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Stop Stopping Yourself. Launch your program. Rise! And lift someone up with you.

How to Get Unstuck & Launch Your Own Program Product or Course

You don’t have to play the side kick!
Ever think about leading a workshop… or launching your own course ❌❌⠀
then get scared 😲
cancel your plans, 😳
and go back to hiding out. 🛑⠀
Maybe you buy another info product to listen to 🎧
and retreat back into thinking & “creation mode”. You’re kind of just stuck there, spinning your wheels.
I totally get it because I did it too! 😳gulp.

Yup, I was really scared to launch my first program & lead my first event.
Like major belly ache, can’t eat solid food scared. 🤢
But I knew I had to start making a living or go get a J-O-B.👎🏻
And I realized if you want to help people,
you’ve got to be willing to go out and HELP THEM! 😬


When we seek to serve first, everything gets easier. 😇 Woohoo! …⠀
I had an idea. What if I put the focus off of ME and onto YOU as my CLIENT! 🎉🔥💜
YES! Now we’re onto something.
What if instead of worrying what people think of my content,
I just start putting it out there to help people who really need it!

What if I did that even though it’s not perfect, and I make a lot of typos! (Because I do)

And yes indeed. THIS is when my business finally broke out.
And broke through. 🎉

So here’s something cool to help to get you started.💥
Because I’d love to help you get out of creation mode, into money-making action! 💵

Here’s a little peek at what’s in the triple training bundle:
1) Rock Your Revenue Roadmaps +
2) Your Stand Out Brand Personality +
3) The Rockin Talk Template So You Can Create a Great High Converting Talk or Webinar

It makes me super happy to give this away to help you get started.
Click here to check it out.

But more important… I hope you DECIDE to get into action!
(And maybe even come join me live in Portland)

How to Get Unstuck & Launch Your Own Program Product or Course (1)

Have fun & keep on rockin! 🙌


The Rise | How to Grow Your Business to Multiple or Mid Six Figures

How to Generate Multiple Six-Figures in Your Coaching or Consulting Business

Hey Rock Star!

Today I wanted to check in with you and let you know about a new series I’m going to be releasing here. I’m going to be sharing with you the six step formula that I used myself and that I share with my coaching clients that helped me go from generating $30k a year before expenses (and by the way I was working pretty hard to do that)…

…to generating $30,000 months….even six-figure and multiple six-figure sales months. Pretty crazy really.

It’s totally possible. Many time when people come to work with me and my coaching programs, you already have a business, and you have clients which is great!

By the way, let me take a moment to say congratulations on all you’ve created, because it’s really not easy to do.

The thing is that it can feel hard to get up off of that base level of income & business… where you have one-on-one clients and you can’t figure out how to grow anymore without working more hours.

And odds are you don’t want to keep adding hours to your day with more and more private coaching or consulting clients.

It’s great to enjoy $8k, 10k, and $15k revenue months, AMAZING really, but now you might be ready to make that not just repeatable, but a number of jump off of into $20 and $30K months or much more!

If so, this is for you!


Here are the six steps I’m going to walk you through inside of the Rise Formula.

First we’re going to talk about how to upgrade your brand in order to up level your income.

This is a really important step and I don’t mean that you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to re-brand your business. That’s the good news.

This is an however, an important step that I have all my clients do at least once a year. Because as you’re growing and up leveling we want to make sure that your brand is pointing forward to where you’re heading next (not left behind showing people where you just were).

So first we’re going to give your brand a boost.


A high-converting talk is something you can use online and off, and can repurpose across multiple platforms to give you a consistent and high-converting message.

Often times it’s very small shifts to the structure of your talk that can make a really big difference in your impact and ability to attract new clients.

Your talk is the one thing you need to convert clients without having to resort to an endless stream of strategy sessions. And while you’re growing this is going to be super helpful.


When you have your Rockin Talk ready it’s time to really look at how to scale your income without scaling your hours.

So this is what we’ll talk about the best ways for you to grow your revenue, and the potential adjustments to the structure your programs for maximum impact and more leverage.

It’s important to serve your clients in a really big way, and at the same time, we want to make sure you’re not working more and more more more hours.


We want to add multiple six-figures to your business without blowing up your private life. We want you to have room for your spiritual life, family, friends, philanthropy, and all the things you love to do.

