we’re onto something.
What if instead of worrying what people think of my content,
I just start putting it out there to help people who really need it!

What if I did that even though it’s not perfect, and I make a lot of typos! (Because I do)

And yes indeed. THIS is when my business finally broke out.
And broke through. 🎉

So here’s something cool to help to get you started.💥
Because I’d love to help you get out of creation mode, into money-making action! 💵

Here’s a little peek at what’s in the triple training bundle:
1) Rock Your Revenue Roadmaps +
2) Your Stand Out Brand Personality +
3) The Rockin Talk Template So You Can Create a Great High Converting Talk or Webinar

It makes me super happy to give this away to help you get started.
Click here to check it out.

But more important… I hope you DECIDE to get into action!
(And maybe even come join me live in Portland)

How to Get Unstuck & Launch Your Own Program Product or Course (1)

Have fun & keep on rockin! 🙌


Success is a dirty journey.

TripFallRiseUpRemember that there is no golden path to success. You’re going to trip. You’re going to fall. And then its time to RISE UP. Give yourself permission to be imperfect, and to make mistakes along the way.

And have the tenacity to stay focused not on the stumbles, but on where you’re headed.

Focus on the 20% that works… and look to duplicate or expand it, and you will get where you want to go.

Sending you love and encouragement today! YOU CAN DO IT!



Sooo consider this my confession cuz I messed up

First, watch at your own risk! The video below is terrible for several reason.

  1. I’m hiding under an umbrella at Cannon Beach because it was super windy. (you’ll hear it)
  2. I apparently don’t know how to hold a camera still (sorry!)
  3. And frankly I’m looking pretty disheveled in no makeup and a wrinkled white tee.
But I’m guessing you can handle it. 🙂
I really wanted to fess up to you about how I messed up, what I learned,
and I have a very special message for YOU.
But before you watch….Here are a few thoughts BEYOND what I share in the video:
1. Fall down seven times, get up eight.
Don’t be fooled by people selling you ONLY glamour, glitz, smoke, and mirrors.
There are shortcuts, simple strategies that are highly effective, and better paths to take…
all that’s true.
But I’ll make you a promise…. there will still be times when you’ll get knocked on your booty
on your journey, and its the ones who get up, and get back in the ring that succeed.


2. Define success on your own terms. 
Full Time? Part Time? Six Figures? Multiples? Seven?
Want to travel? Or maybe make money in your PJ’s at home?
There’s not just one way to rock what you’ve got.
Be sure you’re following YOUR dream, not someone else’s.
Be sure you’re honoring YOUR values.
Be sure you’re building the business and the income that rocks YOUR world.
3. There is no work-life balance, just decision. 
Work-life balance is a lie. Its really just about choosing how you want to spend your time.
But if you want to keep a part-time schedule and
AVOID get a 7-day migraine like I did,
here are a few tips to help you along the way.
>> Keep a structured work, home, and play schedule– post it, make it public to your family & support team, and honor it
>> Schedule all your major to-do’s on your calendar– even things like “shooting a video”, LUNCH BREAK, writing copy, & quiet reading time.
>> Flex your schedule if you need to accommodate a big project or business building opportunity, but ALWAYS have a drop dead date, so that you know exactly when you’ll return to your normal schedule.
Now watch the video for a more personal share about 
what happened to me, and why its deeply connected 
to my thoughts about YOU. 

6 ways to get more done in less time (a.k.a How to Avoid Zombies Eating Your Brain & Time)

One of the things I’ve become known for creating a full-time income, working 3-days a week, and I get asked all the time, “Kristin! HOW DO YOU DO IT!

Let’s just be clear that I’m far from a super mompreneur, and the truth is that my life and business get quite messy.

Buuuut, I can get more done in less time than it takes most people. And the truth is that it comes down to the choices you make. Nothing will be done perfectly, but you can get more done IN LESS TIME, using a few simple tips.

Here are a few “do’s and don’ts” that will help you get started:

Your time is VALUABLE. Don’t spend every Tuesday from nine to noon going to the local Coffee Connection unless you’re getting A LOT Of business from it. Only attend the best events, and ones that give you great connections and a great return for your time and energy. Your average zombie will just show up, week after week, staggering around, slurping coffee, even though they aren’t getting much out of it.