So we want to keep you highly visible throughout the year, but we want to do that in a way where we leverage one rockin talk, and repurpose it across multiple platforms.

This is where we really want to customize strategies for you based on what lights you up, what your strengths are, and what your lifestyle is like.

I’m a mom so I work from home. I do not travel a lot. I do not spend my life hob-nobbing from event to event. I speak at just a few events each year. I use online platforms to keep me visible, and I work mostly part-time, from home.

And I have clients who love to travel! And that great too. There’s no wrong or right. We just want to customize your plan and the platforms that you are going to use so that it will best suit your personality and your lifestyle.


We want you to be surrounded with support. If you’re trying doing this all by yourself… honestly that’s going to put a cap on your income.

If you don’t have the right level of team support and strategy underneath, lifting you and your business up, it’s just too hard to scale.

So we want to make sure that you have the right systems to make your team communication & project man


Big leaps in life can feel scary, and that’s why support is so important to have support, and have someone on your side who is calling you up to your highest self. Encourage yourself. Fill your mind with positive voices. And surround yourself with people who believe in your vision.

You’ve got this!

Feeling called to Rise Up in your business, you can come join me in Portland this October!
Click here to check out the Rise Live Event & we’ll rock your biz to the next level.

Turn One Talk Into Multiple Six Figures at The Rise with Kristin Thompson

RYBL Bonus Episode: The Rise Formula: The Life


Audio: Download


Want Kristin’s help rocking your talk and biz while honoring your lifestyle? CLICK HERE to check out the Start Me Up Club to to learn how to rock your talk, serve more people, and make more money.

If you prefer reading:

Get ready to rock your brand, your talk, and your biz! I’m Kristin Thompson. Welcome to the Rise Formula!

Let’s talk about your life – what’s going on and where we’re going to go from here. First and foremost, I know this is down-and-dirty quick training here, but I’ve given you a lot of meat in a little bit of time. Down below is a link to a video. I definitely encourage you to watch that video. It’s got some great case studies so you can see what these steps look like in action when real people are doing it in the real world and getting real results. Where did they get stuck? How did they break through?

Then I’m actually going to be speaking. It’s a recording of me speaking live, talking a little bit about what it takes to break through to that multiple six-figure business you love. It’s a great video, so go ahead and click that link when you’re done here. It’s a good next step for you and a great training.

I want to take these last moments in the Rise Formula Training Series to talk about your life. I know this might feel a little backwards, but the truth is that most people get attracted in by the business ideas and the money, so I always want to put that content up front. And it does us no good to work through those steps without spending some time on your life.

So when you’re coaching with me and in our programs and at the Rise Live Event, this is usually where we start – taking a moment for you to take a breath and think about the kind of life you really want. Nothing is worse – well, there are worse things, but do you know what really stinks? That’s a better way to put it. When you bust your butt building a six-figure or multiple six-figure business, only to have to dismantle it because it makes you freaking miserable.

It’s happening all over the world, and I’ve had many good friends – more good friends have to dismantle their businesses and start over than friends who have not had to do that. That’s the shocking truth. Meanwhile, not only did I pass people by in my business experience who were doing six figures when I was just getting started, but I’m continuing to catapult forward where they’re having to start the reset button because they hated the business they built.

I have been very conscious about the kind of business I’ve built. Not because I’m better or smarter. That’s not at all what I mean. It’s just that I had to. I have a little son at home. He is in kindergarten this year. He’s not even in school full time, so I had no choice but to really figure it out because of the lifestyle decisions that my family has made. I had to figure out how to rock this out three days a week.

So that gets to benefit you in that now, what I feel called to do is pay it forward and say, “Hey, look! You have an opportunity here to do the same thing.” If I can share some really simple tips with you in this last section, you can build the rockin’ business you love. Whether you want to do $10k a month or $20k a month or $40k a month or more, you can do that on your own terms.

Are you going to work hard? Yeah! Do I have pretty intense work schedules when I’m in the office? You bet! But I’m only in the office Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. And even on those days, I start at 8:00 and I’m done by 3:30 p.m. That’s not even really a full day of work. So let’s talk about how that could be possible for you.

It starts by writing out your dream schedule.