Don’t be a ZOMBIE.

If you want an GREAT excuse to get out of the office…. Get booked as a speaker at networking events all around town! Leverage your time as you share your message once, to everyone in the room, and you position yourself as a leader! You’ll go farther and get more done in less time…. I promise!

Some people just want to eat your brain!  GUARD yourself from these brain eating and time wasting ZOMBIES!!! RUN RUN WHILE YOU CAN! 😉 Even for productive meetings, by the time you get in your car, drive to Starbucks, have the meeting and get back… well it better be WORTH IT!

Great example: I had someone the other day who was really pushing for an in-person meeting, and I was grateful I stuck to my rule, when on the phone she preceded to try to “pick my brain”. I was super glad I hadn’t blocked off more of my day.

ALWAYS GUARD YOUR TIME (and your brain). 😉

I have GREAT relationships with lots of other speakers, experts, authors & coaches, and NONE of them were built at a Starbucks. I have time set aside on my calendar for what I call  Partner/Support calls and they take 30 minutes. Grab a cup of joe, learn about the other person, tell them about you, see if you can help each other. It will take 30 minutes rather than the 2 hours your Starbucks meeting will. You just ADDED 1.5 HOURS to your day!

>>> Set up a 30 minute appointment in Time Trade called Partnership & Support and you or your asst can then just send people the link. This saves you time going back and forth on the time and day, and sets the time limit for the appointment.

>>> Have a structure to your conversation. Remind the other person of the amount of time you have and what you want to accomplish from the call.

>>> Know what specifically you want to learn about the other person, and what you want to ask for in terms of the ways they can can potentially support you (or connect you to other people or resources who can).

You will have more fun, make more money, and save yourself a lot of time if you keep your core business hours to the marketing, sales, and delivery of what you do. Here are three simple things you can do right away to power up your week:

>>> Outsource the tasks that are outside your core training and specialty such as graphics, website updates, newsletter design, auto responders etc)

>>> Condense client appointments into the fewest days possible, and leave 1 or 2 days open for marketing, sales, and partner calls.

>>> Schedule sales conversations during the time of the day when your energy is the highest.

>>> Any work you need to do need yourself that is not sales, marketing, or delivery, like write emails, or newsletter articles can be done off hours like on a Tuesday night or a Sunday morning over coffee.


Who else could do this task, other than me?

Is this activity in my core strengths of what I do?

Does this activity help me get closer to my goal this week, month or year?

Is it most profitable for me to this activity right now, or should it be done at another time or by another person?

Remember that your time is precious. And remember that you likely started your business because you wanted to  have control your life and the lifestyle you live. Set up your business and your schedule that it supports your business goals and your lifestyle goals too. You’ll be happier and more profitable in the end!

What’s your best time saving tip? Share in the comments below!





I’m a Hot Mess

So I’m kind of a hot mess.

The laundry’s not done. The house is unorganized, and frankly after the surge of business that came from my recent speaking gigs, we’ve been feeling major growing pains around here.

Success isn’t always pretty. In fact I have it on good advice that its usually not pretty. And yet if we judged everyone based on their outsides, we might think otherwise.

I can give a good talk.





take a decent picture





And even rock out a quick video pretty easily.





But here’s what’s brewing in my closet. Its my dirty little secret, and that’s just the beginning.

Often times, I’m in my office working away and I never made it out of my jammies. Yup it happens. A lot.

I had a mad scramble to revise my Be the Change handout at the last minute, because of an error I missed AGAIN, and I barely got them finished in time to leave for Florida.

Then I had to pay an extra fee at the airport because I chose to bring ROCKS as my free giveaway at my booth. YES, ROCKS!

I filled a suitcase with inspirational HEAVY ROCKs and hauled it across the country. Hmmm that one made me wonder, and had the lady checking bags at airport scratching her head too.





I’ve learned to let go of the mishaps and short comings and stay in my strengths. So while its been a far from perfect ride… my business has continued to grow by leaps and bounds.