Go into your calendar app or whatever calendar you use (I like to use iCal in the MacBook Pro) and print out a week. Go forward enough in your schedule so that there are no appointments on that week and you just have a blank week in front of you. Then you want to map out an ideal schedule. What time would your day start? When would you take your breaks? What time would your day end? What days would you like to be in the office?

My schedule is that I’m in the office on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Monday morning for the first hour, which starts at 8:00 a.m., is an hour just for me. That’s my own planning, get-my-head-screwed-on-straight time. Wednesdays at 8:00 is our marketing meeting. My team and I talk about the opportunities on the calendar, interviews coming up, partnerships coming up, promotions we’re doing, and promotions we want to do. Fridays at 8:00 in the morning, we do what we call our numbers meeting. That’s where we measure our results; what’s working and what’s not. So that’s our 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. hour, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Mondays and Wednesdays from that point on are mostly coaching appointments for two weeks out of the month. Those are for my private clients that are in the Rise Mastermind and the trainings that I lead for the Rise Mastermind and the Rock Your Talk and Biz Club. Those are all scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays.

I also do all of my preview calls or preview webinars that are going to sell into programs on Wednesdays. Then I leave Fridays pretty open, and that’s when we book VIP days. It’s when I do chats with partners and potential partners. I do interviews and I create content. That’s my work flow.

Now on Tuesdays and Thursdays, does it mean I don’t work at all. No. I do, but I am not in the office. There are no trainings or coaching calls. All I’m doing is maybe popping into the membership site or Facebook and answering client questions or questions from my team. That’s about it.

So that’s how I have mapped out my schedule on purpose. My son to school those days. I leave the office by 3:30 and I pick him up from school. We hang out. We go get a hot chocolate together. That’s how I really mapped my schedule around my lifestyle, and now you want to be able to do the same thing.

Take your weekly calendar and really map out how you want your week to go. When do you want to see clients? When do you want to do planning or content creation? When do you want to talk to partners? When do you want to have time off to spend with your friends, families, and do all of the stuff you love to do?

Figure out when you want to go on vacation this year. Put it on your calendar now. Also, decide how much you want to travel this year. That’s another area because of the way that I’m living my life with my family. Next year it will get a little bit looser on some of my scheduling because my son will be in school full time. But to really tame my schedule, one of the other limiters we’ve put on is that I travel about once a quarter for my business to go speak at an event.

You might have a similar wish – to travel some, but not a ton. Maybe you want to travel all the time. That’s fine, too. Maybe you don’t want to travel at all. It’s a choice you want to make now because when we put this plan in action and we actually work together to Rock Your Biz and Your Talk, you’re going to get busy. Opportunities are going to come your way, and if you don’t have the limits and boundaries in place right now, they will get blown out of the water.

I promise you, I get more invitations to travel and speak at events than I can say yes to. So if I didn’t have those limiters, I would have been out of town more than would be healthy for my family based on the decisions we’ve made on how we like to rock and roll.

Those are some of the things you want to look at for you. The key thing to remember is that your office time is really what I’d call “peak hours”. Those are the hours you want to be either marketing your services and marketing your business or delivering. So the key things you want to accomplish during the work week are marketing and delivering your services. That will keep you growing a healthy business.

What’s next on the road for you? Well my friend, that’s your decision. Of course you can visit me any time on Facebook and at our home base at

Definitely click the link below. Watch the video where you can see real people putting these steps into action and getting real results in the real world! There are some really interesting stories that I know will inspire you and give you some ideas about what you could do, too.

And I’ll speak to you directly about what it’s going to take to rise up as the leading authority in your industry so that you can have that rockin’ image, rockin’ talk, and rockin’ six-figure or multiple six-figure business you’ll absolutely love.

Until we meet again, I’m Kristin Thompson and this has been the Rise Formula.

P.S. If you want Kristin’s help rocking your talk and biz while honoring your lifestyle?
Check out how to get access to the entire suite of products to show you how to ROCK your BIZ with SPEAKING.

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RYBL Bonus Episode: The Rise Formula: The System


Audio: Download

If you prefer reading:

Let’s talk about the system. This is Session 2 of the Rise Formula. We’ve already figured out your brand, we’ve got you popping, you’re standing out, you’re being yourself, and you’re having a blast – that’s great! Now when people come to you, we want to have a signature system ready.

Number one, because we want to get you known for this system. This is going to be the thing you become known for. This is your brilliance. This is your expertise. This is the thing you’re already doing with your clients and we want to create it into a named signature system that you could be known for.

For me, that began with Command Any Room. That’s what I became known for. Every six and seven-figure leader that you know has a signature system they’ve become known for. You want that, too, for so many different reasons.

      1. It’s going to provide some structure to your content, to your expertise, to the things that you want to share with people so that you’re not jumping all over the map. It makes it easier for people to understand.


      1. It gives you some steps and structure to the way you might want to work with people. If you’re coaching them or you’re doing consulting, you can follow the road map of the steps. What I’m taking you through right now is a system. The Rise Formula is a seven-step system. It gives you some content and we’re moving from one thing to the next in a logical order. You need to do that with your expertise as well.


    1. That system needs to solve a problem that the marketplace is currently suffering from. It’s got to address a need that your ideal clients want to solve.


So if you don’t have a signature system yet, you really want to create that first one in the hub of what you do. If you’re not really sure, a great question that I ask people who come to me who haven’t mapped this out yet is this. Let’s just say tomorrow I’m going to put you in front of a room of people. I’ve already gathered them. There are 100 people who are coming. They’re cool and hip, and they’re your ideal clients. You’re not going to get paid; you’re just going to come and teach for a day.

Imagine that you’re not going to get paid, so you’ve got to make it something that you’re going to really enjoy teaching or talking about. What would you share with that audience if you had a whole day with them to just have at it?

If you can answer that question, you’re going to start to get to the core of what you really do well because you only have a day. This is happening tomorrow. You can’t just suddenly learn some new skill or trade. And two, it’s going to be something you really enjoy because I’m not paying you in this imaginary situation. That’s a great starting place.

For me, it was to speak-to-sell format. I said, “I’m really good at this and people keep asking for my help. How can they create a great talk? How do I make offers to groups? How do I convert rooms?” It was something I was doing well at and I was getting a lot of questions from people wanting help. So it was a natural place for me to start, and that was Command Any Room and the beginning of Speak Serve Grow.

You want to create that system for yourself. Once you’ve created your system, you can begin to do some market research. In other words, you don’t want to plant your flag and become known for something you have no prior knowledge of/on. That being said, once you figure out what you want to teach and you really hone in that topic, you absolutely can do research.

Google is your best friend. Start looking up information on your topics. Get books, listen to podcasts, read blog entries, and start researching what’s out there for a couple of reasons. You might stumble on something you haven’t thought of yet and say, “Oh, wow. I need to really start including that into what I’m talking about.”

Or you might find some points of differentiation as we talked about at the end of session one (The Brand) when we talked about differentiators. You might find some things and say,

“Ooh. Here’s where I could be a little polarizing. I do not agree with what all these people are talking about online. They’re nuts!”

Once you figure out your topic and where you want to focus your system, start doing some extra research online and figure out what you might want to add to it that you’re seeing that’s happening out there, what other people are teaching, or what you might want to stand up against and say,

“I’m not down with what’s happening in the market.”

Next, you want to map out the system. The simplest way to do that is to imagine that you’re standing at the foot of a mountain and you’re going to help your ideal client get up and over the mountain to the other side. The side that you begin on is where they’re standing in a “field of problems.” They’re just in the problem. Think about your ideal client and all that they’re struggling with, and that is your starting place. They’re stuck in the problem.

You are going to take them by the hand and you’re going to start walking them up the mountain. What’s the very first thing that you would teach them to start getting them out of the problem? In this series, I decided that the first thing I needed to share with you is about creating a stand-out brand. The next thing I need to share with you is the system. We’re a little farther up the mountain. The next thing I’m going to talk to you about is your profit plan, making money. Now we’re going to be almost to the top of the mountain.

By the time we’re done with this series, we’re going to be on the other side. The other side is when the person has gotten some results. They’re out of that stuck problem place and they’re in a place of transformation or change. They are “healed.” You might think of it that way.

What are the steps in between that get somebody out of the problem into transformation on the other side? The quick tip or hint here where I see a lot of people get stuck – that’s why I hand-walk people through this a lot when I’m coaching them – is a lot of times they mistake their process for the system. They would say, “First, I’m going to have them fill out an assessment. Then we’re going to have an initial coaching session. Then we’re going to do a tapping session”– or whatever the thing is. You start thinking about the process but not the topics or the buckets of information you need to give people.