I made it to Be the Change. The booth looked good, and I single-handedly closed over $40,000 in business in the 2 weeks that followed.

You’ll never make it to the finish line,
if you spend your time sweating every stumble.

So please don’t let life, problems, drama, or your imperfections, get in the way of your dreams. Aand it won’t be perfect, nd never ever quit, even when the road gets messy.

You don’t need to be perfect to decide to share your message with the world. You don’t need to have ALL the answers. And you don’t need to compare your insides to other people’s outsides.

You just need to be willing to step up, do what others won’t, and let some things slip (like my pile of laundry) while you stay laser focused on your dream

It probably won’t happen perfectly
but it will be perfectly YOU.

Stay on Track and Hit Your Goals!

Many people ask me, “Kristin, how do I maintain focus when it comes to hitting my goals, when there are so many distractions during the day?” Do I need a time management system? Do I need an assistant?

That’s a good question. It can be a challenge to remain true to your goals and your schedule when so much is coming at you, unexpected surprises. And after the glow of the new year wears off, surfing the web and chatting at the coffee pot can become more alluring than hitting the phones and sending out appointment reminders.

So what can you do?

I want to offer you one of my favorite, quick-fix tips from our Plan to Win Workshop. It is also the one that I get the most flack for….which to me means it must be pretty good. 😉

There are some people that LOVE this idea, and others really get irked. That tells me that somewhere this is hitting a button, and so it must really be necessary.

This tip is simple. Anyone can do it. And it takes only 60 seconds MAX. What’s not to like?

For those of you who dive in (remember that speed of implementation is a common trait among highly successful people) you will find great reward for making such a small change in behavior, but isn’t that what success is about?

Highly successful people do not necessarily work harder or longer than you do. Highly successful people are WILLING TO WORK DIFFERENTLY.

What are you willing to do to hit your goals? If you are willing to following this VERY SIMPLE tip, I will be curious to hear what it does for you.

21 Day Action Plan to Stay on Track to Achieving Your Goals:
Simply set an alarm on your phone (or computer if it is always with you) to go off every hour. Before you freak out, realize it does not have to be the Dukes of Hazzard horn. It just needs to be something that will get your attention likely a single buzz, bing, ring or vibration will be enough.

When you hear the alarm ask yourself one question. It is the single most important question you can ask yourself to get greater results this year.

Is what I am doing right now
getting me closer or farther away from my goals?

The great news is that since the alarm sounds once an hour you can never get too far off track, you have an easy out of long conversations (Sorry, I have another commitment to get to). It is a gentle nudge to help you get back on track.

It will also serve as a way to catch yourself doing something right!

So when the alarm sounds, if you ARE doing what you scheduled yourself to do, you ARE sticking to your plan for the day, be sure to take a moment and give yourself KUDOS for staying true to your goals and dreams.

Give this a try for 21 days and see what your new habit does for your business. Let us know!

Who are you on Dec. 31st 2010?

If you are like me, and most of my clients, you are hardworking, highly professional, good at what you do and super hard on yourself.

Most highly successful people are, and sometimes this can stand in our way. And a great way to assure that you achieve your goals, is to maintain your focus and motivation.

Being hard on yourself is a double edge sword. At some point in my life I realized that my own nervous nature is part of what made me successful. I rarely get too comfortable. I rarely get too full of myself. I rarely fail to think “is this good enough?” and “How can I make it better?”.

Equally as beneficial is the ability to see yourself as fully realized, as doing everything right, as the person you want to be.

So I want all of us to take ten minutes to focus on your biggest goal for 2010. I want to step into the future and be the person who has already achieved that goal.

  • What did you do to get there?
  • Who helped & supported you?
  • How do you feel?
  • What other good things came along as a result of accomplishing your goal?
  • What qualities do you have that helped you succeed?

Find a quiet place where you can sit uninterrupted for 10 minutes. Set a timer or alarm on your phone or computer and reflect on how you feel, having accomplished your goal.

Who are you by the end of 2010 and what great things have you done?

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