If you look at “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” that is a seven-step process. Stephen Covey decided that there were seven key things we all needed to learn to be high-functioning people in our careers, in our life, and at home. He said, “Here are the seven things I have to give you to help your life.”

There might be five keys you need to share with me to help me find the love of my life, or there might be seven key things I need to know to grow my online business, or five key things to revamp my social media. But make it the topics you need to share with me, not the process.

Once we have your system, we’re going to productize it. First we systematize it and then we’re going to productize it. Here’s the really cool thing. You figure out what you want to talk about, you hone that in on solving a problem that your tribe needs and wants to have solved. You add a little ump to it by doing research. Then you map out the steps of the system. And now you have something you could turn into a product. It’s also going to feed your talk when we get to step four. I’ll show you how that works later.

This is the thing you want to become known for. The cool thing is that you can create a little six-week or seven-week series based on each step. Let’s take the Rise Formula. We’ve got seven steps. I could turn this into a seven-week series if I wanted to.

Once you have a systematized program, you can productize it by leading a teleclass, a webinar, or a workshop, teaching an hour or so on each step of your system. Now you have something that you can sell online and offline (the recordings), and now you can remove yourself from the equation. We can automate this so that you could start making money even when you’re at home, which is super fun.

It also helps you when you speak because when you hold the product up in the air, like a physical product, and you say, “Hey, meet me in the back of the room. I’m going to give you the Command Any Room Home Study program and two tickets to the Rise Live event” – people like to see that physical thing in your hand and they will run to the back to get it. So you definitely want to have that product just for the leverage and the income piece, as well.

It’s a huge turning point for me when I created Command Any Room. That was when I finally catapulted into six figures and just went straight up into multiple six figures. It was when we switched to Speak Serve Grow, and then six months in I launched Command Any Room, had a $10,000 month – never looked back. That’s what we want to do for you.

If you want to dive deeper into this topic, you can check out Rock Your Talk from Home. That’s where we dive into how you create your signature system, stamp it with your brand, turn it into a product and program, and how you promote it and profit from it. All of that is in the Rock Your Talk from Home program.

Keep going through this free content. More coming at you!


What can happen when you put these steps into action for your business?
CLICK HERE TO WATCH the VIDEO and see real people putting these steps in action, plus Kristin will share what it takes to rise up into multiple six figures.


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Next Module: The Rise Formula: The Profit Plan

How do you Rock Your Biz & Life?

Phew! Just got back from a walk with my dogs Rocky and Bella. rockyandbella.jpeg
And in a moment will be texting in my accountability:

1. I ate breakfast every day.

2. I’ve been on two 30-minute walks outside.. in the past 4 days. (Yes even when it was dumping buckets here in Portland!)

3. Yesterday I did no work, read for an hour, and got a mani-pedi in my favorite massage chair.

Sounds silly to you maybe, but my tendency is to get super excited about my work, and taking care of my son, and then I skip out on doing things JUST for me.

This means I do things like skipping breakfast. Which sounds simple, but effects my energy and focus later in the day, and isn’t good for your metabolism.

“Me time” is important for all of us.
Its part of what rejuvenates and revitalizes you and your soul, so that you can continue to give to others.
So I’m being very intentional about growing that part of my life now too. (hence the accountability)

In 2013, I did over  a half a million in sales. YEAH BABY!
Super rockin for sure. But there is no amount of money that will cause me to let go of my LIFE, and lifestyle choices.

What do you love to have in your life?

Take a moment and make a list of all the people, places, experiences, things, and activities you want to have in your life!

For me its things like:
Feeling healthy, energetic and well each day
Having time to connect with nature/outdoors
Lots of Time with My Family All Together
Quality time with Gavin
One major vacation + a few shorter trips
Comedy / Laughter
Reading and Learning New Things to add to my life & biz
Quiet Pampering time
Meaningful work that makes a difference
Clients that are getting results
Excitement and fun at work
a Leveraged Biz that Serves and is Scalable
and I could go on, but you get the picture.

Your list might look a little or A LOT different than mine.

What’s important is that you get clear about what you love, and that you keep that top of mind so that you can rock your biz & LIFE!


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